The Great Blair Grovel    
    Ian Buckley on 'Tone' addressing the Labour Friends of Israel    

Our masters always claim that we that we live in an egalitarian world. In theory, all nations should be treated exactly the same, within some limits imposed by their size and importance to us. This idealistic theory falls down very flat when we consider the existence of a body named the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI), which exists to provide support and succour for that state. Now is there, say, an organisation called the Labour Friends of Nepal - a much larger country than Israel - with 50 or more MPs diligently attending its meetings? Does Tony Blair haunt mountaineering clubs in the hope of finding a passing Sherpa to butter up?

No, of course he does not; George Orwell put it nicely with his phrase about some animals being more equal than others! Incidentally, an equivalent organisation exists for members of the other party of decadence, unimaginatively called - you've guessed it - the Conservative Friends of Israel! The two parties do seem almost identical today anyway, even down to both having leaders with changed family names. We all know about Mr. 'Howard', but Tony Blair's family name was originally Parsons, the change being due to his actor grandfather's complicated domestic arrangements.

Perhaps the noxious grovel performed by Blair at the most recent meeting of the Labour Friends of Israel on June 16th could be mitigated by claiming that it was all the work of an insincere actor. That would, after all, be the kindest explanation. At this meeting, held before not only Westminster MPs, but also - perhaps more importantly - various Israeli dignitaries and wealthy businessmen of the type who have funded his private office, Blair made a speech. He began by saying that he was glad to be among friends. That at least is true, since he has forfeited the support of the British people.

Labour's priorities

Under New Labour it's now a commonplace for old folks' homes to be closed down and the long-term residents uprooted and shifted somewhere miles away, a high percentage soon dying in the process. The reason given for such closures is invariably lack of government funding. There is, of course, no lack of government funding to pay an estimated £9 billion for the Iraq war and occupation. Perhaps the gentlemen at the LFI meeting could explain that odd choice of priorities to us! In all the drab suburbs of Liverpool or London that seem to be descending towards exhausted decay, the talk is all of cutbacks and debt. But it is a wholly different state of affairs when it comes to funding the New World Order's endless series of wars!

Phoney Tony then went on to state that his government had "borne inspiration" from Judaism. Well even though Professor Israel Shahak didn't think too much of Judaism, perhaps the term Zionism would have been more accurate. But I agree for once with Blair, now that he's admitted that the lies, corruption, deceits and evasions of the government have been in accord with a master plan, as it were.

We even had the mysterious death of Dr. Kelly, very much in line with what happens to dissenters in Israel who know too much, as with John Demjanjuk's lawyer. The conspiracy theorists who continue to mutter about secret hidden influences on the government are wrong after all: there is no secret anymore; it's now all out in the open!

The truth on its head

Blair went on to say at the meeting: "Your community is a beacon on so many core issues, standing for compassion and human rights and freedom. These are concepts that can bring real hope to the wider world." How can this man get away with such a blatant inversion of the truth? Maybe it comes with the territory, for as Edwina Currie wrote in a revealing passage in her novel She's Leaving Home:-

'That code of ethics which Reverend Siegel had so lauded ought to have tolerance and compassion as its very soul, but apparently - self-evidently - it did not. The tendency of Jews to practise against others the racial discrimination they themselves suffered through the centuries was too often present. It was there in Israel, it existed in her own home... Against non-Jews they would freely express (even, sometimes, in the subject's hearing) such prejudices as would have made liberal critics scream 'anti-Semitism' had they been uttered against Jews. Intermarriage was absolutely forbidden by Jewish law. Racial intermixing was not allowed - every subterfuge would be employed to prevent it and to deter anyone tempted. Because it was Jews who said and did such things, a deaf ear was turned.'

As Edwina Currie indicates, there are two separate codes at work here, one for internal and the other for external consumption. There is even the possibility that the commitment to 'human rights' is sincere, since in the Talmudic dialectic Arabs - and Gentiles in general - are not considered human.

