Action and Reaction    
    Frank Kimbal Johnson senses fear in our opponents    

"If you want the real measure of a man, take a good look at his enemies."

An ideology achieves world influence and territorial expansion by force of arms and/or by infiltrating and subverting the opposing forces. And if that ideology is as potent and life-enhancing as its advocates contend, then it will prove truly hydra-headed in world affairs, leaving the regimes of its persecutors behind like overgrown ruins in the jungle of history. An inherently unsustainable ideology will of course make little real impact on human affairs and will soon disappear without trace.

Even the staunchest campaigners for British nationalism must sometimes wonder if they are engaged in an ultimately futile struggle against an irresistible political trend. Are they, as the Marxists always dismissed their opponents, merely ‘reactionary forces’ without any real dynamic of their own? That of course is how our opponents will always try to represent us to the public: as a lunatic fringe of backward-looking no-hopers to be swept aside in the triumphant liberal march towards world government and the multi-racial Utopia. There is little to choose, therefore, between the Marxist and liberal dogmatists in their attitude to dissidents.

But we have seen with what dramatic suddenness the allegedly unstoppable Communist juggernaut fell to pieces, leaving a shambles of inter-racial strife, economic collapse and rampant gangsterism in its wake across the former USSR and Soviet Bloc. All the present hubris of the liberal establishment cannot escape a similar nemesis as it disintegrates under the weight of its inherent fallacies and contradictions and founders on the rock of racial nationalism. Almost every news bulletin and independent socio-economic report produces evidence of this impending collapse: rising criminality; industrial decline; family breakdown; inter-racial strife; civic squalor; cultural decadence; falling educational standards and failing social services; political sleaze and immigrant opportunism. So the ‘left’ in politics is doomed to be just that before very long.

Foundation of human development

By contrast, our optimism is rooted in the knowledge that racial nationalism is the basic foundation of human development, and accords with the inescapable facts of evolution, history and everyday experience. Accordingly, our supporters can justifiably regard themselves as spearheading genuine human progress against those political factions which are subversive of the evolutionary process; which are, in short, merely reactionary.

That evolutionary principle, namely the ‘survival of the fittest’, which has governed the entire direction of life on this planet is destined to reduce all the debris of liberalism to compost. Needless to say, this evolutionary concept provokes passionate opposition from the manifestly unfit and their parasitic dependants, since their concept of ‘fitness’ is an artificial compound of political expediency, religious dogma and self-interest. They worship an abstraction called ‘society’, by which they mean people of their own persuasion: beneficiaries of bureaucracy, social engineering and indoctrination. All their overblown institutions are as reproductive as were those outwardly impressive Soviet academies instructed to demonstrate the superiority of Marxist culture. What had ‘comprehensive education’ to do with Pericles, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart, Newton and such? If politics were mathematics, then the liberal democracy we see around us today has to be the lowest common denominator. That, in its various forms, is what dominates the mass media and election manifestos.

A look forward

Let us now scan the probable future. The quality of life deteriorates in inverse proportion to its quantity, as population pressures defeat all grandiose schemes for social welfare, and Western societies begin to be absorbed into the Third World. While all this is happening, ever more repressive legislation is introduced to contain growing public disquiet and alienation. It becomes more and more obvious that the so-called ‘democratic’ process merely offers slightly amended versions of the same common-denominator policies; and the electorate becomes increasingly apathetic and cynical.

Conditions are then ripe for an emergent and genuinely radical political movement to exploit. And when this begins to make serious inroads into local and national politics, there is rising hysteria in the media and doom-laden prophecies from pillars of the Establishment. Every available legal and quasi-legal device is employed to harass, incriminate and incapacitate the emergent political force. Things begin to get decidedly ugly; extreme policing generates extreme reactions. And when a disaffected general public loses confidence in the competence and even-handedness of justice and policing, the establishment's days are seen to be numbered. This is a time when panic-stricken career politicians start deserting in droves and fighting to climb aboard the radical bandwagon on the age-old principle that ‘if you can't beat 'em, join 'em’. The bogus ‘pluralism’ of contemporary politics becomes ever more apparent to a thoroughly demoralised electorate. Parties disintegrate and dissident factions distance themselves from the leadership. And all this is enveloped in a noxious cloud of mass media disinformation and candy-floss culture.

It is always claimed that ‘freedom of the press’ is sacrosanct as the chief bulwark against misgovernment. But this ‘freedom’ is a delusion, since it actually incorporates a censorship and propaganda apparatus geared to the establishment's preconceived notions of ‘acceptable’ national policy. The much-vaunted ‘impartiality’ of the media is a face-saving fiction propagated by their own apparatchiks, who are never allowed to forget that failure to conform means career suicide. The rules may be unwritten but they apply no less forcefully for that.

Of course, the censorship and propaganda are not crudely explicit but subtly implicit in the coverage or avoidance of certain issues fundamental to survival of the race and nation. Indeed, they are cloaked in pseudo-impartiality to the point where reportage of the nation's domestic and international affairs gives the eerie impression of emanating from some exalted agency with no national or racial allegiances whatever. Bulletins and commentaries refer to ‘the British’ as an anthropologist might refer to some remote tribe of his acquaintance but of which he is not in any way part. Any manifestations of patriotism beyond cheering the Royals are treated with a lofty admixture of disdain, incredulity and sardonic amusement. The nation's detractors and natural enemies are endlessly indulged, interviewed and quoted out of all proportion to their actual importance, while authentic patriotic voices are drowned in the liberal cacophony.

Role of the media

So, regardless of pious impostures, the media moguls are actually pillars of the current régime, and therefore forfeit any role in securing a worthwhile future for this nation. Recognition of the overwhelming power and influence of the mass media in our nation's affairs is therefore fundamental to any national recovery programme. One way or another, whatever it takes, that power and influence must be disengaged from their present controllers and geared to the needs of the nation's survival. Failing this, the patriotic rallying call will never be more than a tin whistle while the crowds follow the band elsewhere.

Just how this radical realignment of the mass media with the national interest might eventually be achieved is well beyond the scope of this article, but that task has to be a cardinal aim of our movement. The media monopoly has to be broken; so we have a vested interest in the proliferation of independent broadcasting and publishing ventures even when this means sailing close to the wind in terms of legal and quasi-legal attacks from officialdom. After all, how far would Christianity have got with a Bible only Latin scholars could read? And how far would science have progressed under Vatican dominance? So we've got the message but not, as yet, the media.

In conclusion, British Nationalism can never come to terms with the present Establishment or any of its agencies; there is nothing whatever in our basic beliefs and attitudes we need to change. Our business is the indomitable reassertion of Race and Nation now and always.

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