Practicing Brand Loyalty    
    Frank Kimbal Johnson advocates boycotting companies using multi-racial propaganda    

In an always competitive world, no business can survive without "brand loyalty", in other words the ability to attract and retain customers. Consequently, it is obviously important to direct advertising and sales strategy towards those sections of the population whose custom is most valued and worthwhile in the longer term. In the short term, of course, a business might take the view that, so long as their money is good, all customers are the same.

In some cases this attitude is unexceptionable and, perhaps, inescapable; but it has to be borne in mind that such an indiscriminate policy may alienate at least as many potential customers as it attracts. Would you, for example, use a dentist who was quite happy to include drug addicts, HIV/AIDS carriers and common criminals among his clients? Would you patronise a bar or restaurant with the same policy? Would you buy a shotgun from a dealer just as ready to sell it to a crook as long as he wasn't caught doing so?

In short, would you buy anything from a firm which clearly disregarded every consideration except making a "fast buck"? Surely no decent and sensible person would want to be seen helping such unworthy businesses to survive and prosper.

During the German occupation of much of Europe in the last war, many businesses were seen to value their alien customers no less than native citizens. Some even prospered for a while, but paid heavily for their disloyalty later.

The situation in Britain today is much the same: there are businesses perfectly content - even eager - to sell their wares to the huge numbers of invaders from the Third World and Eastern Europe. Indeed - and even without a renegade government's encouragement - some of them would make a virtue of their perfidious sales policy.

Collaboration with government

The advertising industry in particular is manifestly in collaboration with the Government's social engineering campaigns: its products are loaded with gratuitous pictures of aliens out of all proportion to their actual numbers in the population. This is obvious from press and magazine adverts, public hoardings, leaflets and catalogues and, most of all, commercial breaks on TV. Whatever else these advertisers may have in mind, they all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet where endorsement of the multi-racial society is concerned. Their common message seems to be that the alien occupation of Britain is something they are perfectly happy to accept, and that they assume everybody else feels the same way.

Well, we've got news for them. The native British people have never seen a market research or government questionnaire which asked if they approved of mass immigration or multi-racialism.

They have never been asked if they believed these alien newcomers to be as deserving as themselves - if not more so - of everything from social service benefits, housing, employment, education and health care to the content of almost every radio and TV programme and media publication.

Parents are assumed to accept the indoctrination of their children at school with multi-racialist propaganda they themselves would instinctively reject.

And to crown all this, we have the leaders of all the main political parties saying in public that they look forward to the day when Britain has a black prime minister!

Sooner rather than later, all businesses must face up to their moral as well as commercial obligations, regardless of governmental pressures to be "undiscriminating" in their dealings, employment policies and sales promotions. Meanwhile, to the extent that they give prominence to multi-racialism in advertisements and employment policies, they forfeit the brand loyalty of countless native Britons.

In times of war - that is to say, of threatened invasion - anyone seen to give aid and succour to would-be invaders faced the capital penalty for treason. The fact that the present invasion is not by force of arms, but by government collaboration, does not alter the personal duty of every native citizen to resist it by every means necessary. This must of course be tempered by the need, in this case, to operate within the laws of the land - not because those laws, in as much as they govern racial matters, are just and right, but only because it is expedient to observe them rather than courting prosecution and prison for not doing so.

And where the invasion and occupation are assisted by commercial advertisers, the most powerful weapon of resistance to it is the way we spend our time and money.

Using our power

So let every genuine patriot exercise that power to the utmost in his or her everyday shopping and patronage, since to give one's custom to companies which manifestly promote multi-racialism is tantamount to collaborationism - in other words, treason. In short, if we don't "buy" multi-racialism, either commercially or politically, it cannot prosper.

And those business concerns still retaining any loyalty to the British people have a corresponding duty to express this loyalty in all their under-takings. They must "show the flag" at every opportunity. If they want our brand loyalty, they must first demonstrate their loyalty to us!

To that end, the British National Party should be asking British firms to "show the flag" in one way or another in their brand logos and advertisements, and to eschew multi-racialist material to the limit of their powers under present law. For example, since according to official figures aliens now comprise not more (?) than about six per cent of the population, they should not appear in greater proportion in commercial advertisements or numbers hired by companies. And where they are disproportionately represented we are no longer looking at advertisements but at political propaganda. The same applies, of course, to the casting and content of radio and TV programmes.

So let every designer of advertising and broadcast material be reminded of this, not least by potential clients.

In its turn, the BNP, as standard-bearer for the British people, should take measures to identify those business concerns most deserving of patron age by the degree of their non-collaboration in the output of multi-racialist propaganda, and encourage its supporters to patronise them.

The concept of "buying British" should apply not only to giving customer loyalty to companies based in the United Kingdom in preference to those based abroad; it should also apply to patronising those particular UK companies which do not fall over themselves to promote multi-racialism in their advertising and hiring policies.

Locally and nationally, such a genuinely "buy-British" campaign could exert a very powerful countervailing force against perfidious legislation and propaganda. In every city, town and village the patriotic exercise of purchasing power becomes the right and duty of all our people - and something beyond the power of government to suppress!

In the form of favoured products and premises and selective boycotts, all shoppers, along with football club supporters and market research interviewees, have the means at their disposal to demonstrate their patriotism in a very practical way. Let the world see that we are in the business of investing in our future!

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