A Question of Justice    
    Ian Buckley compares the treatment given to two Americans    

In mid-July former chess champion Bobby Fischer was arrested and detained at Narita airport, Japan. The reason given was that US authorities had informed the Japanese that Fischerís passport had been revoked, as he was considered a grave danger to national security.

Fischer, thirty years ago arguably the most famous US citizen in the world, now faces a ten-year stretch in jail. The dastardly 'crime' for which, in the eyes of the American Government, he merits this sentence is playing a chess match in former Yugoslavia! In the real world, as with Ernst Zündelís lengthy incarceration – purportedly for a technical visa violation – the aware person realises that there must be more to the story than this.

A clue is provided by Rene Chun, who in his Atlantic Monthly article entitled 'Bobby Fischerís Pathetic Endgame', claims that his, Fischerís, recent history consists of: "Paranoia, hubris, and hatred – the unravelling of the greatest chess player ever." Chun gives a vivid picture of Fischer as a fanatical 'anti-Semite' who believed in the international Jewish conspiracy.

Actually, I disagree with Fischer on that one: it's not international any longer; itís now overwhelmingly centred in the United States; it includes many Gentiles; and it isnít a conspiracy because itís all more or less out in the open!

Fischer also described the USA as "a brutal, evil dictatorship" and expressed a desire to return home "once the Zionist dictatorship is overthrown."

Now, it should be noted that Fischerís 'offence' took place in 1992; so why all the renewed interest in getting him under lock and key? Could it be that the neo-cons – the crazies and 'bomb Iran' crew – in the Bush administration sense that their power is at its height, so enabling them to clamp down hard upon dissidents?

The many radio interviews that Fischer gave in the Philippines may indeed have suffered from lapses of taste, but are they really inaccurate? It is also worth noting that the eagerness to seize and extradite Fischer would seem to suggest, not that he is a raving nut – for then he would have been allowed to rant away in the Far East for forever, but that the US governing élite regards him as some sort of danger.

It could be argued that Fischer often over-generalised and was too scathing in his various statements, notably the one on the 9/11 bombings. But, in spite of the approving tone which will shock some, is this not a more rational verdict on 'the reason why' than any youíll get from George Dubya Bush:-

'This just shows, what goes around comes around, even to the US. I applaud the act. The US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians for years. Now it is coming back at the US.'

Or again, in an interview at the time of the US/NATO assault on the Serbs:-

'You know, America is totally under the control of the Jews, you know. I mean look what theyíre doing now in Yugoslavia. Itís just butchery. You know, disgusting. And you can see who are the top people there: Clinton, maybe he's not a Jew, but Albright is a Jew for sure and Cohen. William Cohen is also a Jew for sure.'

The scribes of the Zuckerman-owned Atlantic Monthly may get worked up over 'hate' like this, but does it compare in any way to the real hate expressed in the concentrated and sustained bombing of the Serbs for 80 days, including the Orthodox Easter? Ironically enough, Fischer is himself part-Jewish. Does he know the truth whereof he speaks?

And, by the way, whatever happened to the concept of freedom of speech? While Fischer is persecuted for mere words, the perpetrator of mayhem in the Balkans, Bill Clinton, gets away scot-free. Although a Belgrade court did admittedly sentence both him and Tony Blair 'in absentia' to 20 years for war crimes, this particular jail term was never actually imposed – as indeed it could not be.

Now Clinton is often seen as a 'bit of a lad', an amusing reprobate with an interesting way with the ladies. I am afraid I do not see him that way. Not only is there the matter of mysterious deaths such as that of lawyer Vince Foster and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, but the Clinton régime was also marred by several unpleasant episodes.

Clinton's role in Waco

While the murderous attack on the Weavers at Ruby Ridge came at the fag-end of the reign of Bush père, Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno presided over the trial of Randy Weaver. This insult to the intelligence came when it was generally agreed that the FBI were the guilty party in the affair, persecuting a family who only wanted to get away from the big city and be left alone.

Even worse was to come at Waco. Here Clintonís goons used tanks, gas and helicopter gunships to attack a peaceful sect. Though naturally demonised as a cult, the church was in fact an offshoot from a perfectly respectable Protestant denomination. Over eighty men women and children were slaughtered, many of whom were not 'cult' members at all, merely 'waifs and strays' taken in as refugees from the harsh, threadbare type of society favoured by Zionoid puppets like Clinton and Co.

As with the Fischer case, there may be more to the annihilation of the Branch Davidians at Waco than meets the eye. The leader of that church, David Koresh, apparently believed that Christianity was closer to Islam than to Judaism, and that Christís second coming would be in Iran, not Israel. This might be seen as threatening a great deal of the 'Christian Zionist' viewpoint which is so important in the US for ensuring the supply of arms and money to Israel. And this is not to mention the undermining of the whole concept of 'Godís Chosen People' among American evangelical Christians. So – to borrow a phrase from Rene Chun – it would seem that "paranoia, hubris and hatred" played a great part in the Waco massacre.

The recent news coverage of Clintonís heart trouble, which was attributed to junk food, but could also have been caused by another 'substance', commented that he had a very good chance after the surgery of living to a ripe old age. This is rather more than can be said for the children burned to a crisp at Waco!

By now, I'm sure that most readers will have come to a conclusion about which of these two American men of roughly similar age deserves to be brought to justice. It will not, I guess, be the same as the actuality. While Fischer gets a jail cell, Clinton has publisherís lunches and lucrative speaking contracts. It all seems very unfair to say the least.

But – after millions have been killed, maimed or traumatised in pursuit of a New World Order – the NWOís present maintainers and proponents are, unsurprisingly, not at all bothered about one manís right to his opinions!

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