Will Whites Commit Race Suicide?    
    Indigenous Britons will be a minority by 2100. John Morse asks: Have our people the will to survive?    

The White Race is headed for minority status, not just on a global scale but in its own homelands. Alarmism from the far right? No, statistically verifiable reality supported by official figures.

Governments, academic demographers and the UN are all agreed on the trends. Immigration and differential birth rates between Whites and non-Whites speak for themselves. If they remain as they are, people of European descent will be outnumbered practically everywhere before the end of the 21st century.

Much as our rulers want to keep the facts under wraps and, as far as possible, away from the public gaze, those facts are nevertheless fully acknowledged by those in the know.

In what ought to be a wake-up call to the British people, Anthony Browne, writing in the left-wing Observer (3rd September 2000) under the blaring headline "The last days of the white world" outlined the situation. The trick, it seems, is to present he matter as if it were no big deal. Said Browne, speaking of shifting population balances in America:-

‘It was news and non-news: the most significant milestone in one of the most profound changes to affect the US in the past century, and yet a non-event. Last week the US Census Bureau issued figures showing that non-Hispanic Whites made up 49.8 per cent of the population of California. Anglo-Saxon Whites are already a minority in Hawaii and the District of Columbia. Now they are a minority in the country's most populous state, the one most usually identified with American dream.’

Only 30 years ago 80 per cent of California's population was white. Immigration, said Browne, is at its highest rates since the early 1900s. It is of course a fact that most migration into the state at that time was white, including Europeans entering the United States and residents moving there from elsewhere in the country (though there was an Oriental influx at about the same time).

But all this has changed since the Immigration Act passed through the US Congress in the mid-1960s. This served to shut out most Europeans from America, whilst controls on non-white immigrants have lapsed piecemeal ever since. When the suicidally low birth-rates of California's white residents is factored into the equation, it is not hard to see how the state's black, Asian and Latin American mestizo populations have managed to rise by almost a third since 1990 alone, whilst the number of non-Hispanic Whites has fallen by 3 per cent over the same period.

Browne affirmed the significance of this. "Where California goes, the rest of America is predicted to follow," he wrote. "At present, 72 per cent of the US population is non-Hispanic Whites: the US Census Bureau predicts they will become a minority between 2055 and 2060."

Worldwide trend

In fact, what is happening at such a pace in the United States, where the speed of demographic change is so dramatic and so visible, in Browne's words "only reflects wider and highly controversial changes elsewhere in the world."

"Controversy", of course, is something that has been deliberately engineered around this topic. The last thing the powers-that-be in the New World Order want the peoples of European stock to be thinking about is their true predicament. As Browne remarked, here is "an area in which few demographers dare to tread for fear of being accused of racism."

One academic (presumably British) whom Browne interviewed even told him: "You cannot quote me - a word out of place and I get crapped on from a very great height... Whatever you say you are deemed racist!"

Britain is very much caught up in the toils of the white demographic disaster. Wrapped up in deceptive cotton wool as they are (in Europe only the UK and the Netherlands make any attempt to collect information about the ethnic make-up of their populations), nevertheless the meaning of available statistics is clear. For instance, the UN's State of the World Population 1999 predicted that 98 per cent of the growth of the population of the globe up to 2025 will occur in "lesser developed regions." Likewise, in its World Population Profile 1998 the US Census Bureau prophecied that from 2010 all the net gain in world population will take place in "developing countries." In the publication's words, as reported in Browne's Observer article: "The future of human population growth has been determined, and is being determined in the world's poorer nations."

Thus whereas a century ago Europe accounted for a quarter of world population, by 2050 it is expected to account for 7 per cent (presumably including immigrant-descended people and half-castes). It is anticipated that by then its population will be about a third that of Africa.

An adverse global numerical balance might be serious enough if the white nations kept their borders closed. But, far from it, they are in the grip of a poisonous transnational regime whose whole policy is that of an enforced racial "make-over" which relies on effectively unlimited migrations of peoples. Speaking for the European Union, French Socialist government officials recently announced that EU countries should undertake to admit 75 million new immigrants from the Third World. Europeans they stated, should no longer "think of themselves as a white race" or their continent as their own.

