Why Not a British Resistance?    
    A.S. Hurst suggests a few practical ways of sabotaging the Blair regime    

The Vatican could properly be described as ‘institutionally bigoted’, since it only exists to promote the Catholic faith and therefore resists the idea of ‘equal opportunities’ for non-Catholics within its fiefdoms. But every institution incorporates an ethos and loyalty, which entail discriminating against those it was not intended to serve. And this includes the nation-state, whose claim to a separate existence has no legitimacy except to safeguard the unique character and culture of its native citizens.

Thus we have always been told that the first duty of any government is to defend the homeland against alien invasion; and whether the latter takes the form of military attack or stealthy infiltration is immaterial, since the end result would be the same.

It follows that only a clear mandate from the native population could excuse a government allowing, let alone encouraging, a large-scale invasion by people of alien ancestry and culture.

But as we all know, no British government has ever been given this suicidal mandate, while hundreds of thousands of aliens are still entering the country every year. This stealthy capitulation, aided and abetted by a mass media network already dominated by alien interests, has also sought legitimacy by introducing legislation designed to criminalise any overt resistance by the indigenous population.

This represents the most monumental act of treachery in this nation's long struggle to survive in a turbulent and envious world. That the treachery has been allowed to prevail for over fifty years is due to a news censorship no less repressive than that which blanketed the former Soviet Union, allied with a tacit agreement among political parties to avoid raising the subject at elections. But now, at long last, it seems the British people may be waking up to the fact that their homeland, heritage and very identity are being stolen from under their noses. The socio-economic stresses and crippling costs attending the alien invasion loom larger and larger in the public consciousness; ‘political correctness’ attracts mounting ridicule, and multi-racial indoctrination by the mass media is becoming seen for what it is.

A Resistance Movement

Any individual's progress through life reveals a basic cycle of behaviour comprising: (a) aspiration; followed by (b) satisfaction; or by (c) frustration - reaction to which takes one of several forms: anger, apathy, or ‘switching to alternative tactics or goals’. Today, after decades of frustration, there is an accumulating anger that will sooner or later shatter the complacency of British politics. Indeed, we are already hearing anxious reports on doorstep reactions to issues like immigration, asylum-seekers, crime and the seemingly inexorable decline in public services. Indeed, the Labour Party chairman has said that local polls reveal that asylum-seekers/uncontrolled immigration is at the top of most people's list of concerns; and never mind Blair's posturing over Iraq. Our task, as the only political party dedicated to removing the alien presence, should be to enlist and organise public frustration and anger in two ways: namely, electoral support for the British National Party, and ‘civil disobedience’ to frustrate and abort renegade government measures.

This campaign should concentrate its electioneering on those constituencies under most pressure from the alien influx and those of prominent politicians, thereby securing the most votes and media attention. On the civil disobedience front, it should exploit every means necessary short of criminal damage to persons and property. The essence of the matter is that British patriots should simply be uncooperative in respect of official policies like multi-racialism and Euro-federalism in particular. This uncooperativeness can range from ‘passive resistance’ to more active measures, sensibly designed to avoid legal entrapments. Some examples follow:-

  • Boycott all alien firms, products, services, agencies, premises and activities; also all other firms which support multi-racialism in their employment and advertising. Circulate lists of alien and renegade firms to BNP supporters.

  • Avoid employing aliens by adopting artful advertising, recruitment and selection tactics.

  • Support white claimants of racial discrimination in respect of jobs and promotion.

  • Avoid alien-dominated schools.

  • Withdraw pupils at every opportunity from alien-oriented activities.

  • Object to multi-racialist teachers and material and classroom propaganda.

  • Complain to local media about renegade teachers, bullying and drug-usage by aliens in and around schools.

  • In any advertisement or publicity material, do not include aliens in more than eight per cent of the images and text, and never in the most prominent positions or roles.

  • Do not support multi-racial sports.

  • Organise demonstrations against officious multi-racism, hostels for asylum-seekers and such.

  • Return unsolicited mail from manifestly multi-racialist firms in their reply-paid envelopes, and enclose BNP leaflets.

  • Produce large quantities of patriotic leaflets/stickers, if necessary independently. Insert these in any books or other publications which promote multi-racialism, also in buses and trains and other areas open to the public. This has to be done prudently and covertly to avoid punitive legal action by the authorities.

  • ‘Fly the flag’on every possible occasion, such as: (a) all traditional celebrations; (b) during election campaigns; (c) Remembrance Sunday; (d) St.George's Day; (e) at anti-EU demonstrations; (f) at anti-asylum hosted demonstrations; (g) when wearing patriotic clothing or insignia; (h) when distributing nationalist literature.

The above list of examples is a minimum response for dedicated patriots, who will undoubtedly extend it in manifold ways according to their ingenuity, resources and local circumstances. Local groups should circulate their ideas and experience to fellow-patriots elsewhere. It goes without saying that all this will be denounced as a ‘race-hate’ campaign; but nowhere does it go beyond asserting national identity and exercising preference for people of our own kind.

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