Straws in the Wind of Change    
    Frank Kimball Johnson examines the fall-out from the General Election    

The aftermath of a general election always sees the losing parties plunged into soul-searching about what they got wrong and how best to improve their appeal for future elections. The Labour Government is clearly on a downward spiral, so an increasingly disillusioned and exasperated electorate will be taking a much keener interest in the political alternatives available.

The Conservative Party being the most prominent contender, we should take careful note of what its most influential members are saying. Already that party's members are being urged by 'yesterday's men' to soften the party's image, widen its appeal, occupy the 'middle ground', etc., etc. And note how all of this is directed to winning votes, not to those fundamental changes needed to give any real hope at all of improving the country's fortunes. But all such tactical bribery and chicanery is unlikely to deceive an electorate all too mindful of the Conservative record in office.

And it is increasingly apparent that the Tories, like Labour and the LibDems, regard a multi-racial Britain as an irreversible fait accompli, and are likewise committed to remaining within the European Union. That fact alone destroys any credibility they try to achieve with election clichés like reduced taxation, less bureaucracy, more bobbies on the beat, etc. Just 'more of the same' is what the electorate is beginning to see behind all the blandishments and bribes of all three main parties contending for office. They are all lying through their teeth in asserting that the quality of life, prosperity and security can be improved without rectifying the two most damaging political blunders in our nation's history, namely the adoption of multi-racialism and membership of the EU. They are like nothing more than umbrella salesmen in a bombing-raid.

Tory cowardice

Whereas Labour and the LibDems are ideologically committed to multi-racial and globalist policies, the Tories – while themselves obviously deeply divided on such issues – remain too cowardly to do more than make a few token protests. According to some PR advisors, such as Lord Saatchi, the Tory election campaign lacked a really distinctive quality; thus people don't know what the party is actually about any more. Easily enough said; but the same pundits notably failed to produce anything resembling a vision of national recovery.

But of course, what the Tories are really about has been demonstrated all too clearly over the last fifty years or so: free trade, big business, the old-boy network, and keeping the superficial trappings of nationhood while betraying its essential foundations. So while the Tory Party might at some point replace Labour by default rather than merit, it is showing all the signs of terminal decline. The 'manifesto overlap' has already reached a stage where an understandably bored, confused and weary electorate increasingly resorts to apathy, indifference or the protest vote. Looming in the background of party-political bickering is the polarisation of world politics into globalist multi-racialism, on the one hand, and racial/religious nationalism, on the other.

So much for the renegade régime. What of the British Nationalist movement? In order to make really significant headway in future elections, this movement has to fulfil three conditions:-

  • It must decide the fundamental commitments which will frame its manifesto, which I believe should preferably be not more than five in number.
  • It must then present these to the electorate in concrete, meaningful and unequivocal terms (not in 'balloon' slogans like 'freedom', 'democracy', etc.).
  • It must demonstrate constantly that failure to adopt these fundamental commitments is a guarantee of national decline in terms of security, prosperity and the quality of life generally; and thus invalidates any party not seen to uphold them in its manifesto.

Tackling the 'racist' charge

Meanwhile, the crudely 'racist' image of the BNP propagated by rival parties and the mass media has to be tackled head on, not ducked. Patriotism, we should declare at every opportunity, is only described as 'racism' by people lacking that basic loyalty or hostile to our race and nation. So let the label 'renegade' be applied to anyone (other than immigrants) who is seen to support multi-racialism or surrender to the European Union.

Let this be used to cancel out every allegation of 'racism', thereby throwing our opponents onto the defensive. As of now, the British nationalist campaign has to be on the offensive, making ever larger inroads into a discredited, decadent and renegade régime.

The first decade of the 21st century will surely be seen as the 'hinge of fate' for this country; the time when the renegade régime finally imploded and the British people reaffirmed their fundamental loyalties, free from alien interference and exploitation. All true nationalists are as convinced of this as they are of the law of gravity; accordingly, they see the latest election statistics as overshadowed by trends and events which signal the approaching demise of renegade politics. The sharp economic downturn forecast within the next two or three years will be the precipitating factor, attended as it will be, by increasing social instability.

Regardless of a discredited electoral process, therefore, tomorrow belongs to us!

    Spearhead Online