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    John Tyndall asks: 'Why are troops sent to Macedonia and not "Zimbabwe"'?    

Last month Britain sent the first part of a contingent of 2,000 troops to the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia. The troops are intended to be part of a "peace-keeping" force of 3,500 soldiers from NATO countries taking part in "Operation Essential Harvest" - the collection and destruction of arms and ammunition held by ethnic Albanian insurgents. The force will also comprise French, Italian and Greek contingents, but it will be seen that the British one is easily the largest, constituting more than half the numbers deployed.

These numbers should be added to the 3,500 British soldiers in Kosovo and 2,000 in Bosnia. They will comprise members of the 16th Air Assault Brigade and also some from the Royal Parachute Regiment. These are amongst our very best troops. They will be entering into a very volatile theatre of operations in which their lives are likely to be seriously at risk. And all this at a time when British armed forces are seriously undermanned everywhere.

And just what vital British security or national interests are at stake in Macedonia? As in Kosovo and Bosnia, none whatever!

And are communities of British people under any kind of threat in Macedonia? As in Kosovo and Bosnia, not at all!

Britons under threat

But there is a part of the world where British people are very much under threat. This is "Zimbabwe" - the country which we would prefer to call by its original name of Rhodesia.

There, some 50,000 Whites, mainly farmers and their families and mainly of British descent, are being subjected to an escalating campaign of terror at the hands of African thugs, the henchmen of Robert Mugabe. Mugabe is giving these gangsters licence to attack and loot the white farms - the only efficient and productive ones in the country - while arresting any Whites who dare to protect their property.

Already a number of Whites have been murdered in this particularly brutal process of "ethnic cleansing", clearly aimed at driving the Whites out of Rhodesia (sorry "Zimbabwe").


One of the latest outrages occurred last month when a group of 21 white farmers were arrested for "assaulting" Mugabe supporters who occupied a white-owned farm where they had no business. The authorities did nothing whatever to stop this invasion of property but took prompt action against the Whites when they went to remove the invaders! It was later claimed that if they were released it would trigger off more rioting and looting throughout the country, where everywhere law and order have totally broken down.

Yet, apart from a few muted "tut-tuts", Tony Blair's government has done absolutely nothing.

It is OK to send British troops to risk their lives attempting to bring order to the former provinces of Yugoslavia - where Britain has no business - but the Government is not prepared to send troops in to bring order to "Zimbabwe", where tens or thousands of ethnic Britons are under threat. Just what are Tony & Co. playing at?

Of course, we should know. Sending British forces overseas in operations ruled necessary by the globalist establishment is politically correct, and therefore acceptable.

But sending British forces overseas to protect British people - particularly as they are white people under threat from non-Whites - is politically incorrect, and therefore not acceptable!

Such are the standards observed by Tony Blair's Government. This Government is a crowd of contemptible hypocrites and a disgrace to Britain!

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