The Truth about 'Institutional Racism'    
    Robert Colby    

Whites are now the only group whose interests are not being promoted by state institutions, such as TV and the law.

There has been much talk in the controlled media recently about 'institutional racism' within the police, the education system, the media and other public bodies. The very phrase 'institutional racism' of course conceals the hidden liberal agenda, implying that anything which protects or advances the interests of the white majority in our own country is somehow wrong, and therefore needs to be rectified. In fact, an objective examination of what is actually happening quickly reveals that the only people to be the victims of serious and sustained 'institutional racism' are - you've guessed it - native British Whites!

Anti-white bias on television

One of the most powerful state institutions - some would argue the most powerful - is of course the BBC, particularly BBC Television. Is television 'racist' in the liberal sense of the word? It is hard to see in what way ethnic minorities are being abused, under-represented or attacked in any way on BBC TV (or indeed any of the independent TV networks). On the contrary, the liberal élite who control this formidable propaganda tool seem to go out of their way to show the 'ethnics' up almost always in the most positive light. Indeed, liberal sensitivities on this subject are now so acute that there is a tremendous outcry from the chattering classes if a member of an ethnic minority is shown in an unflattering situation.

Witness the squeals of protest a few months ago when a black character in the popular soap Coronation Street was depicted as a burglar. To pacify the 'anti-racist' lobby, it now usually happens that on the rare occasions when a TV crime drama features a black or Asian lawbreaker this will be balanced by the appearance of an admirable police constable from one of the ethnic minorities taking part in his arrest, and then probably a lawyer from one of those minorities acting as prosecution counsel in his trial - not to mention, of course, the good dusky doctor who will be found treating him if he gets hurt!

Dramatic portrayals of pimps, drug-dealers, muggers, rapists and other unsavoury characters in the various soaps are almost always played as, and by, Whites.

Readers of this article will be all too familiar with the following storyline:-

Evil white 'racist' leads hate campaign against innocent and loveable black character, culminating in a dramatic and shocking act of violence. At this point, point, the white racist's plan backfires. His petrol bomb explodes prematurely (indicating also that he is stupid), engulfing him in flames likely to result in a well-deserved death. But wait! His intended black victim happens to come along at that very moment, and selflessly risks his own life to save the racist. Recovering in his hospital bed, the hapless white man is sternly admonished by a liberal policeman/doctor/nurse (very possibly black) on the evils of racism.

This liberal morality tale is simply a slightly more sophisticated version of those mawkish 'anti-racist' films from the 1960s, often starring the likes of Sidney Poitier. The liberal agenda which underpins this type of nonsense might at first seem so laughable that no intelligent, independently minded person could swallow it - until it is remembered that the majority of people in our educationally dumbed-down society are not intelligent or independently minded enough to work things out for themselves. Nick Griffin (Spearhead No. 361) gave a precise figure on this:-

"The most crucial fact of all is that diffusion research all over the world has shown that only a very small proportion of any given population - in the region of a mere 2.5 per cent - will ever make up their own minds to adopt a new innovation."

How often have you heard someone self-righteously proclaim: "Of course, I don't believe what I see on TV" - only to hear him a few minutes later quite unconsciously parroting some liberal jargon he's picked up from the box?

No joke

Promotion of the liberal agenda on television, whilst mostly unsubtle, is in fact far from being laughable or puerile. It works, to a very great extent. Most people watch television to be entertained, and those who control the medium are well aware of this. This is why most propaganda is disseminated, not through news or documentary programmes, when people are more 'on their guard', but through entertainment items such as the soaps and popular 'dramas'. This is why shows like Eastenders portray a kind of liberal fantasy world, free from racial conflict (unless introduced by sinister 'outsiders'), where homosexual and bisexual characters rub shoulders with the rest of the community at the Queen Vic (with no adverse criticism or comment, even from the older people there), and the only person with AIDS is a heterosexual. In this Alice-through-the-looking-glass world of liberalism, anything goes, whether it be drug-taking, incest, homosexuality or mixed marriages.

Anti-white stereotyping

If non-Whites have little cause for concern over 'institutional racism' in the media, what of the majority white population? Here there is cause for a great deal of concern. White people are regarded as fair game for racial stereotyping. Any insult, falsehood or attack may be levelled at us through the medium of television, and we will not find pro-white 'watchdogs' then raising protest on our behalf. Whole TV mini-series have been created to portray white history in a bad light. Anyone watching Roots could be forgiven for thinking that white people were the sole perpetrators of slavery and Africans its sole victims. Never mind that slavery in America and the British Empire lasted barely two hundred years, whilst elsewhere it existed for thousands of years - and still exists.

And as for those beastly Germans, of course, a multibillion-dollar entertainment industry has been created to vilify them. It has long been a principle of law in civilised countries that if someone is charged with a crime they are at least permitted a fair hearing to defend themselves. This is certainly not the case with the German Nation. Indeed, in some countries, notably France and Germany itself, 'Holocaust' denial is a criminal offence. If Basil Fawlty's stereotyping of Germans had been directed at any other group - Jews, Blacks, Asians - John Cleese would have been in a jail cell so fast his feet would hardly have touched the ground.

Under-representation of whites

The other old chestnut trotted out by liberals is that there are not enough ethnic-minority members among people in the media. This is the biggest lie of all. Apart from the numerous black and Asian producers, directors and administrative staff who work in the television industry, there is one particular minority which is certainly vastly over-represented at the highest levels. Considering that these people amount to less than one per cent of the population as a whole, their position at the top of British television is nothing less than astonishing. One Alan Yentob is the Director of Programmes for BBC1 and BBC2. Channel Four is headed by Michael Grade (family name Winogradsky), who replaced Jeremy Isaacs. Channel Five is owned by the exotically named Moses Znaimer, and run by one David Elstein. The big cheese at ITV is Michael Green, who owns the powerful Carlton TV. ITV's controller of entertainment is Claudia Rosenkrantz. If we are to tackle the problem of 'institutional racism', perhaps the best place to start would be at the rotten heart of the British power structure. It is time to get greater representation for indigenous Britons within our own cultural institutions.

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