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    A sample from the 'Politically Aware Vocabulary' series    

'Race Relations Industry'

Derisive term for the motley of renegade politicians, academics, aliens, media people, etc. involved in promoting multi-racialism. While this 'industry' succeeds, of course, all others fail.


Liberal term of abuse for the natural and altogether wholesome preference for people of one's own race. At bottom what is called 'racism' is neither ideology nor ignorant prejudice, but an ineradicable fact of human nature. The 'ism' suffix is therefore a deliberate but ultimately futile attempt to misrepresent this implacable fact as a mere matter of opinion or personal prejudice which can be corrected by 'education' (meaning indoctrination). As a social phenomenon 'racism' should be seen as an integral part of a nation's immune system, protecting it against potentially fatal infections by alien invaders. And on the same analogy, multi-racists perform the role of the AIDS virus in helping to destroy national immunity against alien invasions.

So if it is wrong to protect our nation from such invasions, it is also wrong for the healthy to resist disease.


The Marxists' term for anyone resisting the imposition of their own ideology. It implies that all other viewpoints have no intrinsic merit but only a greater or lesser capacity to impede the 'inevitability' of Marxist 'progress'. Of course, to the man at the North Pole everyone else is a Southerner; but where else can a man go?


An opportunity to vote for or against a specific policy or measure instead of a political party. The use of referenda is becoming not only essential but also much more practical in an era where the party-political system no longer reflects or implements the will of the British people on fundamental issues like immigration, Euro-federalism, media pornography, basic education, crime and punishment, law and order, social priorities etc.

Computer technology today makes the process of conducting referenda very rapid, easy and economical.

The Establishment, and in particular the 'Westminster Club', naturally regard the whole idea of the referendum as abhorrent; knowing that the results of referenda on such basic issues would overwhelmingly reject its own policies and impositions. We are therefore repeatedly told by 'constitutional experts' that the referendum is 'inappropriate' and unnecessary in our Parliamentary democracy. Well they would, wouldn't they?

However, a point of warning is that, when forced to conduct a referendum, the Establishment will seek to phrase the questions in such a way as to fudge the basic issues and get the result it wants; so that the wording of the questions is all-important.


A term properly restricted to those who challenge the versions of history purveyed by so-called 'court' historians (those with privileged status within the present Establishment). The genuinely 'revisionist' historian is concerned to present the real evidence of the case, and is not interested in telling the Establishment or the general public what they would prefer to believe. The very fact, for example, that we never get to hear or read what Germans have to say about modern history is enough to cast serious doubt on all 'histories' produced by Jewish and other anti-German writers. Had Germany won the war, the history books would, of course, be entirely different.

The 'Holocaust' myth is a classic example of pseudo-history; its fragility proved by the extreme reluctance of public figures to express any doubts on the subject, the vicious hostility of the Jewish lobby towards anyone daring to question the 'evidence' and the rigid censorship of 'revisionist' historians by the mass media and major publishers.


Anyone disloyal to racial kith and kin and to the security and future of the nation-state and homeland. The term therefore applies in particular to those advocating or supporting the surrender of national territory, or absorption of the nation-state into some supra-national entity like a federal Europe, or subordination of Britain's government to international agencies like the United Nations; those actively promoting or implementing multi-racialism; or those who passively co-operate with the people and policies involved in such activities.

Under a nationalist government those in the first two categories should incur the loss of citizenship as the most appropriate penalty, while those in the third category would not occupy senior positions in society.


The programme of returning coloured immigrants to their ancestral homelands within a period not exceeding 15 years of a nationalist government taking office.

Resettlement grants should be funded from the former 'Overseas Aid' budget, and the programmes should operate on a 'last in, first out' basis. In the meantime, there should be positive discrimination in favour of native British people in respect of housing, employment, education, taxation and social services. The programme should be conducted with all those British qualities of fairness, justice and generosity which attracted the immigrants here in the place; immigration is, after all, the sincerest form of international flattery.

Reverse Stereotype

Refers to the mass media practice whereby Negroes and Asians are cast in roles that they are unlikely to occupy in the real world. The aim is to protect their self-esteem and to persuade white people that racial differences are only skin-deep. Thus Negroes are now commonly cast in the roles of judges, scientists, police chiefs, admirals, academics, executives, tycoons etc., where they are shown rescuing white people from ignorance and incompetence and demonstrating their own superior attributes. These media fantasies provide a kind of social safety-valve for alien malcontents; but the effect is short-lived, as the aliens are daily reminded of their inability to compete in the White Man's world.

RPI Syndrome

Rationalised Personal inferiority (RPI) is a neurotic condition in which the individual is constantly fabricating spurious 'reasons' for his/her inferiority or failure. This attempt to protect a fragile self-esteem is associated with a tendency to project the blame onto other people or 'the system' or whatever.

It is characteristic of such people to make common cause with others exhibiting the same syndrome, such as 'under-privileged' immigrants, feminists and homosexuals. The condition is extremely widespread and therefore readily exploited by demagogues, unscrupulous lawyers and others in the grievance industry.


What passes for Christianity in this country today can only be described as superstitious sociology; a bland doctrine of welfare-mongering with guilt, humility and self-abasement as its cardinal principles. We can only have contempt for a Church which, in the name of Christianity, facilitates the Islamic occupation of whole neighbourhoods, condones homosexuality, promotes multi-racialism and will forgive everything.

Our race is our religion, and the nation is our church.

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