Denied a Home because they're White!    
    A Nottingham Housing Association inadvertently shows its hand    

With three young boys, Michelle Greyson and her family were fast outgrowing their tiny two-bedroom house. She then saw a number of four-bedroom homes with large gardens being built near her sons' school in Nottingham. Just what she wanted! But when she applied to rent one of the homes she was told that her family could not be considered - because they were not Asian!

In a letter from the Nottingham Community Housing Association, which owns the new homes, she was told:-

"We do have some properties being built on the sight of Cardwell Street. But unfortunately these properties are for Asian families only, therefore you will not be eligible."

It did not help Miss Greyson (a single mother) that she was not a 'racist'. She protested: "I don't see what the problem is with mixed ethnic groups living together." She still got turned down. But she did at least say: "If it were the other way round there would be uproar." Right, Michelle, there would indeed!

And what of the Commission for Racial Equality, which most certainly would have been in the forefront of that uproar had Miss Greyson been discriminated against because she was Asian or black? Said a spokesman:-

"In certain circumstances the law does allow provision to be made for particular ethnic groups."

But not White ones, apparently.

As for the Housing Association, its only regret seems to have been that its letter to Miss Grayson was more honest than it should have been. Said a representative:-

"The letter referred to is unfortunately worded but it does reflect the association's knowledge that there are a number of large Asian families in priority need wanting to live in that area of the city. However, it was wrong to suggest that these homes are specifically targeted towards any one ethnic group."

What the association should have done, in other words, was fob Miss Greyson off with a lot of meaningless waffle in which any suggestion of racial preference towards Asians was denied!

So 'racism' in favour of non-Whites is OK. The cardinal rule to be followed is that you must never admit it!

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