Muslim Militancy, Western Cowardice    
    Anthony Milne discusses the liberal surrender to the alien invaders    

The recent paranoia about an imminent Muslim terrorist attack on Britain ought to be put into perspective. Middle Eastern politics, especially after the Bush/Blair invasion of Iraq, has stirred up the Islamic community in Europe, especially in France.

But many critics are right to say that the coalition occupation of Iraq is merely an excuse for anti-western extremism. Atrocities have been committed by deranged and hate-filled Muslim fanatics for decades. It was the Muslims who first saw the West as their enemy, not the other way round. Western politicians are only to blame for stupidly letting them into their territories to carry out acts of violence. The September 11 attacks were committed by jihad fanatics who were already legally resident in America.

Muslims in fact have no need to commit acts of violence against the West because they are getting everything they want, and more, simply by invading Europe en masse. If it's the good life they want they are making sure they get it. Virtually all their cultural and residential demands are - and even many of their political ones have already been - met. When it comes to imperialism and occupation we should make sure we are not talking about the tail wagging the dog.

Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints, a book now banned in most of Europe, is coming true with a vengeance. Not only is the West being destroyed by its guilt-ridden neo-Marxists in the media and universities, it is being eaten away from within by its ever-growing and increasingly influential Islamic community.

Some 16 million Muslims of various nationalities have now entered something like 30 European countries in the last 30 years. Asians in general have a higher profile amongst the ethnic minorities in Britain, but it is the Muslims who have set up more 'councils', places of worship and pressure groups than other Asians or minorities. And the Asian Muslims, although differing in culture and in their interpretation of Islam, have the tacit support of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of other Middle-Eastern Muslims living in this country.


Not only do the Muslims mean to stay in Europe, but they hope to use every legal, constitutional, political and even coercive method to try to Islamicise Europe. Those who say that the Muslims are just ordinary, law-abiding 'British' citizens should explain why they don't march or protest about what the fanatics in their midst are doing to ruin their reputation. The British Government has totally failed to understand how mendacious are organisations like Interpal, a principal source of funds for Hamas, based in London. Groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al-Muhajiroun, which support suicide bombings and call for Jews and Christians to be killed, are allowed to whip up hatred and violence against the West.

Naïve special pleading by the media for 'British' Muslims to help the authorities by identifying potential extremists in their midst is pointless, because they don't follow this up with any effective action. Even those who do complain about the clerics who have hijacked mosques up and down the country to incite young Muslims to hate the West know that few of them are ever brought to book. Perhaps this is why the 'ordinary' Muslims don't bother complaining about Islamic extremism: they know they won't get anywhere doing so.

Faced with the criticism that the Government is not doing enough to protect this country from terrorist attacks, David Blunkett says that 'good intelligence' is all that is needed. This is a hopelessly complacent attitude. What is the point of such intelligence if the country has lost control of its borders so that it doesn't have a clue about who is entering or leaving? When the police talk about the 'enemy within', we wonder in whose interests it is to allow them to become the 'enemy within'.

When illegal immigrants are simply allowed to disappear into the woodwork by the tens of thousands each year - a high percentage of them from Muslim Pakistan, Central Asia and the Middle East - how can they be detected? If we had better immigration controls, the hapless police, intelligence services and anti-terrorist officers would not have to do so much pointless, dangerous and humiliating work - rather like searching for an armed burglar hiding in your house who came in through the open front door!

We learn that hundreds of Islamic Asians have been arrested under section 41 of the Terrorism Act of 2000. All of them either had explosives in their British homes, had items connected with terrorism or were defrauding banks of large sums to fund terrorism - and all in our own back-yard! Arrests were made as far afield as London, Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Blackburn, Walsall, Gloucester (of all places), Dudley, Luton and Eastbourne.

In the meantime, the Muslim veil, hijab and headscarf have become explosive issues in both France and Germany, with Germany taking the tougher line by banning the wearing of the latter from German schools. In Britain more women than ever are donning the hijab, and the same applies to Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Irrelevant political battles

Many in the West are cretinously fighting left-right battles that the Muslims couldn't care less about. The liberal rightists in France abhor state interference, and so believe in letting Muslims wear their head-scarves. The left-wingers see the campaign to ban the head-scarf as a manifestation of old-fashioned 'racism', which is naturally taken advantage of by Muslim academics and radicals in Europe, who view all this pointless argument as another sign of cultural weakness and incoherence to be exploited to the full.

Some intellectuals say that the French authorities don't believe in the 'multiple-identity' approach: everyone is simply 'French', regardless of origins. Britain is in a strange half-way house: 'multi-culturalism' alongside the 'we-are-all-British' approach. The result is utter racial and cultural chaos. Clearly, as anyone in Britain is allowed to wear their native garb, with even the British police taking to wearing Moslem dress and turbans, we make it doubly worse for ourselves, with the left-liberals foolishly undermining their own 'anti-racist' message in the process.

The Muslims can't believe their luck with all this identity confusion. For example, many schools in France are now stripping out their Christian religious icons and symbols in an attempt to appease the foreigners. The same is about to happen here. In fact Muslims have more of a whip hand here than in any other European country. Many Asians have succeeded in getting Christmas cards featuring Nativity scenes banned from offices - by claiming that they would cause offence to non-Christian workers! Under new CRE-inspired equality laws, workers who object to Christmas decorations on the grounds that they are contrary to their religion can take court action against employers if the decorations are not removed!

And at the slightest hint of any unfavourable remark made about immigration in general at the work-place, or even suspicions that they are not entirely welcomed here or liked, Muslims will not hesitate to use British lawyers to get as much 'redress' as possible. Then their spiteful recriminations are rammed down the throats of the hapless British public by naïve fresh-faced journalists who give the grievances quite unnecessary high-profile media treatment.

What makes these Muslims so cocky is the masochistic self-hatred so clearly evident in the West. When they look around Britain and see the licentiousness, the decadence and the alienation, the loss of religious belief and self respect, this is only to be expected. Muslims note the fact that the West does not even respect its own heritage and traditions, and they look at this with quiet triumphalism. Western multi-culturalism actually means a free-for-all - an absence of agreed values without any compensating rise in moral comradeship.

We, the white Christian peoples of the world, have only ourselves to blame. This is exactly what Jean Raspail said over and over in his famous book.

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