Exposing the Real Racists    
    Edgar Johnston, PhD. reviews an important new book    

Jewish Supremacism by David Duke. Published by Free Speech Press, 2003 and available from Spearhead Books at £18.00.

In 1905, a new book was catalogued in the British Library. Its title was The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and it claimed to be the secret minutes of Jewish élitists who planned to dominate the world. Most authorities now view The Protocols of Zion as an elaborate forgery concocted by agents of the Russian Czar.

Over the last century since the book's release, thousands of other books have been written on what is called the 'Jewish Question'. The vast majority of them defend the Jewish people from the forces of 'Anti-Semitism', yet still the best selling book on the Jews since 1905 has been The Protocols, which has been published in most of the world's languages. According to prominent Jewish leaders in Russia, the popularity of 'The Protocols' has now been eclipsed by a new book titled Jewish Supremacism. Unlike The Protocols, this book is no forgery, for its author is proud of his work. He is the controversial American politician David Duke, a former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Jewish leaders are extremely fearful of this book. I can illustrate the cause of their concern by giving an example of David Duke's technique in exposing what he calls Jewish supremacism.

If any prominent political person in the Western World publicly announced that Jews are frequently disloyal to nations where they live and that they view Gentiles as racially inferior, he would face excoriation as an 'anti-Semite'. Probably, he would be driven from office. Duke has no need to make such claims, for he simply quotes very prominent and powerful Jews who make his point for him.

From the Horse's Mouth

In the first few pages of Jewish Supremacism, Duke quotes Dr. Richard Steinlight, a former head of National Affairs for the largest Jewish organisation in the United States. Here is the quotation taken from a 2001 magazine article written by Dr. Steinlight:-

'I'll confess it at least, like thousands of other typical kids of my generation I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months of ten formative years... I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colours, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language... and was taught the superiority of my people to the 'Gentiles' who oppressed us.

'We were taught to view non-Jews as... people less sensitive, intelligent and moral than ourselves.'

This method of quoting major Jewish figures and sources is used hundreds of times in Duke's book to advance his thesis that there is a powerful Jewish supremacist element in Judaism and Zionism that threatens not only the freedom of the Palestinian people but all nations, including the United States.

Duke also uses direct quotes from the Talmud and other major Jewish sources, such as the Jewish Encyclopedia to expose a long-standing cadre of hateful, anti-Gentile Jewish supremacists. Shocking quotes are displayed from major Jewish magazines that boast of a Jewish supremacy over the media and politics of the United States. He finds disturbing and hateful words from Jewish leaders, such as Ariel Sharon, which openly support genocide, and he reveals quotations from Israeli leaders who equate Zionism and Nazism. Of course, he also cites many prominent Gentiles of historical and contemporary times, but the Jewish quotations and sources have the greatest power. Frankly, they are so convincing that Jewish leaders have sought to get the book banned in many nations.

Interestingly, Jewish Supremacism was published first in Russia, the same nation that gave birth to The Protocols of Zion. In 2000 it quickly became a best seller throughout the entirety of the former Eastern bloc. It even sells briskly in the corridors of the Russian Duma (Parliament) and has prompted Levinsky, Goldman and other leading Jews to seek its ban under old Soviet laws forbidding 'anti-Semitism'.

In the Autumn of 2000, Levinsky and others filed a formal complaint to the Russian Prosecutor General and asked for the book to be classified as anti-Semitic and thus illegal. After a year of close examination (they painstakingly verified all 669 of the documentations), the Russian Government shocked the Jewish community by officially declaring that the book is not anti-Semitic. Jewish members of the Duma then introduced new legislation aimed at outlawing Jewish Supremacism, but it failed by a few votes.

Since then, the book has been sold in thousands of street corners across the breadth of the Russian Federation and has now topped an incredible 500,000 in print.

Translated into most of the Eastern European languages, the book has won Duke many academic awards for its scholarship, including an honorary Doctorate awarded by President's University, the second largest university in the nation of Ukraine.

Subsequently the university itself published a best-selling Ukrainian edition. In May of 2003, Free Speech Press published the English version of Jewish Supremacism, accompanied by a storm of interest and controversy. Jewish leaders are horrified that it is well on its way to becoming the best-read book in the world on Zionism.

