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Massive blow against EU

There can be no doubting the huge significance of the 'no' verdicts in the recent French and Dutch referenda on the new European Constitution. These verdicts amount to far more than mere opposition to the small print of the Treaty, something which only a very few voters in France or Holland would have bothered to read, let alone understand. They are a firm declaration that the ordinary people (whom the Eurocrats look down on and despise) have had enough of 'Europe' and the meddlesome ways in which its masters habitually try to poke their noses into every nook and cranny of the national affairs of the member states.

We have said it often enough before and we will say it again: The European Union is doomed to fall apart. The only question to be decided is how long this will take to happen or, more precisely, how long it will take before the fact is candidly and honestly admitted by all. There is, for the moment, a huge vested interest in the EU; and those who have a finger in that interest will cling on for as long as possible to the illusion that this gigantically parasitical institution has a future and a purpose. There are many thousands of highly paid jobs and the outrageous perks that go with them. There are fancy positions and titles, hung on to by great numbers of people of very small distinction who in properly ordered societies would be obscure nobodies. There is power of the kind beloved by the sort of people to whom it acts as an intoxicant – not the power to perform great works, but power merely to be wielded for its own sake. Last not least, there are the Czars of the New World Order, the globalist élite, to whom European Union is but a means to an end: the acquisition of global control through the destruction of national sovereignties and freedoms and the merging of peoples.

All these elements will fight tooth and nail to preserve the Euro dream. For the moment they have suffered a tremendous reverse; but we can be quite sure that as they lick their wounds they will be concocting new methods to expand their empire, coming forward again to present their plans for us under new guises, using new lies.

The truth is that all the benefits that might be obtained by the nations of Europe working in co-operation can be obtained without any of the institutional apparatus of the EU itself: without its Parliament, without its Commission, without its bureaucracy and without its laws. Such co-operation belongs to a very old and simple tradition in the lives of all the nations concerned. It is called Foreign Relations. Foreign relations have been conducted in past centuries between the European powers, great and small. There is a fundamental rule: two or more nations enter into such relations and co-operate when they find there is a common interest in their doing so; they do not co-operate when there is no such common interest. It is that simple. It all done through foreign offices, embassies and, more occasionally, heads of government. All this was achieved in past times a fraction of the cost of the European Union. And there was the concomitant benefit that the forefathers of these vast legions of jobs-worths who now batten on the EU gravy train were then employed doing useful work for their own nations.

For all these reasons, we regard the 'no' votes in France and Holland as merely the first steps towards what must inevitably come sooner or later: the complete break-up of the EU itself and the return of its member nations to life in the real world.

'Let them eat cake'

The above statement has been attributed perhaps apocryphally, to Queen Marie Antoinette on the occasion of her being told that the French masses were short of bread. However, whether authentic or not, it has a perfect parallel in the dismissive statement of Government Minister Margaret Hodge given in an interview last month, when she said that car workers made redundant by the closure of the Rover Company could get jobs at Tesco superstores.

The remark, understandably, caused great offence amongst Rover's former workforce. As one said: "The jobs we had at Rover were highly skilled. Working at Tesco would obviously be nothing like the same kind of work, and the pay would be nowhere near what we used to earn."

Mrs. Hodge's comments were of course stupid and irresponsible – so much so that they probably embarrassed even many of her colleagues in the Labour Government. However, she should not be pilloried personally to any excessive degree; what she said was fairly representative of the mentality of her Government, her party and most of the political class as a whole. It has long been an article of faith in Westminster that jobs in the service sector can adequately replace those lost in manufacturing. This is, of course, dangerous nonsense. Firms like Tesco can only sell goods because others produce them. Once the productive forces in the economy are allowed to go to the wall, what then? The politically fashionable theory is that we can import the lost goods from cheap-labour countries like China, Taiwan, Malaysia et al. But how are we to pay for these imports? Presumably by the services provided by Tesco and the like! But just how can these function internationally – just by millions of tourists coming here and exchanging their dollars, Euros and yen for Tesco goods and then taking them home again, in gigantic freighters hired for the purpose perhaps?

Governments which harbour such illusions will lead their nations to ruin and extinction. But the ultimate price to be paid will probably not affect people like Margaret Hodge, who will enjoy rewarding political careers as servants of a dying system before moving on to other things, such as, perhaps, consultants in the City – who knows, even as business advisers to Tesco!

