The Identity Crisis Deepens    
    Anthony Milne says that immigration leads to a dysfunctional society    

Continued immigration into Britain is now taking on revolutionary dimensions which bode ill for the future, since it will completely and utterly alter the character of this country and will have a negative impact upon intellectual life for decades to come.

Forget about political correctness: all of the medical, moral, and economic problems the media now worry about will, in about 20 years time, be replaced largely with questions of anthropology, nationalism and identity, urban violence and crime.

Present-day headlines about the 'Tale of Two Countries' won't be about the north-south economic divide but about the ethnic/racial divide. Diseases and social problems will come and go, but the word 'racism' will never seem to vanish from the journalists' lexicon. The courts will increasingly be dealing with 'race-hate' show trials.

This last fact alone means that future debates about this country's destiny won't be placid, seminar-like occasions either: they could become extremely rancorous because cultural civil war between the indigenous British and the ever-growing diaspora communities is already breaking out.

To say that Britain has been transformed in the last 30 years would be a gross understatement. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the proportion of the population now living in this country born overseas has almost doubled in 50 years to a record one in twelve. The largest increase occurred between 1991 and 2001 - just ten years - in which four million foreigners came to Britain to live permanently, a population about equivalent to that of Ireland, and which in total is larger than the combined populations of Slovenia, Cyprus and Estonia. This is a fact that everyone in London has seen with their own eyes. Some areas of the city's outer suburbs have been transformed into versions of New Delhi or Lagos.

To these figures must be added the four to five million immigrants that were already here - so this makes a total of, say, nine million people of foreign origin (about comparable to the entire populations of Portugal or Sweden) living here in Britain.

Consequences of white flight

Pundits are now worried that the white middle classes are exiting London in droves, thus leaving behind a largely low-wage earning ethnic proletariat, which will affect the tax base and the city's ability to generate wealth, and London will be unattractive to foreign investors. There will soon be insufficient funds to support the social and health services, which will be increasingly overburdened and under-funded.

Ethnic minorities, from my experience, are too often regarded as virtual colonisers, people having no historical, cultural or racial links with this country, nor in most cases even with other EU countries.

We aren't talking here of ancestral peoples who have lived in one region for centuries and are disputing how much cultural or political power they are entitled to: we aren't, for example, alluding to Sunnis, Shi'ites, Turkomens, Tadjiks, Chechens or Pashtuns, or any of the hundreds of other tribes living in situ; we are talking about a motley crew of foreign invaders, speaking more than a hundred different languages, who have nothing in common either with each other or with the host community among whom they have chosen to live, who will have only the faintest idea of the history of this land, and hardly any geographical knowledge of the townscapes or landscape. Every street and town they live in will reflect the identity of another race of people. Every single brick from which their dwellings are built will have been made by us, the British. Every bus and train they travel on are our buses and trains.

Many of the items on television news still reflect a largely Anglo-Celtic way of life, with references made to recent historical events, but they are likely to be meaningless to most people of foreign origin (virtually half the foreign population living here would not have been here during the Falklands war, a relatively recent event). In addition, the press and TV are now constantly relaying stories about black crime and bogus immigration scams and ethnic 'Muslim headscarf' issues, none of which is likely to endear them to the British.

Further, the longer they remain here the more the ethnic minorities will be plagued with problems of legitimacy. They will struggle in vain to alter British modes of thinking, to get us to adopt the same false consciousness that divides people only into 'black' and 'white' categories; or they will unconvincingly try to hyphenate themselves into being something like 'Asian-British', as if they were half-goat and half-horse!

Many of these people struggle desperately to drag us white British into their existential crisis. When the foreign-born Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote Who Do We Think We Are?, she was hoping that we would all be jointly worrying about this question, when she was really only referring to the dilemma of the diaspora communities themselves, with many of the cultures of whom she herself, ironically, will be personally unfamiliar.

Dependence on liberal establishment

If the immigrant communities, to justify their presence here, come up with the other argument that they were legally allowed to live here, they then have to associate themselves, in virtual perpetuity, with the liberal political establishment who they trust will guarantee their safety and not deport them. But if the politicised reasons they give for their being here are not the same as ours, the potential for prolonged enmity is very real indeed. On top of the absence of a common identity or culture, there will be these added political cleavages. The minorities will be seen only as an alien manifestation of left-liberalism, propping up an increasingly unpopular and shop-worn treacherous political establishment.

If I were black man, I would be extremely worried about the number of English flags adorning English windows, which were kept up long after England were knocked out of the Euro 2004 championship. I would also be worried about the phenomenal vote for UKIP in the recent Euro elections, and the continued firming up of the BNP vote. As Roger Scruton recently wrote, "We, the English, have in recent years been denied a political identity, have been told to repudiate our national history and culture and are being herded into a multi-cultural future that we never wanted and were never asked to choose."

Collapse of moral values

As the civic moral order is in danger of collapsing, the politicians have not grasped that the centre of political gravity has also shifted. The increase in yobbish behaviour, and the blatant licentiousness revealed in our street life, drinking habits and clothing fashions, and the brutalised look of many of our young men, is a manifestation of an underlying anxiety about the threat to our national identity. This in turn means that the traditional moral values that have long underpinned this nation, including the maintenance of high educational standards - in other words the civilised standards upon which the ethnic minorities rely for the maintenance of neighbourliness and tolerance - are also undermined. In other words, left-liberalism has already shattered our bedrock norms of respectability and responsibility. The churches, police, lawyers, civil servants and universities have actively promoted this moral slide, and with drastic effects on the social order and national character.

The ethnic minorities should ask themselves whether they have contributed to this new seedy moral order. Communities, after all, depend upon a degree of social cohesion, and that in turn rests on a critical mass of familiarity, shared language and traditions. The first generation of migrants should have seen that continued foreign settlement in this country would destroy this cohesion upon which they, like the rest of us, depend, and should have joined in campaigns to stop further immigration instead of abusing the white British for doing just that. The fact that they have connived in further immigration proves that they have colonising instincts along the lines of 'the more the merrier', or 'there is safety in numbers' (there isn't actually).

Let me give a specific instance. Scotland Yard is to launch a specialist unit to tackle an explosion in Asian crime: the murder rate for South Asians has almost quadrupled in the last decade. Lord Ahmed, a leading Labour Muslim peer, has said that many serious crimes are never solved because the police have little knowledge of the inner workings of Asian communities. More to the point, he complained that there is "a widespread problem of indiscipline among our young people... faced with prevailing lax moral standards."

But these lax standards have been actively promoted by the liberal intelligentsia who, following World War II, adopted such a pathological hatred of Nazism that this turned into hostility towards all forms of authority structure. The support of mass immigration into Britain is a form of ideological fanaticism, and is a threat to democracy itself.

A small degree of diversity - as between tribal variations of the same racial stock - might be good for a country, but not extreme diversity pushed through at such an alarming rate. British society is becoming dysfunctional, and that hints that Britain will sooner or later become a 'failed state'. Life in the big cities will become increasingly unpleasant for the ethnic citizens. Communities have been breaking down in inner cities because they are becoming overburdened with too many overlapping ethnic, economic, social and housing problems.

The ethnic community leaders and their political lackeys must be held at least partly responsible for this state of affairs.

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