Nationalist Victory    
    Charges against Nationalist printer thrown out of court    

An historic day - Thursday, 5th September 2002 and the scene is Leeds Crown Court No. Four. Tony Hancock, printer of the pamphlet Merrie England, written by veteran nationalist Colin Jordan, is cleared of all the charges under Britain's infamous ‘race’ laws. This is a tremendous victory for the cause in the United Kingdom.

The vindictive system - despite the fact that Colin Jordan was never tried or convicted for producing the pamphlet - was determined to have its pound of flesh. So the totally innocent Tony Hancock, who only printed it, was hauled into court. His only crime, printing, which is his business. They dressed-up this gross attack on individual freedom by charging him with ‘aiding and abetting’ Colin Jordan in a producing a pamphlet calculated (or ‘likely’ to cause) racial hatred.

Mr Hancock's barrister, Adrian Davies, brilliantly defended him. Witnesses brought by the prosecution were left-wing Labour MPs - who, needless to say, expressed their ‘outrage’ at receiving the pamphlet Merrie England. They were joined by David Michael Whine, a leading light in the Board of Deputies of British Jews. His evidence was effectively demolished by defence counsel. Whine had a hard job explaining his definition of who and what constituted a Jewish person, and the whole charade of race laws was shown as the ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ piece of legislation that it is.

The twists and turns of the prosecution case and the statements of the witnesses in court were mind-boggling in the efforts to prove ‘racial-hatred’. The judge, who seemed impartial and fair throughout the trial, when giving his summing-up to the jury stated very forcefully that the whole area of race legislation was particularly difficult. He stated that if the jury thought that the defendant had the right to express his opinion in the light of a decent society being able to tolerate ‘extreme’ views, they should acquit him. The judge also stressed that the right of freedom of speech was reinforced by European human rights legislation, now part of British law.

The learned Judge was right. Not only is the race legislation unjust, it is ridiculous. The race acts and public order acts laws governing race are forever being amended and strengthened, and leave very little scope for rational and sensible debate on the extremely important issues of race and immigration, and of course on issues concerning the Jewish community and its power.

Tony Hancock was tried by twelve true Britons who exercised their common sense above the vagaries and iniquities of unjust legislation and bought out a verdict of "Not Guilty"!

The day was a great victory for white nationalism and for freedom. Tony Hancock should be saluted for his firm stand and unflinching courage in winning through against all the system could throw at him!

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