The War That We're In    
    Not declaring war is just another trick, says Frank Kimball Johnson    

Many of those who lived through World War II will recall occasions when an exasperated person said to those heard complaining: "Don't you know there's a war on?"

This question was never more relevant than it is today. Simple-minded folk assume that this country is not in a state of war unless the Prime Minister says so. Meanwhile, apart from ceremonial reminders like Remembrance Sunday, and various film and TV productions about World War II we are led to believe war is somewhere else or a long time ago, and does not relate to life in Britain today. But war is a means to an end, namely the domination and occupation of territory. And if the desired territory can be occupied and eventually dominated without any of the risks associated with a declaration of war and armed resistance, so much the better for any would-be invader.

Of course, this can only be achieved when the country's Government steadfastly insists that, regardless of an expanding and ever more assertive alien presence, the notion that Britain is at war with an invading force is absurdly alarmist. Indeed, the Government goes much further by criminalising some people propagating this notion, if they're not careful with the words they use.

Since the end result of non-resistance can only be the domination of this country by alien invaders, such government behaviour can only be described as high treason. Accordingly, the patriotic Briton is honour-bound to do whatever it takes to bring that régime to an end.

Failure to act amounts to a total betrayal of all those who sacrificed their lives and endured immense hardships to preserve Britain's identity, culture and homeland in two hideously destructive world wars. What we have in Britain today is the equivalent of the Vichy government in German-occupied France during WW2; that is to say, an establishment intended to ensure law abiding submission to the alien occupation. We are nowadays given to regard support for the so-called Resistance movement in occupied France as entirely honourable and praiseworthy; and indeed many lives were lost in such heroic exploits. And it is also noteworthy that those French people seen to facilitate the German occupation were despised as 'collaborators'.

History repeating itself?

Who said history doesn't repeat itself, when those who resist the alien occupation of Britain can now be exposed to criminal penalties, and when so many people adopt a complacent attitude to the surrender of their homeland? Of course, when it became safe, not to say fashionable, to do so, the collaborators were ready enough to wave the French flag and protest their loyalty. It was ever thus: the real champions of a nation's history have always been a dedicated and passionate minority for whom the loyalty that costs nothing is worth nothing.

It is therefore scarcely surprising that British patriots today find themselves an embattled minority in a population seemingly oblivious or indifferent to a national war for survival. And like their wartime counterparts in occupied France, they may soon find themselves driven underground by an increasingly repressive régime.

A fact each of us must face is that, under these conditions, complacency is indistinguishable from cowardice, if not from downright treachery. The "What did you do in the war, Daddy?" question comes to mind. For make no mistake, posterity will certainly perceive this time in our nation's history as no less critical to its survival than 1940. But there are no grandiloquent speeches from our leaders this time about fighting on the beaches and in the streets and hills, etc. Dear me, no; we nowadays hear only the rhetoric of surrender. Alien occupation, we are told, is actually quite a good thing really, if only you weren't so attached to your own racial and national heritage! The message is: what does it matter if your towns and cities are overrun with Afghans, Somalis, Sikhs, Pakistanis, West Indians, Chinese and any other alien swarm, so long as we're not actually at war with these people? That the end result is likely to be just the same goes unmentioned.

No doubt the people in wartime France went about their daily chores and recreations much as people do in Britain today; too preoccupied with immediate concerns to give much thought to the national predicament. When confronted, they doubtless threw up their hands like so many do today and said:"But what can I do about it?"

And it's a very fair question; so it is incumbent upon all active patriots to provide a whole range of options for those who would genuinely like to help if only they knew how to go about it without unacceptable risks. There is abundant scope for resistance to the present government régime at negligible risk, mostly in various forms of civil disobedience, and advice on such methods should be made widely available. At the very least, such methods should include a boycott of those businesses seen to be actively collaborating with the renegade Government's policies. Leaving aside more active measures, nothing whatever should be done which allows or assists the alien occupation to continue unopposed. Everything possible should be done to remind people that there are no neutrals in this particular war for national survival, and that those who collaborate with the renegade regime must expect disagreeable consequences when that régime finally collapses - if not sooner!

Call to duty

Meanwhile all genuine patriots have a duty to assist in every way possible those more actively engaged in the front line of national survival. What renegade elements choose to describe as 'racism' is actually the immune system of the race and nation responding to a dangerous intrusion. And as we all know, any weakening of that immunity leaves us exposed to all the diseases known to afflict mankind.

Reverting to the wartime French experience, little is to be gained by random attacks on individuals among the occupying forces; they are mostly just as much victims of circumstance as the indigenous population. We have no antipathy towards people because they are not of our race and nation but only when they lay claim to our homeland. As guests, visitors and tourists they are entitled to the traditional British hospitality; but as usurpers of our homeland and heritage they can expect and deserve our implacable resistance.

And all those members of the general public who don't know or refuse to accept that Britain is actually engaged in a war for survival can expect some rather nasty reminders.

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