Christianity and Nationalism    
    These two are natural allies, suggests Steven Smith    

If there is one thing I love more than anything else in this world it is the feeling one experiences upon entering an ancient church or cathedral. Such places were founded upon moral and spiritual principles which are very closely aligned with, if not parallel to, our own nationalist ideals, such as racial brotherhood and love of nation, and also recognising the existence of evil and being prepared to destroy it in all its manifestations.

Our patron saint of warfare, St George, who was himself martyred and died willingly for his beliefs, is sometimes depicted defending the maiden who represents Christianity against the devil dragon who wishes to destroy her. St Alban, our first martyr, was similarly beheaded for refusing to renounce his faith. There are literally hundreds of such examples of great and worthy men and women who put to shame those who profess to represent the modern-day church, with its cowardly approach in dealing with those who would have them marginalised and finally extinguished. The old ideological Christians went out to fight the crusades in the Holy Lands. These crusading monks or Knights Templar, founded in the 12th century, had a total and uncompromising level of commitment to their cause, being prepared to die for what they believed in.

Our ancient places of worship are filled with a spirit that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else. Such places abound with beautiful architecture and biblical depictions which served to provide the inspiration for our wonderful and ancient hymns. They also served as a backdrop for the great acts of courage and heroism which gave us our saints and martyrs who, along with our other great and brave ancestral heroes, have been so blatantly betrayed by our evil and satanic politicians, who care for nothing and no-one but themselves.

The sacrifices made by our saints and martyrs in the name of Christianity cannot be found in any other sphere of human existence. These people, and others like them who made no less a sacrifice, should be added to our existing list of ideological heroes, especially now where we see our once cultured and beautiful islands being deliberately turned into a cesspit of immorality and decadence, filth and degradation, by politicians of the communist or crypto-communist left.

Dominance by the weak

The present 'Christian' régime is dominated by a combination of men and women many of whom are weak and seem unable to summon the strength to fight back against those who would destroy them and what they represent, and others who are nothing more than wolves dressed as sheep who, having infiltrated the church like the Trojan Horse, are now busying themselves deliberately trying to destroy it via, for example, their support for homosexuality.

The old Christian and Templar Knights of Europe fought and died for beliefs that were not dissimilar to the ones we are fighting for today. The Christian faith of old and the fundamental nationalist agenda are, for me at least, one and the same, and that is why I believe we could and should attempt a form of unification under a banner of Christian racial nationalism which accommodates those whose allegiances are compatible but nature and pagan-based, so that united we may challenge and slay the beast that is by stealth and deceit destroying our very existence.

The Christian church itself is presently divided along lines of doctrine. These superficial differences are presently under discussion and may yet soon yield a unified and reconciled church. This in my view must happen if our mutual enemy is not to succeed in capitalising upon these divisions which if resolved could make us a force to be reckoned with, enabling us to harness that yet untapped deep reservoir of fundamentalist Christian support presently lying dormant in our land. Support for this theory was evidenced recently in a national survey where no less than three quarters of people interviewed regarded themselves as Christians. This is a pool of support into which I believe we should tap. As Burnley BNP beat the local left to win the support of the politically unrepresented public, so I believe we can beat the left and win the support of unrepresented self-proclaimed Christians everywhere. Joining the two together would make us a force to be truly reckoned with.

As we live in a spiritually bankrupt society, it is very easy for our enemies to claim that certain deceptions are in fact 'truths' to be accepted, not only by those who know nothing of the Bible but also by those who because of their weakness find it easier to go along with the pacifist option. To illustrate, our enemies claim that God loves everyone. In this way they suggest that he is one of them, a 'citizen of the world', in other words a 'liberal' with all that that implies. However, if one examines Malachi Ch1, v3, in the Old Testament, it states that God hated Esau. So one can see that God is discerning, that He certainly does not love everyone and that He does in fact discriminate!

Neither is God, nor has He ever been, a pacifist. His wrath is more destructive and cleansing than anything we mere mortals could come up with, and in this regard I believe that He would wish us to do literally whatever is necessary to eliminate the evil that is destroying not just Britain but also every other white Christian country in the world.

God, of course, is being lined up for the chop, just like everything else that is getting in the way of our political masters who see themselves as the natural heirs to His earthly kingdom!

In the meantime, He is there simply to be wheeled out to aid the lie machine sitting in the corner of the living room at times which the enemy considers appropriate.

Damage and degradation

Psychology, of course, is at the heart of our enemies' strategy in attacking our perception of who and what we are. They cannot access or compete with how we feel on a purely spiritual level, so they attempt to damage and degrade our nature-based feelings by materialising and transforming them into a form by which they can be 'got at' and disproved as any kind of righteous belief. The fraudulent construct 'racist', for example, is portrayed as a negative; but all it really represents is nature's first line of defence in protecting every species from contamination and eventual ruin – which inevitably results from the forced imposition of alien species into its living space.

Our enemies are expert with psychology; hence their predisposition to say we are 'race-haters' (racists) rather than acknowledging that we simply love our own race and wish to see it preserved. The political left hates racial identities in all their forms and seeks to destroy them by means of its promotion of multi-racialism. Power and self-hatred, not love, is its motivation, and the destruction of our race and all identifying aspects of our national character are the price that must be paid for the left's goal of global power and one-world government.

