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    A sample from the ‘Politically Aware Vocabulary’ series    


Synonym for patriot. Supporter of the nation-state founded on racial integrity, a common culture, historic achievement, and occupation of the same homeland for centuries. One who is invariably loyal to his ancestry, kinfolk and native country.


An authentic nation-state incorporates certain basic features:-

  • At least 90 per cent common racial ancestry.
  • A common language (which does not exclude retention of some subsidiary ancestral languages like Gaelic).
  • A shared culture in terms of racial literature, art, music, religion, science and technology.
  • A highly-developed legislative and judicial system, including trial by jury, sensible rules of evidence and an independent judiciary.

Many of the so-called 'nations' set up during the last century (and particularly since 1945) must be regarded as synthetic and inherently non-viable. They are the product of political expediency and fashionable ideology of the egalitarian variety. Much, if not most, of the present international instability and conflict is a direct consequence of imposing an arbitrary and synthetic 'nationhood' on fundamentally disparate and incompatible populations; examples include African 'states', India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the USSR, most of Latin-America, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Yugoslavia and some Arab republics. Many of these are also economically non-viable and remain 'independent' only in name, subsisting largely on Western charity.

'Negotiated Settlement'

The present government's term for protracted surrender to IRA terrorism. There can, of course, be no 'settlement' to detach Ulster from the United Kingdom and transfer it to the Irish Republic. The mere fact that the government is negotiating at all gives the IRA a coded message to the effect that, as and when it is politically expedient, Ulster will be betrayed. The Irish government has nothing to offer Ulster except renunciation of its spurious claim on that part of Ireland. British Nationalists will support their Ulster compatriots in preserving the territorial integrity of the UK by any means necessary.


An extreme form of liberalism whereby negroes are absurdly over-indulged. Typical examples occur frequently in the mass media, publishing and entertainment worlds. Negrophilia finds its most extreme expression in miscegenation.

However, what sometimes passes for negrophilia is often the product of minds entirely lacking in any regard for black people but interested only in using their supposed 'grievances' for political purposes.


There are only three kinds of relationship between different species:-

    (i) Symbiotic, i.e. mutually beneficial.

    (ii) Predator-Prey, the former always subsisting at the latter's expense.

    (iii) Host-Parasite, the latter subsisting always at the former's expense.

A parasitic organism subsists wholly or mainly by attaching itself to a higher organism - without contributing anything which the host organism could not otherwise obtain from its own resources. The essence of the matter is that the parasite itself would cease to exist, or would suffer a greatly reduced quality of life, if separated from the unwitting/unwilling host, whereas the host does not need the parasite, and usually suffers more or less severely from its attachment, even to the point of its own premature extinction.

In the context of human evolution, some races have proved incapable of self-advancement beyond the bare subsistence level; consequently, they can only improve their lives by attaching themselves - i.e. becoming parasitical upon - more successful and resourceful races.

From the evolutionary standpoint, it is therefore accurate to describe some races as parasitical upon others. In the long term this tendency could well reach a point at which the host race is crippled by its parasites and the entire evolutionary process is put in jeopardy.

Passive Resistance

Means doing nothing at all to assist a bad government and everything short of criminal behaviour to get rid of it. It therefore represents the minimum response for anyone opposed to anti-British legislation.

'The People'

For the renegade politician the term 'people' simply means election-fodder, without regard to race, religion, language, education, family status, work record, service to the nation, etc. Whatever the subject under discussion, the acid test of any politician's credibility is his/her definition of 'the people' whose welfare is supposed to be the central concern. And anyone who fails to equate the 'British people' just with those of English, Welsh, Scots, Irish or kindred European ancestry has nothing to say worth listening to. So when you hear a politician refer to 'the people', simply ask: "What people?"

Political correctness

Derisive term for all attempts to re-write history, revise language and regulate behaviour in order to protect the self-esteem of racial and sexual minorities. Its most appropriate icon is the black lesbian dwarf wearing a crown.


This term is discredited when applied to fundamentally undesirable changes. Thus, for example, British power, influence and prosperity have actually regressed during the present century to an extent our ancestors would have deemed incredible; so politicians' talk of 'progress' is extremely suspect. Any country, like any individual, not actually gaining in power, influence, territory and other assets is not achieving progress.


Systematic measures to mislead the general public as to the true state of affairs, and to indoctrinate people with an inherently undesirable ideology. It relies upon ambiguity, half-truths, euphemism, censorship, ignorance, patronage, repetition and the 'media mafia', as well as downright lies. Thus, for example, all popular radio/TV programmes are loaded with 'political correctness' on subjects like multi-racialism, feminism, homosexuality, Gentile guilt, anti-nationalism and highly tendentious accounts of British history. Much the same applies to magazines and advertisements.


Official outlawing of an organisation or faction. Jews, Blacks, Asians and liberals are always demanding proscription of the British Nationalist movement; but the problem for the Establishment is that, much as it would like to oblige, this would only create a dangerous 'underground' movement with very widespread popular support. Consequently, the Establishment resorts to more devious and indirect tactics to contain and frustrate the nationalist movement, for example:-

  • The Race Relations and Public Order Acts.
  • Legal and quasi-legal harassment of leading nationalists.
  • Indulgence towards militant anti-nationalist organisations.
  • Exclusion of nationalists and nationalist material from the mass media, libraries, booksellers, schools and colleges, all public and many private appointments.
  • Prominent and generous support for multi-racial policies and activities in order to present nationalism as a 'lunatic fringe'.

These tactics seem to be working well enough so far to make legal proscription superfluous now or in the foreseeable future. Even so, proscription could still be the Establishment's last-resort tactic when the BNP attracts more and more popular support.

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