The Way We Live Now    
    Some observations on contemporary society by Junius    

The prophet

The following transcription of a radio broadcast has been censored to comply with the oppressive and anti-democratic laws in force in our British land today:

'Well, realise it and realise it well you English. You in your own country, you are the heirs of great people who have built up a marvellous Empire. If there is any pushing to do, let's start and do it ourselves. You have the right to say and do what you think, to act as you like, and if a Russian, or an American, or a --- does not like it, you are at home in your own country, and you have the right to take him by the seat of his pants and show him that the spirit of England is not quite dead yet. Neither I nor Churchill can represent England, only what you do and how you act can be the determining factor to decide whether, betrayed, we intend to react and take our place In the lines of civilisation, or whether we are a race played out who accept foreign interference, foreign control, and who go forward to the loss of all we possess, because we have neither the courage nor the desire to preserve our heritage.' (John Amery, speaking from Berlin 1942)

As with so many of his contemporaries Mr. Amery conveys the impression that only England, rather than the United Kingdom, was involved in the ill-conceived and ultimately disastrous war against Germany in 1939. Otherwise we find his analysis of our situation faultless. And every day our nation pays the price for ignoring sound advice. Please read on!

The return of the scourge...

"The situation has reached epidemic proportions. We are now witnessing a spiralling rise in sexually transmitted diseases. An anticipated 50 per-cent increase in the infection rate could overwhelm Britain's sexual health services." So says a recent report. We are, it seems, never short of expensive reports but when it comes to action little is seen to be done. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea infections are up by 193 per cent and 137 per cent respectively over the past decade. And now, unbelievably, the old enemy syphilis is making a frightening comeback, with reported cases fourteen fold what they were ten years ago. However, no information is available as to who brought it back in and where from! Mere statistics? Or the life blood of a nation draining away? We are running out of time. Britain awake!

...and the logic we must not use

It will readily be noticed that all our problems are craftily compartmentalised, and that very rarely do either ministers or media draw public attention to the obvious links between the various sorrows that beset the nation. Put another way, the very concept of 'cause and effect' has become politically incorrect and is to be avoided wherever possible. Regarding the above-mentioned horrific increase in sexually transmitted diseases, little effort is made to link promiscuity with those shady, disreputable, often alien-controlled, establishments where lethal substances and unlimited alcohol are freely available, or with those schoolteachers and parents who have opted for the easy way out, which is to say nothing and do nothing. The probability that drugs, uncontrolled immigration, and the depraved hysteria-inducing racket masquerading as music play a significant part in this thoroughly un-British scene must not be mentioned.

And yet those links are there for all to see, even though the well sheltered inhabitants of the 'Westminster Village' predictably ignore them. However, if our folk, in total desperation, were to take matters into their own hands, then we would very soon hear howls of distress coupled with the cry of 'vigilantes.' But, in the absence of dedicated and effective policing, what alternative do they have?

No-one is safe...

'Every day someone is dying from a knife and nothing is being done about it. Tomorrow, next week, next year, somebody else could be in my shoes, because it is out of control. My son died just ten months after one of his best friends was stabbed to death on Fulham Broadway.' (A bereaved London mum)

And then there is old Nell in Birmingham, who is 78. Her husband died three years ago and she lives in a one-bedroom flat on her own. Since Harold died, drug-crazed addicts have burgled her home twice, and three times she has been attacked on the way home from the post office where she draws her miserable pension; miserable because much of what should be hers has been criminally given away elsewhere. A toffee-nosed woman journalist without a jot of experience of the seamier side of inner-city life asks her: "What's the most important issue in your area?" To which she replies: "Send the darkies back home." At this point we would stress that old Nell does not have a 'racist' (if readers will pardon the use of this silly adjective) thought in her head. Surely, she hates. She hates those who have brought Britain to this sorry pass, and she remembers how things once were; she prefers how things once were and, if she had a choice, she would have things back as they were. She has been betrayed and she is powerless. The pretty 18-year old, who cheered the boys returning from a war allegedly fought to free the World from Hitler's stormtroopers, could never have known that her old age would be a living nightmare.

Meanwhile there are, on average, 29 shootings a day in Britain. The good news is that this statistic largely comprises gangsters shooting one another.

...and class warfare is still going strong

'Divide and rule' is as old as the hills, and it is still going strong today. Another columnist, writing for the same intellectually bankrupt 'quality' newspaper, explains that, as you go down through the social divisions – that is to say the closer you get to the cutting edge of multi-racialism – the more likely you are to think that Britain should close the door to immigrants, and that it is asylum-seekers who are overburdening our public services. Old Nell (previously mentioned) is clearly a D, or even an E, that is to say a member of one of those social classes where the unscrupulous leader of the Opposition is said to be gaining support with his hastily concocted and utterly deceitful proposals on immigration and gypsies. Quaintly, the writer of this article observes that: "Sadly for Michael Howard, though, the more he gets the dogs slavering, the more the rest of us are repelled."

And it is there that you can see Britain's problem in a nutshell. Not only are we classified socially – in our view it should be upwards from A to E – we are also required to ignore our feelings, our perceptions and our preferences, to espouse political correctness or be sternly reprimanded, if not worse. However, as many pet-owners will have discovered, it is often the dog that gets it right! Just what we need!

Even if we tend generally to dwell on our miseries which, as it is sometimes said, are legion, this column often tries to round up the month with some passably entertaining folly. Recently a large banner draped across railings in our high street advertised a nearly new sale in aid of the National Childbirth Trust. Looking back over the past, it now seems unbelievable that society has managed for aeons to survive without the support and assistance of such commendable organisations. Maybe we should write off to the Hon. Sec. to enquire whether they publish an instruction manual!

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