Government complicity

There are no more servile or enthusiastic liegemen and women of this global regime than the collection of two-legged filth making up Tony Blair's New Labour government. A typical move was the recent Home Office announcement of a policy to admit vast new waves of primary immigration to Britain on the transparently phoney pretence that the nation's "skills shortage" (after years of corporate "downsizing" involving the sacking of skilled Whites, especially older, more experienced staff and the systematic dumbing down of our own youngsters in an educational system unworthy of a banana republic) could only be solved by importing foreigners. Just as typical was the sponsoring by the Government of a Runnymede Trust think-tank which issued a report trashing Britain and the British and their entire history as "racist" and declaring that Britain should no longer be considered a nation but a multi-cultural "community of communities," in other words an inchoate "populated area" with no recognisable identity.

In this situation, Britain's likely fate is not too difficult to estimate for all that Browne's Observer article offers the nonsensical figures for non-white population which have long been our rulers' stock-in-trade when questions of race and immigration are under discussion. Browne gives a number of three million "ethnic minority citizens" (sic) as being present in this country today. He then quotes Lee Jasper, the West Indian "race relations adviser" to London Mayor Ken Livingstone, as saying that 40 percent of the capital's population is made up of ethnic minorities. Since Londoners number approximately 7 million, this would mean that London alone has about 3 million ethnic minority residents. On this showing, when those elsewhere across the country are added, there must obviously be a much larger alien presence in Britain than is admitted.

For the future, according to Browne, while the number of Whites in Britain is "virtually static", higher fertility and net immigration mean "the number from ethnic minorities is growing 2 to 3 per cent a year." In fact, the Office of National Statistics, as reported by the Daily Mail, expects immigration to account for "around half the growth of the British (sic) population over coming decades."

Where this process will lead was summarised to Browne by the demographer terrified of being labelled a "racist":-

‘It's a matter of pure arithmetic that, if nothing else happens, non-Europeans will become a majority and Whites a minority in the UK. That would probably be the first time an indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority in its historic homeland.’

In view of the feeble-minded, supine and ultimately suicidal fatuity that white people of modern times have been displaying and which will inevitably place them in this situation in just a few decades if they don't mend their ways - it is hardly surprising to find that the ethnic minority lobbyists they have allowed to become entrenched in their midst are full of very obvious contempt for them. Browne quotes one Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, an immigrant who arrived in London from Idi Amin's Uganda in 1972 and now speaks for the Foreign Policy Centre. Far from feeling gratitude to the British for affording her a refuge, Miss Alibhai-Brown now denounces any fears they might have of being outnumbered by alien immigrants in their own land as racist - thus incidentally confirming the fears of academic demographers about speaking out too frankly.

"Only white people worry about this," she sneers in an apparent confidence that she will not be argued with. And she went on to say:-

‘There is a white panic every time one part of their world seems to be passing over to anyone else. But it's foolish to panic about it (sic). So what if we become a majority? What difference does it make?’

This breathtaking arrogance is founded, no doubt, in the same kind of self-certitude evident in Lee Jasper, who told Browne: "Where America goes, Europe follows 30 years later. There is a potential for Whites to become a minority in some European countries."

The "inevitability" trick

To Whites, this situation is presented in terms of two propositions: first, that their becoming a minority does not matter (or is even to be welcomed); second, that there is nothing they can do about it anyway.

Both are lies.

Whilst for Alibhai-Brown piecemeal white extinction is of no concern, Lee Jasper goes one better. For him the replacement of a homogeneous white society by a heterogeneous multi-cultural, multi-racial one, in which Whites are in numerical decline, is a positive good. "Diversity" he airily proclaims, "strengthens a country. It makes it more exciting." (One doesn't know whether Mr Jasper thinks Yugoslavia, the USSR or Lebanon, all of which have recently fallen to bits in bloody violence, benefited from their diversity). Then, in a strange effusion of gobbledegook quoted in the Observer article he issued the following pronunciamento:-

‘The racial mix of nations changes all the time. There is no way that ethnicity of blood (sic) can be tied to a specific geographic place in a global world (sic), You can no longer look at ethnic states, saying that Germany is Anglo-Saxon (!!!) and so on.’

Leaving aside the bizarre view of Teutonic history revealed here, this would seem to mean that, in Mr. Jasper's "global world", the territory of Britain and other historic European nations is now up for grabs. Moreover, this will make this country "more exciting." Already, he assures us, we have hundreds of languages spoken and "when we go out to eat we never eat English; we eat Thai or French or Indian." In his view, this makes London "a very cool place to live and work."

The only Whites likely to share Jasper's enthusiasm for the new "cool" London (and Britain) are members of the affluent, self-serving metropolitan liberal oligarchy into which he himself now seems to have been co-opted - the sort of corrupt spivs, aliens, epicene degenerates and perverts who seem to make up most of Mr. Blair's cabinet.