Bearing in mind that ours is a spiritual creed, we also have the six senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste and instinct. All of these are served adequately in the symbolism and ritual of our Christian and pagan heritage. Everything is there to be harnessed to our cause. All we have to do is reach out and resurrect these latent beliefs and satisfy those yearnings which are lying dormant in us all. Nature's laws – the same things as nationalist principles – are enshrined in the Old Testament like nothing any nationalist organisation could produce in a policy manifesto, and because these teachings are faith-based they are beyond the reach of a legal system which is owned by our sworn enemies, and that effectively puts us on the same religiously protected territory as that on which they stand! So you see how it is possible to advance our race and culture-based beliefs much easier as Christian nationalists than as purely nationalists!

On the subject of homosexuality, for example, Leviticus Ch18, v22, states that: "Man shall not lie with another man." Verse 26 tells of lesbians. The eminent historian William Barclay's comments on the Bible agree that these verses condemn same-sex relationships. Capital punishment is supported in Genesis Ch9, v6: "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed."On the subject of racial segregation, Genesis Ch11, v1-9, state that God scattered the nations to their appointed places, that He is the author of racial separation, that he assigned to every race and people its own portion of the globe and that it is a sin to "mingle the seed." Paul also confirms this truth in Acts 17, v26: "... and hath appointed the bounds of their habitation."

It is for these and many other reasons that I say our true Christian heritage is a natural framework within which we can work and which can also provide us with the material symbolism with which we can identify and revere and which our enemies fear. Our Christian heritage also facilitates cross-border allegiances, as most, if not all, our racial brothers and sisters span the entire Western European hemisphere. The true Christian faith, in my view at least, would actually put our present-day nationalist beliefs in the shade, in the sense that the original Christians would have fought, and did fight, literally to the death for what they believed in, willingly subjecting themselves to torture rather than renounce their faith-based principles. How many of us would be prepared to suffer this same sort of physical and mental anguish in the name of our cause?

Today's Church, like the modern Conservative Party and (dare I say) the modern BNP, is becoming increasingly liberalised, and increasingly bears less relationship to the principles upon which each of these movements were originally founded. Christianity has been made the weak, pacifist order that it presently is by a very small group of people who do not truly represent it as it should be represented, and seem unwilling or unable to recognise the fact that they (and we) are under siege from alien faiths which seek to advance their own interests and thereby undermine ours. Among their methods is that of accusing us of 'Anti-Semitism' and 'Islamophobia', which, like the fraud 'racism', forces the unguarded to surrender their positions to prove their innocence of the charges – of course, the whole point of the exercise! Where is it written that a people does not have the right to defend itself and its homeland against invasion?

As we are armed with the knowledge that we will never be here again, is it not better to fight, and if needs be die, fighting for what we know to be true, leaving behind a legacy and a name to which others might look for their own inspiration? Is it not better to do this than to live out the rest of our days as slaves dwelling in prisons of fear, too afraid to engage those who would destroy our very existence?

And where is it written that a people should be forced (via the law) to behave in ways which are ultimately detrimental to their physical and psychological well being?

'Racism' in the Bible

The Bible, in truth and in its purest form, is an extremely strident manuscript which is far more racialist in tone than any publication past or present now in circulation anywhere in the world; and it has the potential to bring together millions upon millions of racial nationalists under one unifying banner. To confront the argument, as we must, that the Bible is contradictory and therefore doesn't make any sense, we must say that it must be adhered to in its entirety. As with a bicycle chain, if one link is broken the whole chain falls and becomes useless. For example the Bible states: "love his neighbour," but this is provided you abide by the dictum in Genesis of racial separation, in other words preserving your racial environment. In this case it is perfectly reasonable for one to love thy neighbour; but you cannot love your neighbour if you ignore Genesis and mix the races, because the Bible will have fallen like the chain. Hence the nightmare with which we are presently faced, the consequence of an evil experiment which goes against God, nature, science and reason; and, as Christians and race preservationists, we have a moral duty to tear the evil plan apart.

Christianity is something that has long been taken for granted. Right now, its self-proclaimed representatives are destroying it, but I would suggest that it still has the potential to reinvigorate our cause. I firmly believe, therefore, that if we rediscover our fundamental Christian roots we can march forward as one in the manner of the old Templar knights of Europe and slay the forces of the Devil once and for all.

I am not suggesting that nationalists should shift or change their nationalist thinking in any shape or form, only that they can find an additional wealth of material symbolism, inspiration, ritual and structural belief, not to mention 2,000 years of history in the traditional and true teachings of Christianity, which are very closely parallel to our own nature-based, racial nationalist doctrine. Our uniform is the colour of our skin. Our music is our ancient and beautiful heritage of hymns and folk songs; our buildings are our ancient Saxon churches, Minsters and Cathedrals; our inspiration should be our martyrs, saints, Aryan battle lords, standing stones, religious icons, rituals and ancient ceremonies. Pagan and Christian alike should be joined under their respective banners into one crusading army of racial nationalists. Together as a Christian-nationalist alliance, we are unstoppable by any power on earth.

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