The Inverted Missionaries    
    Fergus Kingsley Jones examines the latest official view that immigration is good for us    

Some years ago, a New York cartoon strip depicted the likely official reaction to rising levels of atmospheric pollution. The first picture showed placards saying: "Government insists no pollution problem; accuses opposition of ‘seeing spots before their eyes’." The next set of placards, in a somewhat darker picture, read: "Government denounces alarmist health freaks." And the final placards, now barely visible through the gloom, read: "Government experts say alleged pollution is improving public health."

Truth is stranger than fiction, as we have now witnessed an exact parallel in the official reaction to the massive third-world invasion of the UK. For many years, the Government denied that the problem existed. With rising public concern came official statements that immigrant numbers were expected to diminish. When this became manifestly untrue, there were vague government assurances that more stringent controls were in the offing. These of course never materialised and, alarmed by mounting public unease, the Government rushed through the infamous Race Relations Acts to suppress any resistance to the invasion.

Since then, with the enthusiastic support of degenerates in the mass media, all official bodies and public institutions have been singing from the same hymn-sheet to the effect that discrimination in favour of one's natural kinfolk and compatriots was now a cardinal sin, an absurd phobia, an offence to common decency, etc., etc., etc.

All of which served to represent the repressive Race Acts as monuments to national decency and to intimidate anyone likely to express dissent. Thus arose a whole new industry of social engineering bigots, permeating central and local government, the mass media and all educational bodies with a national guilt-complex expressed in accusations about ‘institutional racism’, now a synonym for Britishness. No publisher, programme-maker or advertiser now dares to exclude the obligatory Blacks and Asians from any of their productions, regardless of ‘proportional representation’, relevance to the plot or credibility among people with any residual hold on common sense and reality. But the immigrant tide is already inundating our historic towns and cities, and the demand of the invaders for ever more handouts and concessions from the ‘host’ community grows ever more clamorous and aggressive, with the scarcely concealed threat that any resistance to such agitation will result in violence on our streets.

Thus, even the attempt to uphold the law or defend our national heritage is now represented as further evidence of our institutional racism, while radio and TV productions are crowded with aliens depicted as exemplars and role models for the ghastly selection of local natives making up the rest of the cast. These latter-day parables of political correctness are becoming the staples of the nation's cultural diet.

In this toxic social and political climate such things as civic pride, law and order, social stability, respect for authority and cultural excellence cannot possibly thrive, hence the drift towards socio-economic decadence. So with the alien invasion now manifestly out of control, and reliable statistical predictions that the native British are well on the way to becoming an ethnic minority in their own country within a few decades, the Establishment is finally driven to produce its ultimate propaganda weapon.

The new message is: Immigrants are essential to the national well-being. They are, it is claimed, bringing valuable skills, with great social, economic and cultural benefits to our (presumably impoverished and backward?) country.

Thus the common perception is totally mistaken; the millions of uneducated and poverty-stricken aliens frantic to avail themselves of British hospitality are actually engaged in a massive missionary expedition, their aim being to make Britain as well-favoured and successful as the homelands they seem desperate to leave behind.

Reminder from Enoch

One is irresistibly reminded of the quotation in that famous speech by Enoch Powell: "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad."

But our vainglorious legislators are now experiencing an inescapable fact of life called ‘the law of unforeseen consequences’. Government grows more difficult by the day in a relentlessly deteriorating social, cultural, economic and natural environment.

Whether we are talking about jobs, housing, health care, pensions, street crime, drug-pushing, prison populations, anti-terrorism, asylum-seekers or whatever, governmental promises have become increasingly threadbare and derisively unrealistic. The economy is an over-inflated consumerist balloon; financial institutions grow more jittery as their addled investments fail to hatch, and the Treasury engages in yet more devious taxation of the most productive and conscientious members of society. And as more and more government responsibility and authority is siphoned off from Westminster to Brussels, the MPs give themselves huge pay increases and insist we ought to be concentrating on the threat from Iraqi tyrants and Afghan tribesmen.

In a letter to the press over thirty years ago I ventured a prophecy: that to the extent the British population becomes multi-racial it will also become ungovernable. After all, government is claimed to be a contract between the people and the politicians; and when - as is so evidently the case - the politicians are seen to be betraying the basic principles of that contract, public disorder and civil disobedience are the inevitable consequence. If politicians are manifestly disloyal to their own people, they forfeit all claim to authority, and this realisation is what generates public apathy, inner-city squalor and the decay of a society once a model to the wider world.

In the foreground, meanwhile, pop-singers, actors and ball-players, regardless of personal depravities, are ennobled and become ‘mega-rich’ icons of a profoundly rotten society. ‘Popularity’ is the dominant social ethos, and politicians lose the last traces of gravitas in adolescent attention-seeking antics ranging from baseball caps to negroid carnival capers and ‘come-on-down’ chat-show inanities. But not to worry; the leaders of the Labour-Libdem-Con party have said that we can look forward to better times ahead - perhaps under a black or Asian Prime Minister! Needless to say, the ‘we’ excludes our native population, almost every one of whom will tell you that we need more immigrants like a sinking ship needs more holes.

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