Iraq, September 11 and Britain    
    Ian Buckley rubbishes Bush and Blair's excuses    

Make no mistake about it, the Bush-Blair war against Iraq is coming.

It is no matter that the vast majority of the British public are opposed to such a conflict. The ordinary man on the bus or in the pub may say: "This country's going to the dogs and they go to war miles away to up the price of petrol." The plain man's good sense is no match for the immense power of the Israeli lobby and the American oil millionaires, and the cabal led by Wolfowitz and Perle will have its way.

The propagandists have been working overtime trying to link the Islamic fundamentalists of Al Quaeda with Iraq. But in fact Iraq is a secular country, with a substantial Christian minority. Its record towards that minority compares very favourably to that of Israel, where burnings of the New Testament has been carried out under semi-official auspices. So much for Bush's ‘crusade’!

As in Serbia, British and American bombing raids on Iraq have already themselves been responsible for the destruction of some of the oldest churches around anywhere - Chaldean buildings dating back to the seventh century. Do we perhaps detect an anti-Christian current in the New World Order?

Even if Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th, that event has still been used as a convenient casus belli to enable the US to contemplate attacking virtually any country on earth.

But given the Israeli-First attitudes of the US government, we can see that the WTC and Pentagon attacks were tragically inevitable as well as utterly predictable. Indeed "a cataclysmic attack on our own soil" was predicted by Pat Buchanan in an article printed in this magazine in March 2000.

But, like the Bourbons in the early nineteenth century, the US government, it would seem, has learned nothing from the events of September 11th. The best commemoration of the victims could hope to have would be an end to pointless and bloody American interventions around the world. Despite this fact, numerous mawkish and grandiose memorial events took place on the anniversary of the New York and Washington attacks.

‘One great port’

In Liverpool two giant light beams were shone into the sky at the waterfront. The mayor, Jack Spriggs, waffled on about this light being "the tribute from one great port to another." Well, one can only assume that Councillor Spriggs has been kept in suspended animation for a good many years, since Liverpool hasn't been a great port in any meaningful sense since 1954! During my youth I was very puzzled by the sight of such a large river as the Mersey with so few ships present in and around the docks.

And who or what, pray, caused the transformation of a great trading and industrial city into a largely eviscerated carcass dependent on such ludicrous chimera as ‘tourist initiatives’ and EU grants?

Was it Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, perhaps? No way! Whilst assigning blame for rampant decay is always invidious, any reasonable person can understand that the major responsibility for the downfall of Liverpool - any many other British cities - must lie with the mega-money manipulators of New York and their lackeys in this country.

While officialdom and media go overboard commemorating 3,000 bankers and ancillary workers killed in the WTC, the deaths of 30,000 of our pensioners who perish unnecessarily every year due to the cold are ignored. The great Chinese philosopher Confucius once asked: "Is there any difference between killing a person with a weapon and killing them with a system of government?" This statement should always be borne in mind when considering ‘atrocities’: we have obvious eruptions of violence but those are often balanced by the silent, ignored barbarities imposed on us by the corrupt agents of globalism.

Those, from Tony Blair downwards (or upwards) who took part in the 11th September commemorations - a veritable holy day of the New World Order - will always disregard those unfortunates who are "killed by a system of government." Misguided Liverpool councillors may project giant beams in the sky in memory of the WTC attacks, but they seem to pay much less attention to their own people, who endure one of the highest rates of premature deaths in Britain due to poverty, bad living conditions and corroding despair. If only they were asylum seekers, New Labour would be up in arms!

Instead of essentially decent figures like Bob Blatchford, Keir Hardie and John Burns, today Labour is dominated by careerists in the pocket of privatisation moguls and the Middle East bomb lobby. You have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting, gentlemen. Perhaps a nation that puts up with, and even encourages, such figures deserves its fate!

Truth about Iraq

One is wearied by the repetition, but let's just point out yet again that Iraq is just a medium-sized Arab country, which was once reasonably friendly towards Britain. It has only minor military resources when compared to Israel, let alone the United States. Until ghouls like Madelaine Albright got to work on it, Iraq was, nevertheless, a moderately prosperous and advancing nation, with growing industry and good education levels. But perhaps the Israelis cannot stand the sight of Arabs who are not riding scrawny camels or working 15 hours a day with wooden hoes!

One woman, Dr Margaret Jones, who was recently jailed for painting "What have the Iraqis ever done to us?" on the Foreign Office in Whitehall put it well when she made this statement before her imprisonment:-

‘In a few weeks, or months, the United States will again launch all-out war against Iraq - against a society that has been knocked to its knees, and whose people are only slowly rebuilding normal lives in spite of us and the United States. No doubt, the British government will be dragged along to play its part in justifying the slaughter. The puppet governments set in Europe after the nazi occupation had more honour than this.

‘When will we all stand up and say, "Enough! Not in our name. This terrorism has got to stop!"’

When indeed? It is gratifying that Dr Jones doesn't make the exact comparison between the New Labour puppets and Vichy. After all, wasn't Marshal Petain just a patriot who did his very best for the country in a difficult time, and received the reward of a life sentence for his pains?

Forget Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or wherever - anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that the US-Israel is the real ‘Axis of Evil’. Their joint record of bloodshed and mayhem across the globe proves this beyond doubt.

America today has one in 32 of its citizens in jail, hardly the model for an ordered and well-functioning society. Not only the world but its own citizens need emancipation from this over-mighty and troublesome state. As Louis Beam commented following the anti-globalisation demonstration in Seattle: "The new politics of America is liberty from the NWO Police State and nothing more."

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