Puncturing the Churchill Balloon    
    Richard Porter with some facts about the 'great war leader' they'd prefer you not know    

Winston Churchill was the first child of Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill and was born nearly two months prematurely on 30th November 1874 at Blenheim Palace, the Churchill family seat in Oxfordshire. After a whirlwind romance, during which they met only a few times, Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill were married at the British Embassy in Paris on 15th April 1874.

Apparently, Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill, had lived in Paris for some time and moved in the highest circles of French society. Jennie (Jeanette) Churchill's mother, is described as being "raven haired" with "striking dark looks," which she inherited from her American Iroquois Indian blood through her mother Clara, referred to in family circles as "Sitting Bull."

According to numerous biographers, throughout her life Jennie was always extremely promiscuous. As Clive Ponting expresses it in his biography Churchill, she was "still engaging in numerous affairs." On account of this, it has been suggested that Winston Churchill was not the son of Randolph but of Colonel John Strange, one of Jennie's lovers. However, it could have been one of numerous men, even a Rothschild. If this claim is true, it would make Winston and his descendants impostors and not true descendants of the first Duke of Marlborough and heirs to his titles and estates. This, however, is open to speculation.

Jennie's father was Leonard Jerome, one-time lawyer, elevated to become a newspaper magnate with a principal interest in the New York Times and the Wall Street Banker. Said to have squandered two fortunes, Jerome had an extravagant lifestyle that was a byword in fashionable Fifth Avenue circles. There was bitter acrimony between the then Duke and Jerome over the marriage settlement. It was finally agreed that about £3,600 a year (£300,000 in today's money) would be settled on the newly married couple, £2,500 guaranteed by the Jeromes and the balance furnished by the Duke, who in addition cancelled his son's debts, estimated at £2,000.

Randolph needed all this money to maintain the family's fine house in Curzon Street and an even larger house in Charles Street, with a numerous retinue of servants, grooms, gardeners, cooks, etc., to maintain his unbelievably luxurious and opulent lifestyle. Remember, this was at a time when a labouring man in Britain was lucky if he earned ten shillings a week (£25 a year). Many of the British lived in abject poverty; multitudes of children were overworked, underfed and undernourished, ran about in rags with no shoes on their feet and were deformed by rickets. This was the luxurious lifestyle into which Winston Churchill was born and grew up.

The Churchills might as well have lived on a different planet. It was said that Winston's father, Randolph, never did a stroke of work in his whole life, and neither did his mother Jennie. Shortly after their marriage, Randolph became infected with syphilis, which finally killed him, although the family managed to keep it a secret for eighty years. With his young wife carrying on with all and sundry, it is really no wonder that Randolph sought sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Conceit 'hard to express'

Perhaps it is no wonder that Winston Churchill grew up to be conceited and arrogant, with a positive hatred of working-class people, whom he viewed throughout his life as dirt. Beatrice Webb, one of the founders of the socialist Fabian Society, once met Churchill over dinner and wrote of him: "Restless, almost intolerably so, without capacity for sustained and unexciting labour, egotistical, bumptious, shallow-minded and reactionary, but with a certain magnetism, great pluck and some originality – not of intellect but of character. Talked exclusively about himself – bound to be unpopular, too unpleasant and flavoured with his restless, self-regarding personality."

The American politician Henry Cabot Lodge wrote to President Roosevelt about Churchill saying: "I have met him several times; he is undoubtedly clever but conceited to a degree which is hard to express either in words or figures." Ponting, in his biography, wrote: "Churchill came across as overbearing, wearing people down by his refusal to stop talking about himself. He did not seem interested in other people or what they thought."

The Duke of Marlborough

Churchill's father, Lord Randolph, was second son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough. His ancestor, the first Duke, had risen to fame and fortune during the reign of Queen Anne. Described by one Victorian historian as notoriously fond of money, he played the decisive role in the overthrow of James II. When William of Orange landed at Torbay on 3rd November 1688, the future Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, marched against the invader and then coolly turned his army over to him.

His conduct can easily be explained by reference to the Jewish Encyclopaedia. This work declares that John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, was paid the then enormous sum of £6,000 a year by Solomon Medina in recognition of his many services. As the Jew's chosen candidate to replace James II on the throne, the Dutchman William of Orange was paid in the form of a 'loan' of two million Dutch guilders by the Jewish merchant, Antonio Lopez Suasso, to take him across the Channel. Although this has been kept out of the history books, it can be seen that Jewish money-changers were the real power behind the scenes controlling events. As pointed out, for valuable services rendered, William allowed the Jews to establish their misnamed 'Bank of England', which effectively gave them control over the country's affairs.

Thus was instituted the National Debt and the conversion of the English into tax and debt slaves. A recent issue of £20 notes confirmed this by printing the six-pointed so-called 'Star of David' on one side, slightly disguised but clearly visible to the discerning mind. In fact a lie is printed across the top of every banknote: it should be 'Bank of the Jews'. With help of their paid lackeys William III and John Churchill, the Jews founded the 'Bank of England' in 1694 and they have controlled it ever since.

There is no doubt that John Churchill was a very capable general but he was also extremely perfidious. For his great victories against the French at Blenheim, Ramillies and Malplaquet he was voted an enormous sum of money by Parliament, which enabled him to build the magnificent Blenheim Palace at Woodstock. He was a mercenary who sold himself to the highest bidder. After betraying James II he began to write letters to him declaring that the time would soon come when he could return to England. Arnold Foster, in his book A History of England, wrote:-

'For it is certain that on a later occasion he actually went so far as to inform the French of an intended English expedition against Brest, and the information which he gave helped to bring about the defeat of the English and caused the loss of hundreds of English lives. When Marlborough's treachery was discovered, he and his wife were disgraced and dismissed from Court.'