Ethnic disaster

For ordinary workaday Britons, not just in London but throughout the nation, the ethnic transformation of their country is an unmitigated disaster, It spells dispossession - dispossession perhaps of one's job, certainly of one's neighbourhood, maybe even of the home in which one has spent one's life. It spells the end of security - as all sense of coherent community collapses in a social environment made up of people too innately different from one another to form a like-minded population capable of pulling together in a single direction. Very likely, the end result will be a number of communities at war with each other in an overcrowded land. Meanwhile crime explodes at a level once unheard of. If one has a family to consider, and children to be schooled locally in the state system, there is only one realistic option left. One must get out. Hence the phenomenon of "white flight" from London and the big cities which, although not mentioned in Browne's Observer article has for long been accentuating inner City ethnic minority numerical dominance to the point here in many districts non-Whites already form a local majority.

Nor is it likely to be any comfort to most white folk to be informed, as they are in the Observer article by a certain David Owen (presumably white), of the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations at Warwick University that minority status will not matter for them because "population has never been the main determinant of influence - it's wealth and income. White people will still have their hands on most of the levers of military and economic power. In other words, even as the poorer classes of White - the great mass of the population - disappear from the face of the earth, the ruling elite who no doubt will get their menial work done more cheaply by a hotch-potch proletariat of docile Blacks, Browns, Yellows and half-castes than by fellow Whites who demand fair dealing - can contemplate the process with equanimity. Their status will be unaffected. Their power and wealth may even be magnified. As their humbler compatriots become just a memory, the elite can sit complacently back saying: "I'm alright, Jack."

Banana-republic future?

The final condition of Britain would rather resemble that of most Central and South American tinpot republics, where a white - or relatively white - ruling caste lords it over a mish-mash of Indians, Negroes and half-breeds (although nobody's racial credentials are guaranteed in such societies). The attitude of the rulers is exploitative and parasitical because they have no sense of kinship with their subjects. That of the latter is servile, punctuated without breaks of violent rebellion as they intermittently react against their subjection. These countries are really mini-empires, in which the mass of the populace is policed and managed as if they were colonial inferiors rather than treated as kindred citizens, albeit of different rank, sharing a common nationality with their leaders. Nor, given the racial differences within those populations, can things be otherwise.

Such states are not noted for their strength, stability, harmony or prosperity. For instance, in terms of land area Brazil is larger than the United States (apart from Alaska), Its natural resources are vast, Its population is close to 150 million. about the same as that of the US circa World War II. In theory, Brazil ought to be a world power. In fact, it is a basket case. It would of course be "racist" to suggest that this might have something to with its predominantly mixed-race populace.

But it is just such a state that our rulers are apparently quite happy to see Britain become!

Racial suicide, for this is what this policy amounts to - is not a painless process. Many former white civilisations, from Greece and Rome onwards, have committed it, None has benefited by it.

Dissenting voice

One dissenting voice mentioned in Brown's article was that of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, quoted as saying: "I don't think there's any doubt that, within this century, white people will become a minority in every country in the world." He rightly added the corollary that this "was a matter for deep concern. Every people under the sun have a right to their place under the sun, and the right to survive." After all, in the case of other races there would be no shortage of complaints if they faced the state of affairs now confronting Europeans. "If people predicted that Indians would be a minority in India in 2000 everyone would be calling it genocide," remarked Mr. Griffin.

Not inevitable

The second great lie about the predicted fate of our people is that it is "inevitable." This is the watchword under which the decline of the white race and white nations has been moving apace for the last half-century.

Even now, it is obvious that there are still sufficient white people for us to seize back our destiny if the will can be generated among them to inspire such a move. The very need of the established powers to lie, and even forcibly conceal the truth, about the demographic crisis facing us as described in this article, is testimony to the fact that a backlash against them is fully possible - and they know it!

Racial sanity is already rearing its head in some unexpected quarters. No less a personage than the conservative Prime Minister of Bavaria has made a very recent plea for more children. In August, according to Anthony Browne, Mr. Edmund Stoiber called for Germans to have more babies as an alternative to more immigrants. "We are having too few children - to a worrying degree, the significance of which is scarcely recognised," he said. His calls echoed those of a fellow German Christian Democrat who earlier this year stood on a platform of "Children, not Indians".

For the BNP, it is our duty to state the full truth of our parlous position to our own countrymen and women, and motivate the necessary political response among them in the most intelligent manner. The hour is late, but it is not yet midnight!

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