Agents of Destruction and Chaos    
    Ian Buckley on Blair and Bush: 'Champions of peace, humanity and democracy'    

The opposition media often equate nationalism with war, violence or brutality. "Skinheads who like a touch of aggro" is the usual designation. But I think, in order to evaluate this claim, we should first take a brief look at the handiwork of the globalists and liberals.

The American-based mass media glamourised the first armoured push into Baghdad as the 'Thunder Run'. The consequences were reported by Ed Vulliamy:-

'They were firing at anything that moved for three days. I myself helped get 30 bodies into the supermarket - what a smell they made! Across from Majul's now re-opened stall are two bus shelters, on either side of the road, now riddled with heavy-calibre fire. Majul saw what happened: "There was a military car, and the soldiers ran into that far shelter. The Americans shot that one up. But then a bus came down the road, and the people ran off it to hide in the other bus shelter - and they fired at that one, too. I could hear people screaming as they died, even with the noise of the guns.'

Besides being a vivid demonstration in blood and fire of what the limitless malice and ambition of the 'neo-con' segment of Washington really means, such horrific events are an utter contrast with the benign nationalist concept of armed neutrality.

Unwinnable war

Since then, both American and British forces have become involved in an unwinnable guerrilla war, sustaining fairly heavy casualties, the full extent of which may be concealed from us. In addition, huge bombs have devastated the UN headquarters in Baghdad and a Muslim shrine in Nahaf. Regarding the latter attack, perhaps one should ask just who benefits - cui bono? - from setting Muslim factions at each ether's throats.

Maybe it has no bearing on present-day events, but in the early 1950s the Israeli Palmach organisation set off three bombs in Iraq, aimed at terrorising the Jewish community into leaving for Israel, These were initially blamed on - yes, you've guessed it - "extremist Arab nationalists."

Blair was warned beforehand of all the likely consequences of attacking Iraq, but chose instead to witter on about 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' which never existed outside the confines of his own peculiar mind, just as he now, a little later, rants endlessly about 'terrorism.'

But in the context of Iraq and the Middle East, most of what is termed 'terrorism' is in fact counter-terrorism. But there is one extra salient fact that's always ignored in all the idle chatter from the media about terrorism. Perhaps few commentators are even aware of the matter, but the terrorism which has bedevilled the Western World for half a century has an unusual specific origin.

For, in accordance with Churchill's instructions to the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to "set Europe ablaze," most of the organisational methods, techniques and technology now used by terrorist groups were pioneered by Britain in the 1940s. So, we can see that, in addition to their more obvious Israel-first attitudes, Bush and Blair are well and truly hoist with their own petard!

But to counter the problem that their own governments have created, the ordinary citizens of Britain and America must put up with more and more erosion of civil liberties, all under the false guise of 'fighting terrorism'. In Britain, serious suggestions have been mooted that all children should be issued with computerised IDs, and that DNA material should be taken in order to establish a complete database.

An American friend recently commented to me that in her opinion the `Israelisation' of the United States was well under way. The FBI now takes an interest even in what library books are taken out by readers, as well as the e-mails of those Americans who are unconvinced of the need to spend $87 billion or more on futile and bloody military involvement. That amount is, by the way, on top of the $78 billion already spent on the war against Iraq. Meanwhile, the US itself increasingly descends into the twilight world of economic stagnation, rampant crime and decaying infrastructure, a fate our own country shares.

Where the real power lies

As the 'leader' responsible for chaos and oppression on a grand scale, George W. Bush is pretty unconvincing - on first impressions no more than a semi-catatonic figure with an ape-like gait. Surely the real power now inheres in the likes of Richard Perle, rumoured by some to be Mossad's agent-in-chief in the United States - and beyond him with the media lords and heads of the armament corporations.

In our own country, is it too fanciful to imagine that the money given by Levy & Co. has transmuted into the spilled blood of British soldiers in Iraq? Perhaps. New Labour has accumulated a great deal of cash from its new associations, but wasn't it Balzac who said that behind every great fortune was a crime?

In any case, our warnings have surely come to pass. I ask you, who really are the dangerous nutters "up for a bit of aggro?" Au contraire, if any criticism could be levelled at nationalists it must be surely be that we have not been aggressive enough in refuting the tide of lies directed against us. Let us instead oppose this monstrous government by any legal means at our disposal. As a first step, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one: buying cigarettes, alcohol or lottery tickets deprives them of revenue that could be used for unworthy causes at home or abroad.

Beyond that is a whole field of non-violent civil disobedience. I, for one, would not disparage Gandhi or Mandela, but rather seek to learn from them what we can take and use in a last defence of our people and our heritage. Likewise, the power of the boycott has been well demonstrated, and all that prevents us from using such a weapon is a lack of cohesion. But all of this is along the lines of thinking aloud - while thinking is still permitted - of what we might have to face as the government becomes more and more frightened of its disillusioned people.

Manipulating the system

None of us likes the money-worshipping system that has eclipsed the worthy traditional values of honour and loyalty, but we must learn to fight from within, to manipulate that system to our own advantage. When faced with duplicity and lies on a massive scale - as demonstrated by 'our betters' in Westminister day in and day out - any trace of nobility or honour seems at times to be akin to fighting blindfold with one hand tied behind your back. But truth will out in the end.

One pleasing recent item of news was the crescendo of prolonged jeering and booing which greeted Blair's arrival at the Braemar Highland Games, causing his premature departure from that event. Such actions would have been previously unthinkable at such a socially conservative event. One eye-witness said: "The booing was coming from all around. I did not get the impression it was just a handful of people. It was a real groundswell of opinion."

Listen to that groundswell, Mr Blair. It is telling you and your masters that we have had enough of you. The Iraqi 'war' - which was never a real war but instead a successful attempt to destroy and neutralise that nation vis-à-vis Israel - has opened our eyes at last. It is all worthwhile if it leads to the downfall of the New World Order.

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