Fed on Guilt and Illusion    
    Ian Buckley reflects on how modern white populations are controlled    

If you wait long enough, even the most unlikely characters will come out with sensible comments. Thus Peter Hain remarked that "war is brutal" when the news came of the total annihilation of Taliban prisoners at the Mazar-e-Sharif fortress. Now call me an old cynic if you like, but I don't think that this glimmer of understanding will be extended past excusing the atrocities of New World Order henchmen.

How times change! Once Peter Hain was organising demonstrations if any South African cop trod on Joe Slovo's big toe, but now he's the apologist for brutal slaughter. A worthy member of one of our most contemptible governments in history, don't you think?

But only the foolish would expect any understanding to be extended to the likes of Anthony Sawonuik, a half-blind, deaf octogenarian locked up for the rest of his life on fairly dubious evidence of ‘war crimes’.

In this case it's well to remember that the authorities who admitted Sawonuik after the war would have surely done a basic background check which would have uncovered any participation in atrocities. To me, it is both weird and bizarre that an old man should have been carted off to jail under lately made-up laws, after peacefully spending 40 years with British Rail without so much as lunging with his ticket punch at a stroppy passenger. While the Israeli F-16's bomb and strafe built-up areas, this aged ‘war criminal’ is kept in a little cell, the victim of one the final acts of the Thatcher government.

Double standards

It's just the way of the world, isn't it? Some must be perpetually excused while others have their noses rubbed in it over and over again. The process of conditioning, control and suppression of personality begins very early. When a civilisation is flourishing, it's quite desirable that a high proportion of the populace should be obedient conformists. But today submission and conservatism lead to destruction.

Studying the browbeaten inhabitants of Tony Blair's benighted Britain - the tatty outpost of the global empire of usury - I can only concur with George Bernard Shaw when he commented that young people should look to their parents not as an example, but as a warning.

An entire generation of politicians, industrialists, journalists, social ‘scientists’ and economic theorists stand indicted for the stupidity and cupidity which has wrecked our nation. Only the white race could be so foolish as to cast away its great achievements and embrace failure, self-doubt and twilight. The immigrant Muslims who want to have nothing to do which such a society of decadence and money-grubbing do have a point. With race coming back on the agenda, the New Labour gang have come out with the ridiculous idea that a pledge of allegiance, recited by immigrants, will somehow solve every race-related problem.

How might such an oath - truthfully - run? Something like: "We pledge allegiance to the Little Britain of New Labour, one fractured and divided nation under Money, the fawning poodle of the US; our industry mostly gone or sold to foreigners, while our officialdom boasts of our economic success; the nation that goes to war abroad while decent folk fear to walk the streets after dark at home; whose old people die of cold each winter, while semi-literate footballers make millions."

Richard Wagner summed up the essential characteristics of the pseudo-democracy of press and hired politicians which now belabours us: "It looks humane, but is barbarous. The people sink lower and lower."

Whites have ‘blown it’

The Australian Aborigines make the best of what they have, as they've done for thousands of years. But we've had it all, and we've just about ‘blown it’. In evolutionary terms, which racial group is less fit to survive? Our passivity and herd-like submission have led us to the edge of the abyss.

We need youth who can rebel against being spoon-fed with the poison which makes them ashamed of being what they are. The ‘message’ films that come out of Hollywood: what do they say? In subtle but unmistakable terms, that all men - especially white heterosexual men - are scumbags, who would do the world a favour if they crawled into a hole and died!

Well, this particular white heterosexual male has no intention of crawling into a hole and dying, thank you very much! But the media propagandists have their work cut out today. Too many are beginning to release the essential rottenness of the system; too many are beginning to ask inconvenient questions.

Scare tactics

As a consequence, exposes of what might be called the exotic fringes of the nationalist movement are pretty thick on the ground today. To scare off the timid, you understand? One recent Daily Mail piece by Christopher Hudson was a classic of its kind: this featured characters like: "Andy (The Nightmare) Frain, a thick-set man with huge fists." Mr. Frain sounds very much like John Prescott, the hulking Labour bruiser, who I note has had a very low public profile since his last boxing bout!

Likewise: "...leading ideologue David Myatt was a middle-aged Nazi supremacist with a ginger beard who worshipped Satan in the nude in front of an altar adorned with black candles, a swastika banner and a framed photograph of the Führer." Don't we all know that no exposé is worth its salt unless it includes Adolf? Predictable, I suppose, but essential to make a good story and sell papers!

The salient point to be made here is that the ‘villains’ exposed by Christopher Hudson are harmless compared to the real monsters of our time - who incidentally get kid-glove treatment from the media - like Ariel Sharon and the Northern Alliance warlords.

Though our means are non-violent, we are engaged in a struggle for the future, a sort of war: a war indeed, but a war of information and enlightenment alone. And make no mistake, we intend to win!

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