Totalitarian Britain    
    Antony Milne sees the Government interfering in every sphere    

Many of the ethnic British have never seemed too worried about immigration, perhaps thinking that "there's only a few of them" or "we owe the Blacks a favour, and they are our Commonwealth cousins," or "They work hard, don't they?" But such people should have heeded the warning signs that something more sinister was afoot when the term 'multicultural Britain' was slipped by stealth into the public domain. Now the full horror of what this country has become is shouted at them in banner headlines from our national tabloids: Totalitarian Britain! The frightening irony is that even many in the press fail to realise just how totalitarian we have become.

The seething articles that appeared in September were of course referring to the government's anti foxhunting Bill. The Daily Mail said that the civil disorder and behaviour of the Government in ramming home the legislation, politburo-style, had "appalling implications for Parliament and public alike." It deplored the social engineering by "triumphalist townies who loathe the old-fashioned values of the countryside and seek to impose their own politically correct mandate instead." Yet most opponents of the Bill are not 'toffs' but ordinary farmers and hundreds of thousands of others who earn their living in the countryside and who work in the wider 'horse economy' that involves a host of small agricultural businesses, and who see their way of life under attack for no real reason. One angry idea animates them: the idea of their cherished liberty as free-born Britons being threatened by busybody politicians.

The fact that New Labour has now revealed itself as bossy, interfering and ignorant of British history should come as no surprise. The metropolitan elite is authoritarian by nature and identifies itself with an ever-more powerful state. The Government likes to tell us how we should bring up our families, how many children we should have, what to eat and drink, what are the correct thoughts we should have about homosexuals and asylum-seekers and much else. It claims the right to interfere in every aspect of our lives by embracing a moral absolutism typical of totalitarian regimes.

Role of the European Union

However, we should be aware of Europe's history, and acknowledge where this meddling totalitarian instinct comes from. Ashley Mote is a prominent UKIP member of the European Parliament, and makes two salient points in his recent book Overcrowded Britain. The first is the fact that the loss of control of our borders is largely the result of our membership of the EU; the second is that multi-culturalism and the attacks on nationalism and traditional values are neo-socialist ideas, which lie at the centre of EU doctrine.

In fact, Mote underplays the way western totalitarian rule maintains itself. 'Totalitarianism' means not just government 'diktat', but the promotion of an identical 'groupthink' by those who control our culture, especially the media and the schools but increasingly big business as well. The multi-national corporations have grown powerful, and today control most aspects of our consumerist lifestyle.

The BBC is the most pernicious agency of totalitarianism anywhere in Europe, since it is a semi-government agency which enables broadcasters deliberately to over-represent ethnic minorities without worrying about commercial ratings, and thus be able to create a totally false image of a racially mixed Britain. This is now copied in the rest of the visual and creative media, including adverts.

But Ashley Mote has got wise as to how the new Euro elite control the immigration agenda through political correctness. He says that they carefully plant key liberal propaganda words into debates in order to stifle discussion: words like 'inclusiveness' (good, of course) and 'intolerance', 'xenophobia' and 'right-wing extremism' (bad, of course).

Mote quotes the American scholar Paul Gottfried, who refers to the Orwellian nature of those promoting the 'politics of guilt', and says that today more Germans are languishing in prison from "inciting the public" (on identity and 'Holocaust' issues) than there were in East Germany before the fall of Communism. Gottfried says that the western state has already begun breaking down the inherited identities of Europeans in order to reconstruct a multi-cultural heaven on earth where 'prejudice' is forbidden.

Europe assuming Soviet mantle

Vladimir Bukovsky, a Russian expatriate with first-hand experience of totalitarianism, has said that when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 it was virtually re-created in the same year by the EU. Socialism was kept in place in the USSR and Soviet Bloc under the Brezhnev doctrine, with deviants being put under enormous pressure to conform. The same happens in the EU, as with the case of the Austrians who voted for the Freedom Party in 2002 and were promptly ostracised everywhere.

As in the Soviet Union, the EU member states aim to create a new historic entity, and to make citizens forget their original nationalities and ethnic traditions. The nation-state was supposed to 'wither away' under Communism, as it is supposed to do also in the EU. Its leaders want to bring in workers from the Third World rather than from Eastern Europe precisely because they want ethnically different people to live in Europe. Thus they hope to have a captive electorate for social democratic parties and be able to redistribute wealth.

The White Europeans will also be made to appear guilty about their negative attitudes to the world's poor people and will fear to become pariahs. People who reject multi-culturalism need to be put in their place with more propaganda, because it is clear that some are refusing to accept that their countries belong by right to every ethnic group in the world.

In other words, the EU is creating racial tensions in Europe for its own purposes. It can impose decisions that might otherwise not be acceptable, such as applying repressive measures to silence opposition. Bukovsky believes the EU would welcome civil disorder which it could blame on 'xenophobia', so that the politicians could put in place more authoritarian 'security measures'.

Collapse of E.U. predicted

Hence much of what is happening seems to be plain nihilistic evil: the deliberate breaking up of European ethnic states in order purposefully to dilute national identity with an unending flood of immigrants from different cultures, and to hell with the consequences! Bukovsky predicts that the EU will mercifully collapse like the USSR did, under its own weight of imperial overstretch and growing economic inefficiency. But it will leave immense destruction behind, and huge ethnic problems.

True, the totalitarianism is not yet completely total, since the media are paying more attention to the race and immigration issue than before. Yet the media have been caught in a bind of their own making. As pointed out in the February 2004 issue, the tabloids are outspoken, and yet still publish glowing articles about Asian families, and its picture editors will invariably show ethnic minorities exclusively doing traditional British jobs, such as those of doctors, postmen or policemen.

Interestingly - something those on the Right have long mused over - Bukovsky says that if the Western Allies had not insisted on the unconditional surrender of the Nazis at the end of World War II, and had allowed some kind of 'perestroika' to evolve, Europe would have retained the vestiges of fascism rather than socialism, and more moderate fascist leaders would have come to power in every country in Europe.

There can only be one inference from this: Europe under neo-fascist governments would certainly not have become multi-cultural under any circumstances, and its nations, with their large and enterprising populations, would still have become prosperous, stable and cohesive, and would have remained so. Of course, one is not allowed to say this today!

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