We are nationalists, and it would be hypocritical to condemn Jewish nationalists (though there are sensible limits, which Israel obviously transgresses). What I do condemn them for is their pretence of sweet-heart liberalism while being the most fanatical racial nationalists of all.

But let's return to the great Blair grovel on Israel: "After little over half a century it has one of the most advanced economies and is a world leader in industries such as medicine, commerce and information technology. This is testament to the Jewish spirit."

Israel's economic crutch

But how much of all this rests on the billions upon billions of dollars extracted from the American taxpayer? Additionally, since 1952 Israel has received a total of £36 billion in German reparations for alleged wartime atrocities. The President of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann, once said that half of Israel's infrastructure was German, that every train in Israel was German, as was a large proportion of the country's shipping.

Apart from its military power, the economy of Israel is not in too strong a shape in any case. Of course, Tone would never mention the contribution of ecstasy dealing, the sex slave trade and money laundering to that economy, would he? Neither would he bring to our attention that county's multi-million dollar industry in illegal, unlicensed military technology, including the Israeli-built Mirages which sank HMS Ardent during the Falklands War.

His comments about a "world leader in information technology" may well be true. This includes, does it not, the completely new field of computer instant messaging? Such software, as provided by the Israeli Odigo firm, supplied a mysterious prior warning of the World Trade Centre attacks!

Blair also took care to remind his audience that "a stable Iraq will be good news for Israel." The key word here, without doubt, is 'stable', meaning we may reasonably presume an Iraq asset-stripped and brought into the Zionist orbit. We must be grateful to crawler Blair for having laid bare the truth. Forget the risible propaganda story of the non-existent 'Saddam's People Shredder'*; the war was for Israel from start to finish. As Mrs. Gentle, mother of the latest British soldier to perish in Iraq cried: "This is not our war. My son has died in their war. My son was just a bit of meat to them."

Indeed. Turning to real meat in his disgraceful speech, the unstrung puppet of big money commented that he opposed the Farm Animal Welfare Council's call to outlaw shechita, the cruel form of religious ritual slaughter of farm animals.

Blair the cringer

To use the words in their loosest possible sense, one is worried about the mental processes of Blair. Would any tramp on the Embankment be so lacking in self-respect and pride to behave in such a disgusting and cringing manner? But then Blair did start off his 'legal eagle' career as tea-boy to the President of the Board of Deputies, Eldred Tabachnik, and in a way I suppose he still fulfils that function today.

Incidentally, you could look in vain for any reference to the Labour Friends of Israel meeting on the BBC or ITV. It was reported on the Totally Jewish news service on the Internet, but even here the report mysteriously disappeared after a few days. Now obviously, Totally Jewish news is intended for internal consumption, but maybe it was realised that the item was too revealing by far and so had to be removed. Israeli and Jewish papers do often contain highly interesting material that is not intended for 'outsiders'. An article in the Jerusalem Post published just before the last election contained the gem that:-

'The Conservative Party came under the dominance of Margaret Thatcher, who represented a heavily Jewish district in North London. It was obvious that she had huge respect for Jews. The Conservatives became the main pro-Israel party.'

And even more relevant, not to say chilling, in all that it implies for our country today was this quote from Jon Mendelsohn of the Labour Friends of Israel group:-

'"Blair has attacked the anti-Israelism that had existed in the Labour Party. Old Labour was cowboys-and-Indians politics, picking underdogs to support," Mendelsohn says, referring to the time before Blair rebranded his party as 'New Labour' in the 1990s, "but the milieu has changed. Zionism is pervasive in New Labour. It is automatic that Blair will come to Labour Friends of Israel meetings."'

Richard Wagner always liked to claim that he was one of the last men in Europe not on his knees before this particular power structure. But today kneeling would be the least of it - Blair is flat out, prostrate before the new god of Zion.

* Note. The unbelievable 'people shredder' attributed to Saddam Hussein even made The Times front page, with one New Labour harridan saying: "How can you be against this war? He shreds people for God's sake!"

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