Smears Backfired

Although Zionist organisations have tried to use Duke's media characterisation as a 'white supremacist' to discredit his book, so far their exploitation of his early-life involvement in a KKK group has only backfired by making the book and its author more newsworthy. Attacks by the ADL and other pro-Zionist groups have led to sensationalist news coverage, causing even greater interest and confounding those who desperately wanted Duke's book to die a quiet death.

David Duke decries the label of white supremacist and says that while he certainly desires the preservation of his own heritage he seeks no supremacy over others. He maintains that those who scream most hatefully against him are themselves guilty of the most extreme and powerful supremacism on earth: Jewish supremacism.

When Duke lectured in some Persian Gulf nations last year, Zionist leaders attempted to undercut his support by allegations of 'racism'. Those organised efforts had little affect on the overflow, mixed-race audiences that cheered almost his every word. As a former university professor and a writer who has lectured occasionally on behalf of the people of Palestine, I approached David Duke's book out of a curiosity elicited by the intense Zionist efforts to suppress it. Actually, I had readily accepted the negative portrayals of him I had read in the Jewish press, but I wanted to see what all the commotion was about. Why were they so anxious to ban this book and slander its author? To my great surprise I discovered a most amazing book!

David Duke stated that he had set out with the ambitious goal of writing the most powerful exposé of Zionism ever put into print. With extreme scepticism of his ability to accomplish such a lofty goal, I began to read. Three days later, as I turned the last page, I knew that he had accomplished more than he dreamed. Rather than just assembling his facts in a dry textbook fashion, David Duke presents his thesis in the first person. It is the personal narrative of a thoughtful and enlightened young man who is sympathetic to Zionism, but is awakened to its supremacist core that not only threatens the Palestinians but his own beloved European-Americans as well. I could not find even a trace of hatred, intemperance or true anti-Semitism in this book. However, by extensive quoting of important Jewish leaders and Zionist source materials, Duke exposes a deep well of Jewish supremacist hatred against Gentiles. He points out that one is unfairly labelled an 'anti-Semite' simply for exposing the hateful pronouncements of Jewish supremacists.

Absolves some Jews

The book is clearly not anti-Semitic. Duke goes at length to point out that not all Jews are supremacists, and that the supremacists not only endanger the Gentile world but threaten innocent Jews by exposing them to an inevitably hostile Gentile reaction. The book is in fact dedicated to the late Dr. Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor and Israeli peace activist whose life was dedicated to saving both Jews and Gentiles from the dangers of 'Jewish supremacism'. David Duke cleverly turns the term 'anti-Semitic' on its head by quoting columnist Joseph Sobran's remark that the 'anti-Semite' is no longer someone who dislikes Jews; he is now simply a person whom the Jews don't like.

Jewish Supremacism begins with David Duke's first great epiphany on the Jewish question: his learning that the Russian Revolution wasn't Russian but overwhelmingly Jewish. Using powerful documentary evidence, he shows that the Bolshevik Revolution was actually financed and led by Jews who had their own agenda against the Czar. He quotes from familiar and impeccable sources such as Winston Churchill, the dispatches of the American ambassador to Russia, the chief of British Intelligence and copious Jewish sources. For instance, he quotes a report from the National Archives of the United States showing that of the 384 members of the first Bolshevik government, there were more than 300 Jews and only 13 ethnic Russians.

How could such an enormous fact of history be hidden? Duke asks. His rhetorical question is answered throughout the rest of this book by giving the clear evidence of the tremendous power exercised by Jewish supremacists in government, media and the academic establishment. Not only has the pre-eminent Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution and its Gulags been quietly suppressed, but also even the very existence of Jewish supremacism has been kept from public awareness. One can freely discuss the evils of white supremacism, but if one dares to expose Jewish supremacism, one will assuredly be labelled an 'anti-Semite', the ultimate term of opprobrium in modern society. In very effective arguments, Duke points out that one is not called 'anti-Christian' for exposing the excesses of the Inquisition or 'anti-Muslim' for opposing the intolerance of some extremist Moslem sects. But dare simply to quote the hateful statements of important leaders of Judaism and Zionism, and in many countries one could well wind up in prison for 'hate speech'.

