Slow-Motion Suicide    
    Ian Buckley looks at where we are being taken    

On the Internet you can find a handy quiz entitled ‘The F Scale’, which purports to reveal how much of a ‘fascist’ you are. Though this questionnaire is heavily influenced by the mental mush promoted by Adorno and the Frankfurt School, it is worth ten minutes of your time, if just for amusement value. What really matters is not whether a policy is labelled ‘fascist’, ‘communist’, ‘anarchist’, or whatever, but whether it works or not. In Britain today, it would be best if we stopped worrying about labels, and instead took active steps to solve the many problems we face.

Incidentally, when I did the test, I came out with a score of 4.1 - disciplined but tolerant - and not a ‘fascist’! But why shouldn't we be more ‘tolerant’, in our own way, than the establishment ciphers who flounder wildly around in a morass of their own creation?

For example, about half a dozen Asian Muslims have to date been imprisoned for their participation in last summer's riots. To me, it seems ridiculous to punish them for their inevitable failure to fit into our society. A trip to the travel agent for a one-way airline ticket to Pakistan would be so much of a more civilised solution than years of incarceration preceded by a lecture from a grim-faced masonic fool in a stupid wig.

The real criminals of our times are not Asian rioters, but the politicians of the old parties who created the whole wretched situation in the first place. Mill towns have become semi-derelict war zones, not by some strange accident but as the result of a very definite policy trend.

Consider the Euro, war with Iraq or the asylum-seeker invasion. None of these measures is popular with our folk, but nevertheless the political class proceed remorselessly onwards with them, as if under remote control. Is it any wonder that our people are so dispirited that they are literally fading away?

Analysis of the collated census results indicates that not only is the population ageing rapidly, but also that Britain's larger cities - especially in northern areas - have been shrinking away, with many fewer residents than twenty years ago. Each year, 240,000 Britons abandon this country for good. It might be better if they had more fighting spirit, but can one entirely blame them for abandoning the tawdry crime-ridden, cultureless dump this country has become over the last two decades?

We are entitled to ask: is national self-extinction a good recommendation for middle-of-the-road system politics?

National disintegration

On every level, the country disintegrates, with courage, leadership, statesmanship - even common decency - absent from our public life. Some foreign druggie adulterer with a history of dodgy property deals is unaccountably the major guest of honour at the Labour Party Conference.

No one I spoke to about this could find rhyme or reason in this particular appearance, unless its purpose was to demonstrate subservience to the US power structure, a move typical of the new-look, rebranded ‘Levy Party’.

Our legal system has become the home of casuistry, showmanship and blatant greed. This, presumably, is the major reason why the upper echelons of government have become overrun by a gaggle of barristers.

One such, Gordon Brown, has a bizarre theory that a last tiny hard core of workless must be forced into jobs. This must come as great surprise to the near-thousand employees of the Prudential Call Centre in Reading, who found that their jobs were to be unceremoniously exported to India. Apparently, it's now a common practice to train Indians in Calcutta, or wherever, to put on British regional accents to put customers here at their ease!

Total savings on wage bills work out at about 80 per cent per worker. Now call centres generally provide a pretty awful kind of job, but how many of these jobs will be left in a few years, once our banks and insurance companies manage to train up more cheap and reliable Indian graduates?

The whole squalid and inexcusable business of transferring jobs from Britain to lower-wage areas of the world has become prevalent. In the same week as a sizeable proportion of Reading's employment base headed out East, the Black & Decker factory in Spennymoor suffered a similar fate. This time, the operation departed from Co. Durham to start up again in the Czech Republic - since the fall of communism a ready source of skilled and cheap labour. Ironically enough, many of the workers who lost their jobs were constituents of Tony Blair!

Naturally, the grinning Jackanapes added insult to injury by coming out with his usual spiel about ‘inevitability’ and the ‘global economy’. Well, he would say that, wouldn't he? This declaration of impotence is par for the course but completely untrue. Indeed, Blair's entire career demonstrates a sort of Faustian pact whereby a dim-ish but telegenic barrister becomes involved with the mega-wealthy robber barons of globalism, and thereafter faithfully does their bidding.

A few years ago the Selby coalfield was supposed to be the new hope for the mining industry in Britain. There was a huge investment in equipment, and workers were recruited from all over the country. But now the MIM mining company of Queensland is actively recruiting ex-miners from the Selby field. Once they're in Australia, a large percentage of the coal that they'll produce will end up back here in Britain.

Could there be any better demonstration of the lunacy of the present day? To the financial press and pundits it's all ‘admirable rationalisation’ when a firm slashes 25 per cent of its workforce. They give no thought to the communities that are left bereft, or the ex-workers who are abandoned. We've lost our will and we're losing our minds.

Opponent catches a whiff of the truth

Let us be grateful at such a time to anyone who speaks out against the slow-motion suicide of this country. Tony Benn, no less, muses in his newly published diaries that Leicester Square "seems like abroad" and that Channel Four's late-night output has "a whiff of decadence about it, very nasty." All true enough of course, but an example of ‘non-joined-up thinking’; of not seeing the wood for the trees.

Israel Shamir is one author who has the commendable habit of saying openly what other people merely think about or record in a private diary. Shamir relates the fact that in Israel the financial gap between the top ten per cent and the ordinary masses (usually, though not always, Gentile) is the greatest on earth. Shamir, Jewish himself, goes on to ask us: "Do you think that increased influence of the Jewish community is purely coincidental with steep rise of the social gap in England and the US, the next two states on the ladder?"

While a completely egalitarian society is unattainable and undesirable, the vast social gap that Shamir highlights is ripping our nation apart, while the plump legal eagles of New Labour complacently eat their expense-account lunches. George Orwell had it right in 1984: meaningless wars abroad, while society at home corrodes, coarsens and corrupts.

Our opponents of the old parties have nothing with which to counteract our arguments. Increasingly, their preferred method of attack is the planted story of smear, tittle-tattle and false links, usually to be found in the Mirror or Express. It's noticeable that these non-stories make bigger headlines than Dr. Baruch Goldstein's massacre of 50 Arabs in Jerusalem ever did.

Blair, Brown and his gang of collaborators in futility are perhaps the least talented team ever to be inflicted on Britain. Consider the wit and wisdom of John Spellar, or the intellectual power of Eliot Morley!

Laugh at them if you must, but weep for Britain. They offer you anti-life, twilight and decadence. Let us begin anew!

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