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    A sample from the 'Politically Aware Vocabulary' series    


The process of natural selection whereby the strongest, most adaptable and resourceful organisms are able to survive and reproduce while the less viable ones become extinct. The evolution of mankind has always been spearheaded by a few gifted races and their most outstanding representatives, albeit at the expense of their natural inferiors. Liberalism seeks to invert this process by exalting and fostering weakness, humility, mediocrity, degeneracy, and the mongrelisation of humanity. By contrast, the Race-and-Nation philosophy is entirely in accord with the cosmic scheme of things and must therefore ultimately triumph. The alternative is the collective regression of humanity.


The majority of people are innately conservative (small ‘c’) and wary of anything sounding at all radical. This fact is cynically exploited by liberal politicians, who describe all opposing viewpoints as ‘extremist’, with a view to scaring the public away from them. British Nationalists are unblushingly ‘extremist’ in their opposition to a liberal ‘moderation’which is leading this country to disaster.

‘Moderation’ in the cause of treachery is no virtue; ‘extremism’ in defence of our nation is no vice.

Free Trade

An economic doctrine based on removing all undue governmental restraints on business enterprise. The word ‘undue’ is crucial here, since no sensible government can allow private businesses to engage in activities damaging to the national interest. In practice, some companies, especially those with international connections, are quite prepared to ignore the national interest whenever it suits their purposes. The test of a worthwhile business is that it not only shows a profit but that it also improves the quality of life of its employees and serves the national economic interest.


Absence of unnecessary and unjust constraints on thought, speech and behaviour in society. Freedom, however, is necessarily limited by social obligations and legislation designed to provide an orderly and safe environment for the general public and to ensure conformity with certain standards of behaviour (aptly summed up by the phrase "Your freedom to wave your fist ends where my nose begins").

It is said that the real test of an allegedly free society is the way it treats its dissidents. Only those individuals who have personally tested the Establishment's tolerance (or lack of it) of political dissent are qualified to judge the real extent of personal liberty in Britain today. Their reports are at once very illuminating and profoundly depressing. We now have laws which make it a punishable offence to discriminate in favour of kinfolk, to recognise the actual differences between races and sexes, to make certain unfavourable but manifestly true comments about multi-racialism, and to demonstrate in support of British patriotism. Such tendentious legislation and ideological tyranny is repugnant to any genuine freedom-lover, but has been all too easily imposed on a population besotted with mindless entertainment and the dependency culture.

In an unjust society the worst people celebrate their freedom while the best are liable to find themselves in jail.


The basic unit of any worthwhile and viable society. This is nowadays contested by feminists, homosexuals and dotty sociologists, with about as much credibility as criminals contesting law and order. It is incumbent on government to cherish family values by giving taxation benefits to married couples with children or with elderly or dependent relatives to support.

Marriage and parenthood must be regarded not as a right but a privilege. Motherhood must be seen to have a social status above that of any other female occupation. Breakdown of the (extended) family is self-evidently a prime cause of rising delinquency, drug addiction, child abuse, poverty, and an insupportable social services budget. A truly family-based socio-economic order is not only basic to the quality of life but also vastly cheaper in terms of taxation and social services.


Homosexual slang for male sex pervert. Such euphemisms are intended to hide disgusting behaviour behind an attractive label. In fact, less than 4 per cent of people are actively homosexual; and while some of these may exhibit ‘gaiety’ now and then most are notoriously neurotic and dismal specimens.

In any dialogue where someone uses the word ‘gay’ in this way, one should always insist on the term ‘sex pervert’ or ‘sodomist’ until the neutral word ‘homosexual’ is substituted.


Campaign likely to exterminate a particular race, either by direct attack or by multi-racial policies which can only disadvantage that particular racial group and lead to its ultimate subjugation by others. In a world where the white race is vastly outnumbered, ‘multi-racialism’ is a plainly genocidal policy for white people.


The role of women is to complement men and not to compete with them. Sadly, when men cease to be men, some women are apt to assume male roles, however inadequately. Feminist policies have no place in a wholesome society and pose a real threat to womankind and children. No man worthy of the name should accept a subordinate role to a woman in those occupations obviously better engaged in by men than women; for example, heavy industry, the police, the armed forces and top business management.

There will always be some women unsuited to marriage and motherhood for one reason or another, and these can of course seek fulfilment in other ways. But those women besotted with gender issues are driven not by concern for natural justice but by private resentments arising from childhood traumas or unhappy personal experiences with men (see RP Syndrome).


Term of derision for those given to egalitarian claptrap.

'Human Rights'

A fashionable liberal term to describe what, at root, amounts to anarchy. There are no rights without commensurate responsibilities; and in any event so-called ‘human rights’ are never more than social or political conventions. Even the child's right to care and protection carries the responsibility to care for its parents when they become frail and dependent. Rights and duties are therefore indivisible sides of the moral coinage.

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