Bore of the century

For a large part of May and at least half of June, people switching on their television sets might have been forgiven for thinking that there was no more important news item on this planet than the trial in California of an androgynous stage performer who had been suspected of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Michael Jackson, born a black male, has been trying throughout his life to transform himself by cosmetic surgery into a white female. In a normal world such people would be of interest only to that minority who patronise freak shows. However, Mr. (or should it be Miss?) Jackson has an act that seems to attract a fan club of countless millions. Just why will remain a riddle to all whose tastes have not been corrupted by the spiritually corrosive drug of modern 'pop' promoted by a huge industry dependent for its profits on legions of morons who have been systematically alienated from their traditional folk cultures and recruited as 'groupies' of a universal anti-culture consisting of baby music, inanely empty lyrics and, sometimes, performers prancing about as befits members of primitive jungle tribes acting out their mindless rituals.

As most people know, these oddities have now become the new aristocracy. They dwell in stately homes around the world so expensive in their sumptuousness that many of the real aristocrats who once owned them can no longer afford them. While leftist envy and hate was directed at the latter for their imagined luxury and ostentation – acquired on the backs of the workers, so the supposition goes – no such leftist envy or hate focuses on the patricians of the pop world who now inhabit these palaces; on the contrary, reverential worship is their unquestioned right – with TV moguls, of course, leading the ranks of fawning courtiers!

Mr./Miss Jackson was – how tragically! – taken one momentous day from one of these opulent estates, a ranch in Santa Maria County, California, we understand, and made to appear in court on the charges mentioned. From that time until halfway through last month none of us, anywhere, was allowed to forget about the event. It dominated our news bulletins evening after evening and for much of the daytime too. And between simulated shots of the court proceedings we witnessed television reporters on both sides of the Atlantic talking to each other about the trial with grave faces and in tones suggestive that some development of tremendous historical importance was taking place – a development which could have immense effects on our future lives!

Finally, the central figure in all the sick farce was acquitted. But then the jury responsible went on air and opined that he had in fact done the deed for which he had been charged, but got off because of lack of adequate proof on which to convict him.

This has given the Jackson industry new material with which to bore us all to death over the coming months. Did he or didn't he? That is the big question over which the hordes of TV-conditioned zombies can now reflect and argue – until a new cause célèbre comes along to occupy their adolescent minds.

In such ways are the citizens of 'democracy' provided with their bread and circuses while the emperors fiddle and burn!

The world's wheelie bin

Early last month the captain of a Danish container ship picked up a boatload of would-be immigrants – reported to be Somalis, Tunisians and a Palestinian – off the coast of Sicily, where their ill-equipped, open-top boat showed signs of being in trouble. Where to put them to shore? Well, the obvious places were the nearest ports of call on the ship's passage through the Mediterranean. But no! The captain, Kjartan Davidsen, took them all the way to – guess where! – Felixstowe, Suffolk, where they were duly landed on the British authorities and made their (and our) problem.

So why did the captain take them all the way here? Silly question! He knew, as everyone knows, that Britain is the world's most famous and favoured 'soft touch' for immigrants, and that therefore he would have the least trouble negotiating their disembarkation in this country.

Makes you proud to be British, doesn't it?

'Visual evidence'

On TV on the night of 1st June viewers were treated to some horrific shots purporting to be of Serb paramilitaries murdering Muslim youths near Srebenica in 1995. The bodies of the youths were shown to be emaciated and their hands were bound. All very awful!

The incident was again given an airing in The Daily Telegraph two days later, with a report under the headline 'Serbs stunned by pictures of massacre at Srebenica'. In the report it was stated that the current Serbian President Boris Tadic had gone on television to tell viewers that the pictures were proof of the 'monstrous' crimes committed in the country's name during the Yugoslav wars – crimes for which "many senior Serbs are already convicted or on trial."

Now there is something puzzling about this whole story. Just why would the alleged perpetrators of these murders take the trouble to have them filmed as they were taking place – providing most convenient 'evidence' for their enemies and future prosecutors to use against them? It is the normal and rational thing to do, when such grisly actions are occurring, for the guilty ones to do everything possible to hush them up. There is a stink here.

We must remember that in modern times the Serbs have become the international 'bad guys', just as the Germans were the bad guys of 60-70 years ago. Maybe some of these Serbs are as bad as they are made out to be, but we suspect the majority are not. But are those Serbs, in addition to all this, utterly stupid? Would they record their crimes, real or supposed, on film? And the same question needs to be asked of all such pictorial 'evidence' that has been used since the invention of photography. Can the camera lie? It damned well can – particularly with modern filming techniques. Whenever the atrocity photos appear, we should be on our guard!

While the cat's away

'Celebrate' is the name that has been given to an all-European 'gay' police conference, due to take place over 30th June and 1st July. Where will it be held? Where else? London of course! To be exact, the 'Novotel' London West Conference Centre.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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