One of the fascinating themes to which David Duke repeatedly turns is the easily documented Jewish supremacist strategy of fostering extreme chauvinism among their own people while at the same time working to break down the group loyalty of the Gentiles among whom they live. Jewish leaders have long made clear that Jewish communities often have agendas that conflict with their Gentile hosts. Duke describes the struggle over those agendas as similar to the contest of two football teams. One team cultivates an extreme group loyalty through a chronic recital of Gentile persecution and an accompanying 'chosen-people' supremacist vision. The other is instilled with guilt and the idea that teamwork is immoral. The main Jewish holidays are dominated by the recounting of Gentile persecutions, and the Holocaust has now achieved almost a religious significance in Jewish life. Duke quotes many Jewish leaders proclaiming Jewish superiority and the need for the race to preserve its racial genotype. Even today, Israel will grant instant citizenship to an atheist Jew from New York, but forbids Palestinians who were born in Israel to return. Israel also forbids marriages between Jews and Gentiles.

While Jewish supremacists have these supremacist policies for their own people, they relentlessly work to break down the immigration laws of other nations. While they preach multi-culturalism and diversity for almost every other country in which they dwell, they themselves support and expect Americans to support a Zionist State, dedicated exclusively to the Jewish people, religion and culture.

Influence on media and government

In chapters on Jewish influence over the American mass media and government, Duke offers extensive documentation that exceeds almost anyone's suspicions. Major Jewish sources are quoted which boast of their takeover and control of Hollywood, the news media and the most sensitive part of the Government of the United States. For instance, Duke quotes a major Israeli newspaper bragging about the fact that Jews loyal to Israel make up seven out of the eleven members of the secretive and sensitive National Security Council (NSC). The article goes on to assert that "America no longer has a government of Goyim" (Gentiles). Duke also quotes many US presidents and high government officials who have dared to speak out about the Jewish supremacy over the establishment. After thoroughly documenting Jewish supremacy in government and media, he shows how their media power is used to stifle public knowledge and understanding of this critical issue. Any legitimate criticism of Jewish Supremacism is labelled 'anti-Semitism', and the Jewish supremacists almost exclusively define that term.

In particularly interesting passages, Duke recounts how that when he looked up the term 'anti-Semitism' in some popular encyclopaedias, he found that the articles and recommended reading lists were authored entirely by Jewish zealots! In every conflict with Gentiles, Jews are always portrayed as completely innocent while Gentiles are portrayed as totally evil. Duke suggests that the chronic portrayal of Gentiles as inherently evil toward Jews is for Gentiles the equivalent of 'blood libel' for Jews.

Duke makes a compelling case that the nation of Israel is the doctrine of Jewish supremacism put into action. In startling documentary evidence from Israel, he shows that some of the early Zionist founders of the country readily co-operated with Nazi Germany, praised Nazi policies and claimed that their own ideology was similar. He also quotes major Jewish figures in Israel who have had the courage to condemn Israel's Nuremberg style racial laws, such as former Israeli Supreme Court member Haim Cohen, thus:-

'The bitter irony of fate, which has led the same biological and racist laws propagated by the Nazis and which inspired the infamous Nuremberg laws to serve as a basis of Judaism within the state of Israel.'

With these kinds of powerful quotes, it is no wonder that Zionists around the world are extremely fearful of this book.

On Israeli Terror

Americans will find the last chapter on Israel of particular interest. Duke unveils the long Israeli record of terrorism. He documents the horrendous terror waged against the Palestinians; he also exposes Israel's long record of terrorism and treachery against its greatest benefactor, the United States! From major Jewish sources, he recounts the Israeli terrorist attacks against America in the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents set off bombs in American installations in Egypt in a treacherous attempt to provoke America into war against that nation. Duke presents copious evidence exposing the deliberate, murderous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in which 34 Americans were killed and 172 grievously wounded. The terrible damage inflicted on the United States by Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is also recounted.

