Ethnic Cleansing in Britain    
    Bernard Wright relates the ordeal of a family in Oldham, Lancashire    

The following story should illustrate to British people what the British National Party is fighting for.

A colleague and I recently visited a white family in Oldham who had made an enquiry about the party. For reasons that will become apparent, they wish to be nameless.

The wife told us that a year ago her husband had been savagely beaten up for no reason at all by a group of Asians while he was walking his dog. No arrests were made.

Then six months afterwards, some local Asian females started continually running past the family's house in the early hours of the morning making loud noises which kept the couple's children (two and four years old) awake. The mother asked the Asians to stop but they only made even louder noises, so she took a photograph of the offenders.

The next night she was visited by an Asian man who demanded the photo and became aggressive and abusive when the couple refused to hand it over. Threats were made, which were carried out the night after. Windows were smashed, which caused the husband to run out to chase the offender. It was a set-up. After rounding a corner, he ran into a gang of eight Asian men wielding baseball bats, who severely beat him up.

The police were called and they were given the culprits' identities, yet again no arrests were made.

The family were again visited by an Asian, who said it wasn't over. He meant it. The family's house was attacked shortly afterwards; the telephone wires were ripped out of the connection box and further damage was caused.

The police and council responded by moving the family to another house in a predominantly white area.

To this day, no arrests have been made. The local paper has shown no interest. No council member has spoken up for the family. Witnesses who at first gave the police their names have since been threatened, and consequently backed away from giving evidence.

The family in question have now been abandoned by the local authority. The fact is that you can't keep on re-housing people when the situation just keeps getting worse. Just what is the future for the white people of Oldham?

The couple are now BNP members. This is just one case that we stumbled upon by accident. There must be many more which go unreported and we never get to know about.

To add insult to injury, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is fighting the claim by the beaten-up husband on the grounds that when he went out to apprehend the attackers of his property he contributed to the assault!

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