Where Are Our Heroes?    
    Ian Buckley sees the oaf, the moron and the pansy being promoted as role-models    

I was lucky enough to have had my formative years just before the present phase of the demolition of Britain got underway. Our old cultural ethos was beginning to crumble and curl around the edges but was still reasonably intact at that time. Thus it was that my early heroes were explorers, mountaineers, or aviators. I devoured books like Heinrich Harrer's Seven Years in Tibet and Thor Heyerdahl's books on the Kon-Tiki and Ra expeditions without once realising that the authors of these books would be one day be classed as politically incorrect.

Herr Harrer is so politically incorrect that he caused a Hollywood studio to spend considerable sums of money remaking large parts of the entire film of Seven Years in Tibet. The studio bosses had decreed that the film had to present him as a less pleasant character. You see Harrer had been a member of the Waffen SS and to have him portrayed as a decent fellow just wouldn't do!

Heyerdahl too is also considered a "dangerous" author due to his theories about ancient voyages which suggest that Nordics founded the ancient Peruvian civilisation. The merest idea that civilisation might have been diffused outwards by tall, blond northern Europeans is now deeply taboo.

So it would seem that heroism and courage are in some sense "suspect" to the liberal and globalist establishment. The propaganda of the victors has become the history of the vanquished, and looking around us today who can doubt that Britain is now numbered among the vanquished? Such unheroic state of mind, which exults ugliness, defeat and commercialism, while most probably inculcated just after World War II, didn't become generally accepted until around 30 years later.


Even in the 1960s, there were a few courageous larger-than-life figures around, such as Donald Campbell, in due to the recovery of his Bluebird racing boat from Lake Coniston in the Lake District. To my mind, even a short film clip of Donald Campbell is like a breath of fresh air, his confident, affable and courageous manner contrasting dramatically with the pitiful public figures of today.

Whatever did we do to deserve the detritus of smoothie shirt-lifters, blatant inadequates and unconvicted crooks which has been visited upon on us, masquerading in the guise of a "government"? Until one has a yardstick, glimpse of how it once was, it's difficult to comprehend how much has been lost in how short a time. Maybe it lessens the pain to forget.

Donald Campbell could have had an easy career business, but chose instead to use his courage and engineering skill to win the land and water record for Britain. As he was a quiet but intensely patriotic man one wonders what he would have made of a country which only barely has a shrunken motor industry intact.

All of this would be meaningless to our pitiful unheroic PM. Not a thought enters that immaculately coiffeured barnet except maybe to devise new underhand methods of selling off the substance of our nation to "entrepreneurs". Does such a grotesque and effete fake have anything in common with real men like Donald Campbell or Charles Lindbergh?

That well-oiled lie machine that goes under the moniker of the BBC tries to deceive us as to the actual state of our country, but its domestic news coverage can't hide all reality. Local news bulletins in particular seem to have become a layered salami of vicious crime sliced up with sections of sport and utter stupidity. Once young lads had someone like Thor Heyerdahl as a role-model to look up to; now it's an overpaid footballer who gobs all over the pitch. Lads, forget Edmund Hillary, and think instead of the foul-mouthed and drug-taking pop star! Is it any wonder that casual violence, vandalism and crime are omnipresent? There is no mystery about this at all.

The present system is too poisoned to continue; it has almost given up. Education and the health service are descending into chaos. But what can one expect when teachers have to cope with brats who have been behaviourly trained by MTV, or when nurses have to bear the brunt of the effects of a violent, nihilistic booze-and-drugs "culture"?

As I write these words, Cardinal O'Connor of Westminster - who should know - has just explicitly stated that Christianity in Britain has been "vanquished", thus fulfilling the prophecy made by philosopher Bernard Lazare 107 years ago. Well, Christianity may be on the way out, but not all of us are content to have our ideals undermined and have an essentially bogus and self-destructive conception of the world imposed upon us.

Look at the New World Order - it's falling apart even before it's fully arrived! Some of us do not wish to be hamburger-eating conformists, snatching a fear-filled existence in a crime-ridden dump of country. We don't like the way mutual trust has been eroded both by a divided society and the cult of greed. We cringe and feel a visceral clutch in our stomachs when the supposed heir of Palmerston goes off on some grovelling errand to the US, or offers huge grants to some Korean capitalist to set up a factory in the industrial desert he and his globalist partners in crime have created. But we few have a little of the heroic spirit left - the spirit that animated Drake, Robert Scott or Donald Campbell - and are absolutely determined to reverse the tide of decadence.

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