A Smearing We Will Go    
    Ian Buckley focuses on the use of trigger-words by the media as a substitute for arguments    
‘To outsiders, Sharron Edwards is a respectable, church-going mother of three.She works as a secretary and lives in a £120,000 detached house in a village. But behind the soft image lies the new face of right-wing extremism. For 43-year-old Mrs Edwards is the first-ever female deputy leader of the British National Party - the group that spearheads racist politics in the UK. The party's skinhead and jackboot image has gone, but its message is still the same.’

So wrote Anthony Mitchell in the Daily Express of April 29th under the heading "The fair face of extremism". At this late stage, it's depressing to realise that there are still journalists willing to trot out the same tired jargon, employing a jaded exposé style more suited to a description of some juicy suburban sex scandal. Here are the villains of modern politics, Mitchell says - apparently a greater "threat" than the repellent parties of the establishment which have torn this country to shreds and left us floating towards national oblivion. "Extremism", is it, Mr. Mitchell. My God, we'd all be better off with some more "extremists" around! One wonders if the inhabitants of the former mining areas of Yorkshire, Durham and South Wales, faced as they are with a daily struggle against poverty, crime and drugs, have any worries concerning the "extremist" activities of Sharron Edwards and other nationalists.

Preside over the destruction of British industry - a far higher percentage than was ever demolished by the Luftwaffe - and hardly anyone accuses you of "extremism", least of all the Daily Express. Turn the entire economy into a sleazy casino for every financial spiv and crook from around the globe, and you are not an "extremist".

Rain terror from the air against Baghdad and Belgrade, and the chattering classes of Hampstead and Islington applaud you. Perhaps though, such deeds are a kind of macho compensation for possessing the character traits that Lancashire folk of an earlier era would have dismissed as those of "a big girl's blouse."

As in Mitchell's article, another modish media word of condemnation that's usually twinned with 'extremism' is the expression "racist". One way of examining the question of "racism" would be to take a look at a couple of short excerpts from the writings of two figures, one an "extremist" and the other a darling of the politically correct.

Moderation on race

Hans Schmidt might well worry timid types of people due to his service in his youth with the Leibstandarte division of the SS at the end of World War II. Schmidt has been a resident of the United States since a few years after the war and now devotes his time to combatting the huge amount of anti-German propaganda churned out by the American mass media. The liberal ninnies who sneer at the attitudes displayed in the books of John Buchan, Dornford Yates or "Sapper" should ask themselves if the Hollywood fixation with the blond, blue-eyed German villain isn't even more ridiculous and harmful. Mr. Schmidt recently made the following interesting statement:-

‘Personally, I like black people, and I can say that, while in private business, I always get along well with most of them. On the other hand, I am very race conscious, and I do believe that essentially racial separation is best for all of us. By essentially I mean that, certainly, civilised discourse and polite, even helpful, relations should be possible. The Blacks need us more than we need them, but one does not have to denigrate them.’

This is a very reasonable and moderate assertion, which would quite probably have been regarded as "liberal" in the 1950s. Intriguing, is it not, that the days before the blight of thought-control and political correctness were so much more normal, healthy and wholesome in every way than in today's benighted society. But in any case Schmidt's words are certainly not those of a raving bigot.

Just compare his view with those of Deborah Lipstadt:-

‘We must say to young people that inter-marriage is something that poses a dire threat to the future of the Jewish community.’

In her column in the Jewish Spectator Miss Lipstadt goes on endlessly about these dangers of inter-marriage, the need to revive traditional Jewish culture and the necessity of presenting a united front against allegedly eternally hostile Gentiles. It would not be unfair to describe Lipstadt as a racial supremacist masquerading as a liberal - a wolf in sheep's clothing. If she were a white American southerner, she would be labelled a "racist bigot", but as a Jewess she is able to get away with such things regularly without any such name-calling. Some of those who screech most loudly against "racism" would seem to entail some pretty hard-line racist views themselves - a phenomenon known as "projection".

We are held in bondage by mere words, which function almost like an hypnotic force of mass suggestion, eroding our will to resist. Not content with stigmatising Sharron Edwards as an "extremist", Mitchell in his article then brought the "loony" argument into play, saying:-

‘But neighbours in the village were shocked to hear about her political links. One said: "She looks so ordinary. God knows why she should be mixed up with those loonies."’

The true loonies

In fact, the true loonies are those masochistic Britons who are foolish enough to support politicians like Tony Blair. And why on earth should Sharron Edwards not look "ordinary". What did these idiots expect: someone with two heads and fangs for teeth?

If you make a stand against the destruction of your country, you are classed as an "extremist" or a "loony". This is undeniably irritating, but just think how reminiscent it is of the last years of the Soviet Union, when political dissidents were consigned to incarceration in insane asylums. But the conformists who join the chorus of this nonsense now will have their attitudes changed in the near future. Gobalisation inevitably means that the transfer of jobs from high-wage to low-wage countries will accelerate. Additionally, former high-wage countries like Britain, the US and Australia will face even more pressure to turn themselves into coolie economies, quite possibly with the imposition of yet more immigration under the guise of compensation for ageing and diminishing native populations. In consequence, here in Britain, with the two main parties even more despised than they are now, no amount of media brainwashing will be capable of keeping this situation under control.

So one day even the most docile of British sheep will wake up and realise how long they have been betrayed, manipulated and deceived. This will constitute a massive come-uppance for all those responsible. Then we will see who are popularly termed the "extremists" and the "loonies."

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