More Multi-Racial Contradictions    
    Anthony Milne explains why non-white immigration can never work    

The recent U-turn by the local authorities and public services to allow us English to describe ourselves as just that - English - on official forms is to be welcomed. They had, in the end, no alternative but to defer to the frequent complaints that, whereas the Irish could describe themselves as such, the English could only be allowed to describe themselves as 'white British', as just one racial group among many others who now live in these wretched islands.

That such a requirement should have been necessary in the first place has embarrassed even liberals. It is also a disgrace to learn that many tens of thousands of Anglo-Celts are leaving London each year - virtually forced out of their own capital city. No other white country has pursued multi-culturalism as literally as the British have; in most of Europe and America the ethnic minorities either live in separate towns or separate districts within towns; and now this is beginning to happen in Britain.

Immigration on the present scale I consider to be morally and legally wrong, and possibly an infringement of peoples' collective human rights. People are cowed; they believe they cannot fight or protest about it; they cannot get redress from the courts; and they cannot complain to the local councils who are allowing the immigrants to enter right into their suburban neighbourhoods without once asking the locals for their permission, or discussing it in any of their printed literature.

Delight at finding whites

A friend of mine who had moved to Tunbridge Wells told me with delight that all the schoolchildren in the town were white before pausing to realise the shamefulness in having to be pleased about something that should be perfectly normal everywhere in the land.

I reassured him that the minorities, although growing in number, cannot expel the ethnic British from their own homeland even if they force us out of our towns. We will simply live elsewhere, and there are still a lot of us.

The plain fact is that politicians cannot change the ethnicity, history or culture of a people even if they wanted to. The Anglo-Celts have built the towns and cities of this country, and they have sculpted the countryside. They own this country, which is named after them, and in a sense hold the deeds to it. Other nationalities may be able at the moment to live here as well, but they will never feel quite at home here. Two families cannot easily live in the same house, especially if the deeds belong to the first family to occupy it.

But all things in moderation. If it is wrong for us as a nation to launch military invasions of other countries, or to colonise or occupy them, then it is equally wrong for others to invade us, to change the character of our cities, to live side by side with us, to get us to respect and become knowledgeable about their own cultures. It is an infringement of natural justice that is universally understood, especially and ironically by the ethnic minorities themselves, who are much more aware of tribal and racial identity than we British are.

The politicians are merely public servants who are custodians of our culture. Their sole purpose in life - if they believe in the true meaning of democracy - is to carry out our wishes. It's about time they were reminded of this simple fact. Politician have no right to - and neither can they - transfer nationality from one community to another in a nation that is defined by existing ethnicity.

Change of nationality impossible

Even the ethnic minorities, in demanding their own cultural rights, such as the wearing of headscarves by their women, know that the transfer of nationality is anthropologically impossible - in the same way that alchemy is impossible. They know that back in their own countries (which are not anyway ethnic nations in the same way that European ones are) they cannot even move from one tribe to another. A Pushtun in Afghanistan for example, cannot overnight become Tadjik. How therefore can he become 'Briton'.

Further, a Protestant in England would find it far easier to convert to Catholicism than a Sunni in Iraq would in trying to convert to Shi-itism. He would very likely risk his life trying to do so. (Incidentally, in a recent poll many ethnic minorities said they could not define themselves as English because they said it sounded 'white'! At least they got that bit right!).

We, the British, have nothing to be ashamed of, and we should be more vocal about this. We have been generous and altruistic; we have done our bit in letting hundreds of thousands of immigrants live next to us. If we really were 'racist' we wouldn't have let in any at all.

But one reason to call it a day is because multi-culturalism is screwing up the immigrant classes even more than it is us. We are the Anglo-Celts; but they are just about every race and nationality you can think of. Furthermore, many of them suspect - as they are forced to rub shoulders with alien cultures and religions they would not normally have to mix with in their own countries - they have no legitimacy in this land. Just to take one example, a Pakistani, although a racial Indian, speaks a different language from an Indian. Hence he feels he cannot become an Indian. (But even Indians do not call themselves Indians, I am told.) What is now causing racial chaos is not merely the fact that some Pakistanis and some Indians seem to think they can overnight become 'Britons', but just as many of them do not think they can become Britons!

But those who do think they can become Britons have a false consciousness about what Britain is. They believe it is a kind of Sovietised or Frenchified Napoleonic republic, an idea which is insidiously feeding back to the media and their fellow-travelling 'human rights' campaigners. The 1976 Race Relations Act has partly helped push us along the French road (by disconnecting ethnicity from nationality), and it explains why our two countries have more immigrants than the others.

Many liberals tend to go along with this false idea just for the sake of an easy life. If black people can only become British by signing a form, then in the interests of equality the Anglo-Celts also have to sign the same form. Hence, once again the tail wags the dog.

But this madness doesn't apply everywhere. Even today, the Turkish minority in Germany still have difficulty in getting full German citizenship because, despite pressure from the EU, Germany still regards itself, rightly, as jus sanguinis state (where nationality is determined by ancestry).

Yet the headscarf furore in France, which is now spreading to Britain, has split the Muslim community, who don't know how to play their cards right. The very word 'Muslim' simply gives the game away. They know that the 'anti-racist' campaign goes out of the window as soon as they display their true ethnic colours, since their Islamicism is proof of their Arabi or Asian origins.

Good. Let them wear their headscarves, and let them celebrate any other aspect of their nationalities they want. At least we will know who's who.

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