Yet Another Globalist War?    
    Colin Vernon looks behind the mounting pressure for an attack on Iraq    

There are occasions when the true nature of globalism becomes eerily apparent. In the February 4th issue of Forbes Global, the editor-in-chief, Steve Forbes, berates his own (US) State Department over its efforts to ‘contain’ Saddam Hussein by weapons inspection and the bombing of ‘suspect’ sites in Iraq. "Saddam must go" Forbes says: "The more thoroughly, the more decisively, we move, the faster we can complete the job we failed to finish in 1991. The Saudis may fear an Iraqi democracy arising on their borders, but the Kingdom is going to have to start liberalising regardless. Our allies - most of them anyway - will fall in line, just as they usually do, if we take the lead. If we need any ground reinforcements, we can call on the Turks."

Breathtaking stuff this, but further on into the magazine there is more. Under the headline ‘Kabuled Together’, a somewhat doubtful pun, it is reported that oil executives are talking about reviving a pipeline project which would carry natural gas - 700 billion cubic metres of proven reserves - from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan to Pakistan and beyond. Well, that should earn megabucks for the lawyers, planners, accountants and surveyors; what a blessing that Bin Laden was supposed to be hiding, though never found, in such a potentially lucrative bolt-hole!

Globalists' jamboree

On the page facing this slice of good news, there is an advertisement advising that at the Second Yugoslavia Summit in Belgrade on February 25-26th there will be discussions on International Support for Yugoslavia's Economic Rehabilitation; the Challenges in Banking and Finance; Development of the Stock Exchange; the Privatisation Process; and major projects in Telecoms, Transportation, Energy and Tourism. And among the speakers are listed: James Rubin, former American State Department spokesman and US Representative to the United Nations, Mabel Wisse Smit, executive director of the Soros Foundation and Henry Russel, Director of Western Balkans, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - all these attending, courtesy of bombers Bush and Blair. It's a small world - or it will be if we let them get away with it!

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