We've All Been Taken for a Ride    
    Colin Vernon examines the nature of homosexuality    

Sensitive ladies may be offended by parts of this article and, likewise, it may not be suitable for innocent children unless some additional guidance is provided.

My Oxford Concise Dictionary (1975 edition) provides the following definition of the word 'gay': "Full of disposal to or indicating mirth, light hearted, sportive; airy, offhand." My Universal Dictionary of the English Language gives it as: "Filled with, expressing, inclined to, joy, and lively feeling; merry, light-hearted, cheerful." There is, as can readily be seen, nothing 'gay' about the activities of the sodomist. In straightforward terms, and with apologies to the sensitive reader, he is a person who obtains sexual gratification by inserting his member into the anal orifice of another man.

This monstrous practice is also known as buggery, and was, at one time and very understandably, illegal in most countries of the Western World. Sadly, this word, with its hideous implications, has slipped into common usage as an expletive in expressions of emotion, such as: "Well, I'm buggered!" It is, however, unlikely that those who use such words are truly conscious of their implications, any more than those who use certain four-letter words consider them to have any reference to normal sexual activity.


The term 'toyboy' has, regrettably, also become part of our language, and it is undeniable that some ladies, past their prime, hanker after an affair with a virile younger man. But, on the other hand, it is unusual to read about very young boys being abused by women. Almost always, they are the victims of homosexual perverts, being sought out by men so depraved that only violent penetration of innocence satisfies their lust. And, while we know only too well the dangers that beset our little girls, we also know that the proportion of child-abusers is much higher among sodomites than among heterosexuals. Yet these people believe that they should be allowed to raise families! Would you give the keys of your home to a burglar or put Count Dracula in charge of a blood bank?

The scourge of the 20th century

They called it AIDS. It came out of Africa and is largely contracted and transmitted by way of anal intercourse. For years, the luvvies tried to keep this from us, suggesting that we were all to blame. But, unusually, on this occasion the truth just would not go away. Allegedly, in some African states women are taken perversely as a form of contraception. And it is well known that prostitutes in Nairobi (poor things; I am not blaming them) are required to service their clients in whatever manner is demanded. Foolish men from our islands, unable to control themselves, have brought back home the rewards of a few minutes' lust and passed this on to their wives; and the promiscuous amongst these ladies have, as it were, kept the ball rolling. When you consider how much progress we in the West have made in combating killer diseases, it is truly sickening to discover what we have imported.

The politics of sin

Ron Davies, Peter Mandelson, Chris Smith - this is no ordinary rogue's gallery but just a few of the queers - yes, queers - who are, or have been, in senior offices under Tony Blair's New Labour. Extrapolating from this basis, we may deduce that there must be a few dozen more in the parliamentary party, and it is certain that the Tories and Lib-Dems nurture several more still, not to mention their best friends like ex-Minister Edwina Currie, who has always been openly in favour of young British men being available for buggery at the earliest possible age. Naturally, none of these perverts, or their allies, advertise their interest in depravity when they seek our votes. They rightly suspect that, notwithstanding years of brainwashing sponsored by the 'gay' lobby, most ordinary folk are still somewhat 'bigoted' when it comes actually to condoning anal sex of any kind.

The great fight back

When the truth is stood on its head, it is certain that men and women of integrity will notice the inversion and band together to put matters straight. They will not succeed by moaning behind closed doors. The very vocal queer lobby is led and encouraged by so-called 'personalities', including a lot of actors - names and faces familiar to many households, whose addiction to buggery confers upon it some sort of 'respectability' in the minds of more simple folk. Of course, no headway will be made by the pointless crime of 'queer-bashing'. Instead, we need to bring the discussion out into the open - into the pubs and clubs and over the garden fence. We need to quiz our would-be MPs on their views on this subject and reject soft, meaningless answers. Above all, we have to convince society of the pressing need to push these people offstage and assert the morality that made our nation great. If I may revert to my own vernacular of the 1930s, it is time to tell these nancy boys that we have had enough of them!

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