The Silent Slaughter    
    Ian Buckley reports on cover-ups of Israeli aggression    

As I write these words, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem - one of the holiest shrines in what used to be called Christendom - is under siege by tanks and troops, the entire area having been sealed off and placed under Israeli military control. A day earlier, the cocky conscripts of the Israel Defence Forces shot down an Italian priest. Perhaps they were fair and shouted out: "Drop that chalice" first though!

In an earlier brutal excursion into Bethlehem on March 14th, an Israeli tank took a pot-shot at the Holy Family Church, damaging statues and terrifying nuns and women patients in an adjoining church hospital.

The official media's routine censorship means that little news of these disgraceful events filters through to the British public - events rightly termed by Ian Gilmour as "An affront to civilisation."

But the compliant staff of the liberal ‘mainstream’ media need not worry, since our church leaders from the ‘Arch Hypocrite of Canterbury’1 downwards are so cowed and neutered that they would make no protest in any case. Apparently, even the God squad are now on the side of the big battalions! So the silent slaughter of the Palestinians is allowed to continue.

By the way, the percentage of Christians in the Holy Land of their faith has now dropped to just two per cent, an example of ‘religious cleansing’ surely unequalled since the days when ‘the Wolf of the Kremlin’, Lazar Kaganovich, was going about dynamiting churches and cathedrals in the USSR.

Nor are foreign clergy the only victims of the arrogant Israelis; Italian news photographer Raffaele Ciriello has been deliberately gunned down - just for doing his job too well.

Meanwhile, President George W. Bush and his quaky-voiced little acolyte Blair discuss an attack on the dangerous rogue nation of... Iraq! After years of sanctions and bombing, one wonders exactly what sort of threat Iraq poses in comparison to the aggressive and well-armed state of Israel.

Senseless policy

Motorists might like to reflect that, moral considerations apart, the senseless antagonising of the Arab countries carried on by this gruesome twosome empties their wallets through higher petrol prices.

If only the Palestinians had the well-oiled propaganda machines at the disposal of the Jewish lobbies in Britain and the USA, then we might have heard about the Israeli paper Novosti, popular with incomers from Russia, which published an editorial calling for the castrating of Palestinians. Though the editor of the paper was admittedly reprimanded, not one adverse comment was received from readers.

But as no such mass media access exists, there has not been a great deal of publicity either about the common and revolting practice of removing organs from the Palestinian youths shot dead by the Israeli Army for sale on the lucrative medical market. The fanatics of the Temple Faithful believe that the Palestinians will shortly vanish like ‘dust before the wind’.

Likewise, there were no headlines over the death of 10-year-old Maria Abu Siriya, shot by an Israeli Army sniper as she innocently played in her living room while Israeli tanks, artillery and gunships invaded Jenin. Nor do we hear much about the elderly Palestinian women who have their doors battered down while the orders are barked: "Leave your home - the bulldozers are outside!"

One wonders if an Arab Spielberg will soon be making moving, tear-jerking films about these very real events, or if these details will go down in the textbooks of the National Curriculum, to be spoon-fed to children. Will Maria Abu Siriya have plays or books written about her, and her house, like that of Anne Frank, become a pilgrimage site half a century hence? Perhaps not!

Not ‘anti-Semitism’

Some outside our movement might suggest that this article is merely an expression of ‘anti-Semitism’. It is, in fact nothing of the kind, for in all of my writings I have been careful to distinguish between ordinary law-abiding Jews and the NWO power-addicts and money thugs of every race - including a large number of our own Anglo-Celtic folk. Additionally, if you want to understand the nature of the Beast, the works of Benjamin Freedman, Arthur Koestler and Noam Chomsky - all Jewish - are as good a place to start as any.

Another dissident, Israel Shamir (not to be confused with former Israeli premier Yitzhak), thinks that the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is far harsher than that meted out to his own people by the Germans in 1938. This view had been confirmed by the new book Hitler's Jewish Army, by Bryan Mark Rigg. Professor Rigg details the stories of some of the thousands of part and full Jews who served in the armies of the Third Reich. Typical was the case of the Wehrmacht captain who continued to practise Judaism while on active service!

Let us remember, when the squealing about Arab ‘terrorism’ begins, that the entire state of Israel was founded on terrorism - against British troops, to whom the perpetrators should really have been profoundly grateful, according to their own national mythos.2

Arab towns like Ramallah may be ground into rubble by tanks and demolition teams, but we should remember that extreme hatred and violence always eventually destroy the perpetrator. Even by General Sharon's own terms of ruthless machtpolitik such a policy is flawed, since it depends almost entirely on the flow of money and war materiel provided by the compliant legislature of the United States. It is doubtful if this state of affairs will continue for very much longer.

Americans waking up?

For many Americans - far too many for the comfort of the Israeli-lobby - are beginning to grasp the obvious conclusion that had the US followed its own national interests, instead of those of Israel, the 3,000 or more of its civilians killed in the September llth attacks would still be alive today.

What would be the chances of obtaining hundreds of free tanks, missiles and attack helicopters from an America run by someone like Pat Buchanan, still less someone like William Pierce? Not too great, I would venture!

The world is changing fast, and the wheels of history are moving again. Let us say to our discredited and pathetic ‘leaders’:- "No wars for the morally (and financially) bankrupt bandit state in the Middle East! Let's put our own people first, and solve our numerous problems that you've lumbered us with!"

1. Note to offended Anglican readers: The Arch Hypocrite definitely richly deserves this title since he has made no adverse comment whatever about the earlier gunning down of a choirboy in Manger Square.

2. Every nation is entitled to a mythos, but it's utterly wrong to impose it on everyone else, as has been attempted with ‘Holocaust Day’.

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