The Invasion Starts to Bite    
    More on immigration madness by Antony Milne    

The problems of multi-culturalism in Britain are now doing enormous harm to the professional classes. Journalists, priests, politicians and professional specialists of all kinds live in perpetual fear that one of the biggest ideological experiments of all time - getting different races and nationalities to live together in one homeland - will sooner or later break down into vicious sectarianism.

Many parts of the liberal establishment are now becoming extremely uneasy about the reckless and unthinking way in which the Government shows its determination to carry on with its policy of only barely restricted immigration, regardless of what people want or what is in the interests of the nation.

The Government itself, by getting involved in fraudulent immigration scams, is damaging political life, and will lower the quality of aspiring future MPs, attracting only oddballs and traitors.

Town planners, actuaries and demographic experts working at the Office for National Statistics (ONC) and the National Audit Office (NAO) are in danger of having their reputations damaged because of the relentless pressure on them to disguise or gloss over uncomfortable social facts. The ten-year census which social commentators rely on has lost all credibility, since millions do not fill in the census form truthfully.

For similar reasons, writers who make a living out of promoting conspiracy theories alleging that every aspect of our daily lives is being electronically monitored by the 'secret state' are made to look foolish when it is openly acknowledged that the 'Big Brother' authorities have no idea how many tens (or hundreds) of thousands of people illegally enter or leave the country every year. Equally lacking in credibility is the parallel argument that a secret Illuminati of global ruling élites are conspiring to set up a one-world police state to rule us all with a rod of iron, since so many migrants around the world are on the move that quite the opposite will soon take place: total racial and cultural anarchy and rampant intifada-like lawlessness.

Local authorities in dark

For example, even on the local level most authorities now do not know who is living in their boroughs, since the council tax form sent to every household depends upon volunteered information. People drop themselves off the electoral roll, and there is no follow-up check by council officials. The NAO recently said that Labour's figures on immigration and asylum are misleading and highly suspect, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants not accounted for. Researchers say there are no figures, or even estimates, available for illegal immigration, since many entrants are avoiding being counted as asylum claimants by simply overstaying their work or student visas.

District and county registrars have also been badly affected by illegality. A huge bogus marriage racket is now in existence, whereby foreigners who have been 'granted' British citizenship can confer permanent domicile rights on thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of yet more foreigners simply by 'marrying' them in a registry office under the gaze of a hapless registry clerk who suspects that he is being drawn into a criminal racket but can do nothing about it.

Illegal positive discrimination in housing, in the medical profession and in police recruitment policies is becoming commonplace. Chief constables are fast-tracking ethnic-minority officers to promotion in a bid to make police forces "more representative of the communities they serve" - which is proof that the police are now focusing on politically correct ideals rather than enforcing the law without fear or favour. But they are making a great mistake in deploying black officers in multi-racial areas, since race, instead of being downplayed, is actually thereby played up. In addition, the policy hints that black youths have disproportionate criminal tendencies, and can relate only to black officers who have some understanding of these tendencies!

Effects of white flight

Housing patterns are becoming seriously distorted nationwide because in some cities white flight has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The arrival of ethnic minorities in a white area is associated with falling house prices, sparking a mad rush for people to get out before they lose too much money. But this is seldom commented on by housing economists.

Sociology is no longer a serious investigative subject, since its published output is dominated by politically correct sloganising. The last thing sociologists will do is talk about the number of foreigners living in this country, where they come from and why they have the right to live here permanently.

Journalists also suspect that they are being blatantly manipulated, soviet-style, as when it was revealed in late May that the Home Office was planning a major spin to neutralise 'bad news' about immigration and asylum.

This was an unpleasant example of a highly political strategy to use millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to place 'positive' stories about immigrants with friendly media organisations. Thus the link between media and political elites, as a conspiracy against the British people, was openly revealed by the press itself. Reference was made to a major advertising campaign designed to imply that "immigration is good for Britain." A typical Politburo document was issued with the aim to "communicate the impression of a system under more control," rather than actually to get it under control. "The challenge," we read, "is in finding new ways to package and communicate these issues in a way that makes it easier for people to see the big picture... We need a consistent message in this area."

Similarly, foreign correspondents in the media, who report daily on the growth of rebel movements around the world, along with the never-ending ethnic and tribal warfare everywhere, must somehow imply that Britain is a special case because such tribalism is never likely to occur here, so it'll be perfectly safe to go on letting in the foreign tribes! The Metropolitan Police chiefs in London, constantly issuing hair-raising alarms about possible terrorist attacks in the capital, never for one moment suggest that undocumented and unknown foreigners should not be allowed into the country under any circumstances.

Terrorist friendly lawyers

The legal profession now has a negative media image: the image of crooked lawyers trying to prevent terrorists and Islamic racists from being brought to book. Judges are increasingly subjected to politically correct 'guidelines', one of which is that they must avoid using phrases such as 'asylum-seekers' or 'second-generation immigrants' because this is likely to cause offence to such people! Both the terms 'coloured' and 'mixed-race' are considered either offensive or "slightly pejorative."

Sir Bernard Crick was once an esteemed political philosopher and author of a biography of George Orwell. His credibility is now on the line because he used Orwellian phrases such as 'citizenship', and was heard to hurl abuse at Sir Andrew Green and his Migrationwatch organisation. Sir Bernard apparently believes that 'Britishness' is defined nowadays only by political or legal criteria (the jus soli principle). In other words, Britain has become a virtual South Africa, where 'Whites', 'Blacks' and 'Coloureds' live together in a single territorial zone that has been stripped of its historic identity. This is despite the fact that every single town and district in the land has been named after British local history, and all have been built by the British themselves.

Yet the current national dialogue about citizenship is becoming more problematic for the ethnic minorities, not less. Many of them are recent arrivals and speak foreign languages, so cannot join in the debate about continued migration without some feeling of ambivalence about it. This is the one aspect of life in Britain in which they remain 'excluded'.

And the more immigrants come here to live the more these existential problems will grow and fester. Britain now suffers from glaring, visible incongruities that it didn't have some 30 years ago: different races, many wearing traditional attire, can be seen strolling about British suburban streets, looking as if they are going to a fancy-dress party. This madness arises from the schizoid notion of 'multiple identities'.

Race is about national origins

But there is nothing 'multiple' about race. Race indicates national origins, and this is why the rules are frequently changing in order to get round the problem or to avoid embarrassment or hurt to people's feelings. Black people don't do themselves any favours by voting for black MPs just because they cannot identify with the white (i.e. indigenous British) ones. This raises the awkward question of why they bothered migrating here at all, and whether they truly believe that 'Britishness' is a race-free concept. On the other hand, many Blacks, wanting to enjoy the fruits of white western civilisation (but not being able to create it themselves), want to live amongst white people and become honorary Whites. The black TV broadcaster clearly gets more status by broadcasting in a white society than he would in a black society!

There is still no final arbiter on this wretched matter, since no community - the indigenous or the diaspora - has decided how Britain is to be defined. At the moment it is the white British themselves who are changing the rules on an ad hoc basis - sometimes Britain is a multi-cultural, sometimes a multi-racial and sometimes a multiple-identity country.

But we must be forewarned. A mixed-up society like Britain cannot function satisfactorily without becoming more authoritarian, because there will be an obvious need to repress or contain cultural tensions, and to brainwash and indoctrinate people. Unless there is drastic change, life in Britain will be exceedingly unpleasant in the future.

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