The "Bradford Vision"    
    Frank Kimbal-Johnson on the Ouseley Report    

According to the just-released Ouseley Report (commissioned by "The Bradford Vision", a local government group) the basic causes of the recent horrific race riots in that city are voluntary racial segregation and inadequate multi-racial indoctrination of schoolchildren. The Ouseley prescription seems to be forcible inter-mixing (to call it "integration" is a grotesque euphemism) of the disparate races plus intensive indoctrination of predominantly English schoolchildren in alien traditions and values.

We are bound to ask why this has never been tried in India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Africa, Chechnya, Ulster and all the other places where disparate peoples are in dispute over territory and cultural hegemony.

But of course the answer is plain enough to anyone not blinded by liberal bigotry and globalist obsessions. Failure to absorb disparate races in Bradford and elsewhere does not arise from ignorance of alien cultures among the native British population, but from our entirely legitimate desire to preserve British culture in towns and cities now subjected to large-scale alien invasion. We've already got more than enough native culture for our own children to assimilate (ask the teachers), and this culture obviously has a great deal more to offer the immigrant than what he brings with him otherwise why else is he here?

Multi-racial contradiction

The "multi-racial society" is a contradiction in terms, a Utopian delusion guaranteed to generate endless internal schism and produce nothing comparable in value to what the host society has to lose. This is something none of our leading politicians has the courage to admit after decades of ghetto violence, inner-city riots, disproportionate involvement in crime, and educational under-achievement by racial minorities.

All such things, according to those responsible for the Ouseley Report and their mostly immigrant advisors, are direct or indirect consequences of British "institutional racism", an accusation which, while insulting, also acknowledges the fact that the indigenous population remains overwhelmingly opposed to the alien invasion. With our being faced with the prospect of becoming a colony of the Third World, is it really too difficult to grasp that we demand the same right to self-government as in our former colonies demanded and we granted to them?

The native British have been an extremely successful compound of Northern European races for centuries, much to the advantage of the rest of the world; so the contention that we need a huge influx of Third World immigrants to become successful strikes most British people as manifestly absurd and quite as offensive as any other form of racial abuse. An inherently dynamic culture is always striving to expand its territory and sphere of influence, if needs be at the expense of others. It follows inexorably that failure to assert British culture and territorial claims is to surrender to alien opportunism and invasion of one kind or another. Anybody desperate for exposure to alien cultures is free to consult travel agents, engage in private study or - like Robin Cook - patronise the curry-vendor. The yolk is integral to the egg, as the egg is to the omelette; but to say that Asians and Africans are integral to Britishness is self-evident nonsense.

Britain overcrowded

By world standards, Britain is already a very overcrowded country with mounting socio-economic problems enormously compounded by unrestricted immigration. So if enforced multi-racialism is the only vision of the future on offer by our politicians, they certainly qualify in the words of one old Yorkshire preacher as "leaders unto darkness and to death".

Meanwhile, our schoolchildren have a primary duty to learn about, protect and advance their own ancestral heritage. And if this happens to offend immigrants, they have the obvious remedy of returning to where their own cultures are dominant (In Saudi Arabia, for example, airport officials routinely snatch crucifixes from the necks of Christian women and confiscate anything they deem "un-Islamic", such as Bibles and European artefacts. So much for the multi-cultural ethos!).

In conclusion, therefore, most of us have no interest whatever in what an immigrant Race Relations pundit has to say about Bradford or any other part of our homeland. The basic cause of recent riots and most inner-city problems is a massive influx of unwanted immigrants from the Third World. No amount of repressive legislation or social engineering can bully the native British into surrendering their homeland and culture to alien invaders; and this is the real lesson to be learned from events in Bradford, Oldham and other areas under pressure from the alien wedge.

We owe it to our ancestors and to our children to resist any measures calculated to destroy our national identity, heritage and fundamental freedoms. And anyone who fails to recognise this is left to explain why we sacrificed so much in two devastating world wars - supposedly in defence of these very things.

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