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We ask again: is this a conspiracy?

It has been said in these columns before and it has been amplified again and again in commentaries on websites all over the world: Bush's and Blair's planned war against Iraq stinks.

This is a war which has nothing whatever to do with any threatened use of weapons of mass-destruction in the hands of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The evidence of such weapon power is so flimsy that even a substantial part of the British press disbelieves it. It has nothing whatever to do with the attacks on the United States on the 11th September 2001, for it was planned by Bush long before that - even before he (Bush) became president.

It has much more to do with oil - the wish of the US to compensate for its dwindling domestic oil reserves by colonising the oil-rich Middle East and determining the price at which its oil exports will reach America.

It also has to do with the desire of Israel to see Saddam Hussein deposed and a more Israel-friendly leader installed in his place - an aim assisted by the enormous influence of the Jewish lobby in Washington.

But there is more to it than that. The architects of the New World Order are stepping up their drive for global control. Nations not amenable to that control must be taught a lesson and brought into line. Serbia was one of these and that is why Serbia had to be attacked and its former leader, Slobsdan Milosevic, arrested and put on trial as a ‘war criminal’. Iraq is another example. Iraq too must be taught a lesson and Saddam Hussein, if possible, also arrested and tried as was Milosevic. If examples can be made of two relatively unimportant nations, more important ones, it is hoped, will get the message and not resist what the globalists have in store for them.

And one of the policies that the globalists have in store for the nations is multi-racialism. The nations - particularly the white, western ones - must have their borders torn down and be flooded with third-world immigrants. In this way it is intended that, in the course of one or two more generations, they will be destroyed as nations in any meaningful sense of the term. They will have no ethnic identity, and will be mere administrative and economic units of the global plantation.

And here is where another shattering development comes into focus.

In the Sunday Express on December 29th there was a front-page story with big headlines saying "110,000 Iraqis to flood Britain". The story said that "an army of 110,000 Iraqi refugees is heading for Britain to escape the looming war with Saddam Hussein."

In other words, aside from all the other reasons why Britain should not join in Bush's attack on Iraq, the launch of which is expected later this month, there is this additional reason: that it will add yet more droves of third-worlders heading for this country - on top of all the rest.

Naïve people might think that that prospect would make Tony Blair think twice about getting Britain involved. After all, he has enough problems with immigrants already. Why should he want more?

That reasoning makes sense if you believe that Blair is no more than a rather inadequate political leader, out of his depth in the series of crises engulfing Britain and just unable to cope.

But Blair is much more than this. He is the New World Order's chief agent in the destruction of the United Kingdom. In policies of his which appear to have no logic there is a certain terrible logic. We are not being drawn into the Iraq conflict despite the harm it will do to British interests; we are being drawn in precisely because of that harm. The conflict, with its enormous cost, will simply be another nail in this nation's coffin - just as World Wars I and II were nails in the coffins of the great nations of Europe.

And the vast numbers of new refugees - no doubt in reality far more than the 110,000 so far acknowledged - will not be an accidental consequence of the Iraq war; they are an intended consequence. That is the name of the game.

All this may sound like wild and woolly conspiracy theories taken to extremes. It may have a bit of an apocalyptic flavour. It may seem unduly far-fetched.

But think about it, and then ask yourself: do any other explanations of what is happening make any sense?

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