So John Churchill betrayed his King and country on several occasions for money when it suited him – even to the extent of causing the deaths of hundreds of his soldiers, the very men who had brought him fame, fortune and glory. The Jews did not pay him £6,000 a year for nothing.

An incorrigible snob

In his biography Ponting wrote that when Winston Churchill was in the 4th Hussars as a young man he was accused of forcing out socially unacceptable officers from a lower class who had not enjoyed a pampered and privileged lifestyle like himself. Ponting said that he was involved in the rigging of horse races and illicit gambling and was even accused of homosexuality. He sued the father of the officer who had made the accusation but settled out of court for £500. In a letter to his mother he said that the accusation had to be stamped on quickly or it would be fatal to any future in public life. According to Commander William Guy Carr, when Churchhill visited America his close friend, the shady financier Bernard Baruch laid on red-haired prostitutes for him. Throughout his life Churchill had a valet who literally did everything for him: dress and undress him, tie his shoes, knot his tie, run his bath and dry him afterwards, even tuck him into bed at night. In the early days he travelled everywhere by cab and later by a chauffeur-driven car. He never travelled on a bus in his life. Even his son Randolph had a chauffeur-driven car whilst running up enormous debts. I remember well the shopkeeper in the small grocer's at East Bergholt, where Randolph had a magnificent mansion overlooking the beautiful Dedham Vale, complaining to me bitterly that he never paid his bills. For generations, the Churchills have been nothing more than a bunch of pampered parasites. At present the family are enjoying the millions in 'charity money' paid out to them by the National Lottery for Winston's wartime papers.

Winston Churchill would spend hours in front of a mirror practising his speeches to perfection, including the gestures and intonation. In his essay 'The Scaffolding of Rhetoric' he said that this was the main weapon and talent of a politician: the hunched shoulders, the lisp, the mispronunciation of certain words like 'nahzi', the V-sign and the cigar: all were carefully cultivated to impress and overawe the people.

A Zionist stooge

Winston Churchill was always a firm supporter of Zionism and Zionist aspirations, and had little time or sympathy for the Arabs. On 26th January 1949 Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin spoke on the subject in the House of Commons. He said that with half a million Arabs turned out by the Jewish immigrants into homeless refugees without employment or resources, the tide of Arab Nationalism was running high and had bitten deep into the ordinary young Arab. Bevin continued: "They consider that for the Arab population, which has been occupying Palestine for more than twenty centuries, to be turned out of their land and homes to make way for another race is a profound injustice," and went on to say that he wondered how the British people would feel if they had been asked to give up a slice of Scotland, Wales or Cornwall to another race.

Now, fifty five years on, it can be clearly seen that this is exactly what the British have done. They have given up vast tracks of their country to the coloured races but, unlike the Arabs, have dumbly accepted it like a flock of compliant sheep. In fact, they give a vote of confidence to the Westminster traitors who have sanctioned the coloured invasion and are taking millions of homes and jobs from the British. The British have become a nation of TV zombies, whose thinking is entirely controlled by the sinister gang of financial crooks who control their newspapers and the television screens as well as all the inmates of the Westminster insane asylum.

Admission about alliance with Russia

By harnessing all of Britain's then immense resources to destroy anti-communist Germany, no one did more than Churchill to help expand the Communist Empire; yet he admitted that if global war came in 1952 or 1953, the Soviet armies could move swiftly to the ocean and subjugate the capitals of Western Europe within six weeks, but at the same time American atomic bombs would at least paralyse communications and oilfields. After all this, Britain, if it still survived, could take a new view of the matter. (Winston Churchill: edited by R.A.C. Parker).

New war planned in the fifties

There is every reason to believe that the international bankers, the real world rulers, planned a new world war in the mid-fifties, but the leak of the Rabinovitch speech* put back their plans. The deliberately engineered 'Cold War' was at its height and anti-Soviet feeling was running high in America and elsewhere. Likewise, in Russia the masses had been brainwashed for years with anti-American propaganda. Very few realised at that time that the New York bankers controlled both camps and were selling the scene for a devastating war of their own making. Russia had been given all of America's nuclear secrets and the materials needed to build her first atom bombs, while Britain had given its very latest jet engine, the Rolls Royce Nein, to the Soviets. At the end of World War II, all of the Soviets' fighters and bombers like the MIG 15 were based on this engine.

For confirmation of this, consult the Rabinovitch Speech in Pawns in the Game, by Commander William Guy Carr; National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, by Professor Anthony Sutton; Major Jordan's Diaries (which prove that America "delivered to the Soviets tons of material to build their first atomic bombs."); Iron Curtain Over America, by Colonel John Beaty (Intelligence Officer to the White House during World War II); The Ultimate World Order, by Major Robert Williams (American Counter-Intelligence Officer; and The Warlords of Washington, by Colonel Curtis B. Dall (son-in-law of President Roosevelt).

These books prove beyond any doubt that America has long been under the control of Zionist Jews, exactly the same tribe which even today controls Russia.

* Speech given at a meeting of European Rabbis held in Budapest in the 1950s and translated from the Yiddish by Henry Klein, an anti-Zionist New York lawyer. This is widely circulated by patriotic groups in the USA.

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