How Cultural Aids is Killing the West    
    Anthony Milne traces the origin of Marxist ideas threatening our survival    

Revised understandings of how white western peoples have become massively colonised with immigrants, and are losing their cultural identity, have focused on the militant paganism and communist-based ideologies that have, over many years, pathologically affected the minds and personalities of the ruling elites.

Like a dying bee, when communism collapsed in the East it left its poisonous sting in the universities and institutions of the West. Marxist ideology in the end triumphed, because it has indirectly caused white populations everywhere to age and die off as if attacked by a kind of cultural Aids. Marxism has meanwhile greatly aided Third World immigrants, who are changing the face of western societies against the will of their peoples. Immigrants are populating the West with newer types of people, some with repressive religions that apparently foster the belief that the ancient property of one race of people can be taken over by other races who have an ‘equal’ entitlement to it.

It is now clear that a tiny handful of obscure revolutionary ‘thinkers’ succeeded in rotting the minds of western students during the late 1960s and 1970s, the latter later becoming influential ‘mind-rotters’ themselves.

The long march through the institutions

The Italian communist Antonio Gramsci wanted to destroy Christianity, which he thought was preventing the Russian people from fully embracing communism - a credo which killed some 40 million of them and economically ruined their country. Similarly, the aim was also to ‘de-Christianise’ the West to achieve the same objectives. This could only be done by what Gramsci and his crowd called a "Long march through the institutions" getting into the mass media, magazines, the film industry, schools and universities.

In 1970 Charles Reich had a runaway best-seller called The Greening of America, which became the manifesto of the student counter-culture, with its determination to change America from within without violence. Reich polluted many young western minds so that they would identify themselves with outsiders and Blacks. Reich and other campus revolutionaries attacked and sneered at the West's heroes: its kings, its generals, its founding fathers and its explorers, and accused them of racism, genocide, fascism, imperialism and sexism - so that white students actually became ashamed of their own race and its history.

Growing affluence and boredom, in any event, had made the ‘Woodstock generation’ dissolute; the revolutionaries seized on this, and promoted the belief that sexual licentiousness, hedonism and consumerism were the norm, while moral conservatives and churchgoers were ‘extreme’ and reactionary outsiders.

Conservative ignorance

What is surprising is the fact that the American conservative establishment, as it was at the height of the Cold War, failed to have any philosophical or theological awareness of what was happening. The intelligence services, obviously schooled in the threat of global communism, did in fact employ thousands of cultural analysts. But they themselves had been penetrated to a large extent by academic revisionists and those who felt guilt about the ‘excesses’ of McCarthyism and J. Edgar Hoover's zealously anti-Red FBI. In any event, they had too little influence on the politicians, the ones who could do something about it.

For example, both Thatcher and Reagan made the error of trying to fight Soviet Marxism on economic and military terms, when clearly the USSR was already on its last legs. They failed to see that the Marxist poison had already been injected into western institutions behind their backs, and this included the higher reaches of their own civil services (Richard Nixon, a complex but highly accomplished and travelled President who entered politics at the start of the Cold War, and knew what communists was doing to the West, has long been vilified by western liberals).

Above all, both America and Britain had embarked upon massive, pointless and unauthorised immigration programmes without realising the social harm this would do when coupled with cultural Marxism. The latter's aim was to ensure that the immigrants themselves would be mobilised to help utterly and permanently transform the West, to confiscate and occupy its landed assets, to trash its history and humiliate Whites by enforcing race laws that worked to the advantage of non-Whites.

Promotion of race suicide

To help this transformation, the feminist movement, a powerful offshoot of Marxism, conned women into believing they didn't have to get married, raise families or have babies. In other words, they encouraged them to commit racial suicide. Women were told they could have glamorous and rewarding careers on exactly the same terms as men (indeed half of the workforce, including many professions, now consist of women; in the media they are heading for majority status).

The environmental movement was another branch of Marxism, although most of the health scares they have hysterically propagated (with the help of their friends in the media) are scientifically baseless. The over-population argument should really have been directed at Third World countries, but Western women stopped having children because they thought the injunction was aimed at them.

This collective multi-dimensional assault has resulted in catastrophically collapsing birth-rates throughout Europe and among the white population in the US. It has been coupled with population explosions in the Third World, many inhabitants of which are getting into the West in their millions because, in addition, the Marxists and race-renegades have made the West culturally decadent, half-educated, defenceless and racially guilt-ridden.

A great deal has now been lost because it has been given away. The most difficult task is to convince women that, for the sake of us all, some will have to forego careers in order to raise bigger families. True, there are now signs of a galvanising fear of Islam and out-of-control immigration. Cultural critics are getting bolder both in books and, surprisingly, in the media and even in politics. But they don't realise how relentless and murderous, literally and metaphorically, has been the assault on the West in the past, and how this assault is now being conducted from another angle. Concerned critics must sooner or later understand that only an authoritarian counter-revolution can stand any chance of putting things into reverse - a revolution which they would have every moral right to advocate. This counter-revolution must start soon before our white societies are utterly destroyed.

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