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The Prophet

When over 30 years ago, a respected and uncharacteristically intelligent Tory MP spoke of "rivers of blood" the mentally-deranged admirers of multi-culturalism screamed "Racist!" The member's "inflammatory" comments were designed to frighten our indigenous white folk and promote racial hatred (or so it was said). But now, looking back over the turbulent years since, in Eltham, Peckham and elsewhere, it has become increasingly clear that Enoch Powell's message was, in fact, for everybody and that almost nobody listened. Multi-racial societies do not work!

Once more into the trough, dear friends

House of Commons post-paid envelopes are supplied to MPs for parliamentary business or for replying to letters from constituents. It is expressly forbidden to use them for party political purposes. But this annoying little restriction did not bother Labour MP Tom Levitt. He found the free-postage concession very handy for dropping a line to first-time voters in his High Peak (Derbyshire) constituency. An unfortunate mistake? Very unfortunate, especially as Mr Levitt is a member of the Standards and Privileges Committee, which reports on MPs' misconduct.

Should we tolerate intolerance?

This column holds no particular religious conviction. However, if pushed to declare our leanings on such matters, we would probably side with Robin's Merry men of Sherwood, who alleviated their woodland boredom by unhorsing fat monks, confiscating their ill-gotten treasure and dolling it out to the poor.

Even so, we respect the beliefs of our Christian kinsfolk who take things more seriously. Dr E. R. Fields of Marietta, Georgia, USA, editor of the inimitable The Truth at Last, is one such, and in his issue no. 426 he relates the story of Mr Bush's newly appointed Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who had observed in 1999 that "We have no King but Jesus." This innocent remark led to an outburst in Jewish Week to the effect that Mr Ashcroft's beliefs were "very troubling." Just who do they think they are?

A foot in both camps

For more than 25 years, Mr Hector Wanniaratchy proudly and loyally served the Commission for Racial Equality, and was one of the trustees responsible for monitoring the pension fund of this illustrious body of dedicated citizens. It is, one supposes, just one of those things, but somehow the poor chap forgot to tell anybody that in 1964 he became an agent for Commercial Union Assurance.

Surprisingly, he directed massive amounts of pension money to his principals thus earning over £300,000 in commission! It Is reported that the CRE "has invested so badly that they are in complete financial dire straits, and millions of pounds have been wasted." How unlucky can you get?

California here we come

The US and Austrian governments did a deal whereby £350 million would be paid out to the families of "Holocaust" victims whose property had, so it was said, been stolen by Austrian Nazis. Not a bad day's work, you would think, especially when you reflect that no other victims of the Second World War ("Holocaust" ones apart) are ever likely to get a penny.

However, the settlement was rejected by these so-call victims as "offensive" and "deeply flawed." So, not being short of a buck despite the depredations of the wicked Nazis, this greedy bunch are filing a lawsuit in California, where they confidently expect that the liberal-minded and politically-correct courts will order a much heftier payout. Obviously, globalism works for some people!

Spot the war criminal

Former Croat vice-president Dario Kordic has been jailed for 25 years for "authorising" the alleged slaughter of Moslems between 1991 and 1994. Yet Clinton and his smirking rent-boy in Downing Street undeniably authorised the high-level bombing of undefended civilian targets (including a TV station) in Serbia, are not, it appears, to be charged with any crimes!

The wages of sin

Gerald Corbett lost his job as Railtrack's top man following the Hatfield train disaster. Picture him, if you can, clearing his desk, gently squeezing the hand of a weeping secretary, handing over the keys of the luxury motor and then walking away, a brave but lonely figure, facing penury and the unknown.

But dry your eyes! Remember that this is Fairyland UK - at least for some of us. And for Gerald things have not turned out too badly. He is now the new £500,000-a-year chief executive at Woolworths.

The chickens come home

Suffering mixed emotions can be a dangerous condition - unless, in some way, an element of humour prevails. Thus the sight of Peter Tatchell being roughed up by Zimbabwean security guards, while the Belgian police looked on, was scarcely life-threatening. Those with good memories will recall that this self-opinionated, sordid, sanctimonious sodomite now protesting about dictator Robert Mugabe's alleged "homophobia" - was involved in fund-raising for the same black gangster to help him wage his terror campaign against Ian Smith's legitimate government of Rhodesia in the 1970s. But then, of course, to the Peter Tatchells of this world the horrific massacre of innocent white folk is unimportant beside the "rights" of his fellow buggers in what is now Mugabeland. In Belgium he got his just deserts.

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