Celebrating Diversity!    
    More nails in the coffin of the multi-racial experiment    


It was a night of pure terror. This was the experience of the people of Oldham on the 27th when hordes of young Asians rampaged through the town in an orgy of rioting, attacking a pub and shops, burning cars and fighting pitched battles with the police. The area had known nothing quite like it - though what happened did not come entirely as a surprise. There had been ongoing race war between Asians and Whites for some time, and shortly before these two horrific nights Walter Chambers, a 76-year-old war veteran, had been viciously attacked by a mob of young Asians as he walked home one evening, sustaining appalling facial injuries.

It was all supposed to have started with an argument between a white and an Asian youngster outside a chip shop, but it soon escalated. Soon families became involved, and the next thing was that more youngsters, white and Asian, reached the scene. Par for the course in Oldham, but this incident then got out of hand.

In no time, with members of the Asian community getting busy with their mobile 'phones, some 500 Asian youths had taken over the nearby area and were attacking everything and everyone in sight. When police arrived, they were met by a hurricane of missiles. One local pub, ironically named the "Live and Let Live", was besieged by an Asian mob with the mainly white customers, terrified, being herded into a back room while the attackers kept up a barrage of bricks and bottles outside.

Things were pretty bad again the next night - except that this time the police, with reinforcements from outside areas, were better prepared.

With typical dishonesty, the politicians and media have tried to put the blame for the mayhem in Oldham on so-called "extreme right-wing" groups, mainly the British National Party. The truth is that the real responsibility lies with those politicians who have imposed the disastrous multi-racial experiment.


Hardly had the embers settled from the appalling riots in Oldham in late May than a fresh outbreak of street violence occurred in the Harehills district of Leeds on the night of June 5th. The trouble is believed to have been sparked off by the arrest of an Asian motorist who had seen driving dangerously and who turned aggressive and required some vigorous police handling to restrain him. In a very short time hundreds of Asian youths had gathered in the area and piled up furniture in a street and set it alight. A car was then pushed onto the ensuing fire and a nearby shop attacked.

Riot police were duly sent to the scene and the area was sealed off. The police were attacked by youths hurling bricks and stones, later supplemented by bottles and plastic crates, then more cars were set alight.

The owner of a second-hand goods shop said: "It's been a nightmare. I just got here and the shop was on fire and I had to put it out myself. A car was on fire... I think it's the youths; they just want an excuse to cause chaos. What about us? We're just trying to earn a living."

As usual, many Asians later blamed the police for the disorders, and hundreds of them later besieged a local police station.

Back to a white Britain!

Immigration and multi-racialism have failed. For years we've been saying it and the violence in our towns and cities has underlined it. It's time to admit the failure and put an end to the experiment.

This means stopping further non-white immigration and organising a programme of humane repatriation of the immigrants now here - plus their descendants.

This isn't a matter of "hatred", as our opponents allege; it's just a matter of common sense. In fact, more and more people among the ethnic communities are coming to agree with us. Together, we and they can work for this sensible solution if only the Commission for Racial Equality and all the other fanatical "anti-racists" would stand aside and let us clear up the mess they've created.

This is the policy that has won the British National Party so much support recently. It's the only one that will work!

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