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    A sample from the 'Politically Aware Vocabulary' series    


Another liberal buzz-word, denoting the presumed ‘totality’ of humankind and indiscriminate concern for any creature recognisably humanoid. No one ever did anything for ‘humanity’; and it can be taken as an infallible sign of political and religious humbug that those who profess an all-embracing concern for ‘humanity’ are the worst enemies of its best representatives.


An attempt to gain uncritical acceptance of some concept or ideology. It takes more or less subtle forms depending on the nature of the message and the calibre of people exposed to it. Examples are legion in the content of party-political and religious tracts and mass media. Most ‘soap-operas’ today artfully insinuate multi-racial, feminist and homosexual indoctrination into their plots and casting, defending such tendentious tactics as ‘social realism’.


If something is an integral part of something else, then the latter could not exist without it; thus the yolk is integral to the egg as the egg is integral to the omelette. But the notion that Negroes and Asians can ever become ‘integral’ to British society is therefore patently absurd, since their departure would in no way diminish or damage that society. Such people may adopt the superficial attributes of the British native for reasons of social convenience; but they remain at best only passengers in a culture that is not their own. The so-called ‘black Englishman’, for example, is a complete oxymoron.


We should rejoice in our intolerance of invaders, renegades, traitors, parasites, perverts, criminals and other obvious threats to the health, happiness, prosperity and security of our kinfolk and country. When we cease to be intolerant of such people we also cease to be decent and loyal citizens of our homeland.


Supposedly the whole purpose and soul of the law. In practice the disparity between justice and law is all too apparent to those who emerge from complex, obfuscatory and expensive litigation with a manifestly unjust verdict.

Legislation is the instrument of political ideology, and when that ideology is fundamentally misconceived or corrupt we all have a duty to avoid it, frustrate it and finally eradicate it in the best interests of our kinfolk and country.

Under a corrupt regime, what is the virtue of being law-abiding?


Refers to an ideological rag-bag of egalitarian, multi-racial, effeminate, welfare-mongering doctrines and their supporters. Liberalism is the church of self-righteousness, the sanctuary of traitors and the philosophy of fools. It is analogous to the AIDS virus in destroying the immunity of the body politic to self-destructive policies.


There is no honour without loyalty, and loyalty to the nationalist cause is simply an extension of loyalty to one's kith and kin. It is a commitment of heart as well as mind, and therefore soars above petty conformity and political dog-fighting. The real test of loyalty is seen in the extent to which individuals are prepared to sacrifice self-interest in pursuit of an ideal or adherence to a cause. One thing is therefore clear enough: the loyalty that costs nothing is worth nothing.


This is the prerogative of naturally superior individuals and races, and is the cutting-edge of human evolution. Our main business as nationalists is to nurture and support the natural elite of our race, and to enlist in our ranks the kind of individuals most sensible parents would prefer as role-models for their children. To paraphrase Shakespeare, some are born leaders, some achieve leadership and others have leadership thrust upon them; which is to say that leadership is a compound of natural aptitude, motivation and favourable circumstance. But motivation is the dynamo of all achievement in the field of leadership.


A liberal euphemism for multi-racial. To the extent that a society is ‘multi-cultural’/multi-racial it ceases to be a society in any meaningful or worthwhile sense. We are nevertheless told that British society is ‘enriched’ by the presence of other races and their so-called ‘cultures’; a contention which is impossible to justify on the evidence so far available. It takes rather more than curry parlours, dreadlocks, outlandish garments and primitive dancing to make a ‘culture’. And since when did our native European culture, at the crown of human achievement, need ‘enriching’ by the world's least successful peoples?


Psychiatric term for a sexual perversion which derives gratification from personal punishment and humiliation. A common affliction among liberal sophisticates (many of them homosexual), who seek to expiate their guilt-feelings by promoting national and racial surrender and humiliation.


Attempts to deny or ignore self-evident differences between the races regardless of the evidence from genetics, evolution, history, anthropology and everyday experience. It asks you to believe that the most successful race can remain so and even be improved by mixture with manifestly less successful races. They may as well contend that mixing the well water of primitive tribes with vintage wine will produce a beverage for connoisseurs!

‘Male Chauvinist’

Feminist term of abuse for any man worthy of the name.


A synonym for ‘democracy’. It is a fundamental contradiction in terms because application of this principle always results in an unruly state of affairs.

The only sensible form of government is by the natural élite of the race (not to be confused with the arbitrary ‘ennoblement’ of unworthy individuals by an effete and corrupt establishment).


Inter-racial breeding. Popular with ethnic aliens as a way of insinuating themselves into white society, and also practiced by degenerate and sexually perverse/desperate Whites. As a tactic of ‘integration’ it is an obvious failure; it merely debases the white partner without improving the coloured partner's status or acceptability at all.

‘Multi-Racial Society’

Another contradiction in terms; to the extent that if it is multi-racial it cannot be a society.

‘Media Mafia’

Useful and fairly accurate label for those abusing their power and influence in the mass media to debase British nationhood and values by means of censorship, tendentious propaganda and heavily biased patronage.


Unwitting deception by those responsible for providing relevant, accurate and timely information. Attributable to personal ignorance and incompetence rather than perfidy or self-interest. (see ‘Disinformation’ and ‘Propaganda’).


Meaning at worst the mental ‘blinkers’ in the form of bias, bigotry, self-interest, ideology or plain ignorance which limit or distort an individual's perception of the real world. Mostly unconscious, it tends to make us see only what we want to see and to interpret events according to our preconceptions. There are, of course, circumstances where a particular mind-set is entirely sensible and appropriate, e.g. team-work, military discipline, respect for the law, health and safety precautions, basic morality, loyalty and so on.

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