Jewish supremacy in the American media and government has suppressed any outcry against Israel's treachery. The Jewish supremacists have even been able to prevent a formal Congressional investigation into the attack on the USS Liberty. Duke makes the powerful point that millions of dollars of American aid continue to flow to Israel even after its treacherous attacks. He writes that supplying this aid is the moral equivalent of sending military aid to Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Duke also shows how the Zionist domination of American foreign policy led directly to America's 9/11 catastrophe and a whole new series of foreign policy moves that are leading to disaster. This timely book shows the Jewish supremacist power behind the Iraq War, the manipulation of the President and the American people with false information, and the horrendous damage the war has done to our economy and even our security. Duke shows how the war is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars, continues to spill the blood of our military men and certainly increases world hatred and terrorism against America.

In one of the most shocking chapters of his work, Duke reveals the damning evidence of Israeli treachery in the 9/11 attacks. He shows that a massive Israeli spy ring was uncovered and apprehended in the months before and after the attacks, and that some of the Mossad agents had actually monitored the hijackers, including the leader Mohammed Atta (five Israeli agents lived on his street). Warning messages of the impending attacks were sent to Israeli firms with offices both in Israel and the World Trade Centre. A group of Mossad agents was arrested on 9/11 after they were found to have been filming and cheering the attacks while they occurred. After they had been held for a few months, Zionist Michael Chertoff of the US Department of Justice released all the members of the Israeli spy ring and allowed them to return to Israel - out of the reach of Congressional 9/11 investigators.

It is impossible to give the reader more than a glance into the depth and power of this incredible book. Practically every paragraph is a revelation. There is so much more that I could write about: detailing how the Holocaust has cynically been used as a Zionist tool in heightening Jewish solidarity and deflating criticism of Zionism and Israel; how Jewish supremacists have used immigration as a weapon of conquest, not only in Palestine but in the Western World as well. I was fascinated by Duke's expose of Sigmund Freud as a secret Jewish supremacist who thought of himself as a Hannibal destroying the foundations of the Christian church and the European family as Hannibal had sacked Rome. I could go on and on, but I will leave these discoveries to you when you read this amazing book.

After I completed the book, I wanted to find out if it had the same affect on others as it had on me. I gave it to two long-time friends at the university where I taught for 11 years. One has conservative leanings; the other is decidedly liberal; and I would describe both of them as sympathetic to Israel. Both were so fascinated that they could hardly put the book down, and one became so engrossed that he missed his regular two o'clock class. They both agreed that Duke's book is one of the best-argued that they have ever read, and used the identical term of 'amazing' to describe it. My conservative friend commented that many quotations were so shocking that he began to check out the references and found them all to be accurate. "Hell" he said, "If only half the documents Duke cites are authentic, there is enough evidence here to start a revolution."

Persecution of Author

Throughout history, books that have challenged the power structure or the prevailing world-view have frequently led to the persecution of their authors. That is true of Duke as well. In the past two years since the Russian release of his book, he has been the target of intense government investigation and scrutiny. As he was finishing his English edition, he toured the Middle East and appeared on the Al-Jazeera satellite network. Newsweek magazine in November of 2002 revealed that the US State Department tried to prevent his appearance. Within 30 days of the Government's illegal attempt to violate this US citizen's free speech rights, the US Department of Justice decided to prosecute Duke on tax and financial matters.

The official who authorised the prosecution was none other than Michael Chertoff, the same Zionist who had earlier set free the Israeli spy ring which cheered the 9/11 attacks. These Mossad agents were allowed to return to Israel, outside the reach of congressional 9/11 investigators. After reading his book, you will certainly understand why Duke has been persecuted by the Zionists in the US Government and why they seek to ban this book. His imprisonment is testimony to the power of the book!

Perhaps the best way I can describe the reaction to David Duke's book is to use George Bush's infamous Iraq War terminology, "shock and awe." No reader of Jewish Supremacism can digest this book without being shocked by the powerful and convincing quotations and documents he assembles, and awed by his masterful writing skills in putting it all together in a fascinating, logical and well-organised literary masterpiece that will forever change your view of the world. David Duke achieved his goal of writing the most powerful exposure of Zionism ever written. But I think he has done far more than that; I think he has created the very instrument that will topple Jewish supremacism. This is more than a book; it is a path to liberation!

The more rapidly this book is spread around the world, the faster that the Palestinians, and all the rest of us, will be set free!

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