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Please note - prices listed below will now be inaccuracte, as correct for 2005

Abolition of Britain, The (Peter Hitchens) £9.95. The cultural revolution from Lady Chatterley to Tony Blair.

Adrien Arcand (Unknown Author) £5.00. A report of the Kingston Convention and the Massey Hall Rally held in Canada 1938 by the National Unity Party led by Adrien Arcand.

Advance to Barbarism (F.J.P. Veale) £13.95. Shows how warfare has degenerated into some of the worst levels known in history.

A.K. Chesterton's Memorial Archive, The £14.45. Three of AKC's booklets produced during the 1950s which throw much light on Britain today. A.K. Chesterton's clear exposition of the malevolent malaise affecting Britain, and the solutions required to correct the situation, can be regarded as being the seminal and guiding influence of the national Front, and later, when it was formed, the BNP.

Alberta Experiment, The (C.H. Douglas) £10.00. The founder of the Social Credit Movement explains what happened when social credit policies were adopted in the Canadian Province.

Alfred's Metres of Boethius (ed. Bill Griffiths) £14.95. Clarity of text and informative notes give this study a most approachable presentation of Old English verse. King Alfred rebuilt the Latin verses from Boethius's 'On The Consolation of Philosophy' into a new alliterative poetry.

Alien (The General League of Anti-Communist Associations 1933) £7.00. The true story of the alien domination of Weimar Germany 1919-1932. Introduction by Dr. E.R.Fields.

Alien Menace, The (Lt. Col. A.H. Lane) £5.00 Early warnings against immigration. First published 1928.

Alternative, The (Hilaire Belloc) £1.50. An article originally written during Mr Belloc's Parliamentary days, for St. George's Review and since revised.

Ancient Eugenics (Allen G. Roper, BA) £3.50. How our forefathers maintained the quality of the race.

...And The Truth Shall Set You Free (David Icke) £15.95. Although ridiculed and misquoted by the media, David Icke says much with which nationalists will agree.

Anglo-American Establishment, The (Carroll Quigley) £12.95. A study of the groups which work behind the scenes to influence events, and a factual appraisal of the realities of power politics.

Anglo-Italian Symposium 1938, £7.00. Presentations by Ezra Pound, Rev. Nye, Father Copleston J.C., Lt. Col. Cyril Rocke, Rear Admiral W.E.R. Martin and others at the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Pavia.

Anglo-Saxon Riddles (John Porter) £4.95. Ingenious characters who speak their names in riddles. A sparkling translation retaining all their original vigour and subtlety.

Animal Welfare in Germany (K. R. Bolton) £3.90. An impartial look at some pioneer legislation which was quickly repealed by the allies after World War II.

Anti-Semitism and the Babylonian Connection (Des Griffiths) £9.75. An investigation into this fascinating and yet vexing question.

Anton Pavelic and the Ushtasi (Rev K. James Warner) £2.75. A brief history of the Croatian nationalist movement.

Arriba Espana (Major F. Yeats Brown) £7.00 An eye-witness and professional view of the situation in Spain during the Civil War.

Aryan Portraits (Wolfgang Wilrich) £5.50. Forty portrait studies of Aryan racial types by the famous wartime writer.

Aspects of Anglo Saxon Magic (Bill Griffiths) £14.95. A neat division between mainstream and occult, rational and superstitious, Christian and Pagan, is not always easy to discern. The Church outlawed practices they considered evil like divination, folk healing and spells while at the same time adopting similar rituals itself.

Assassination: The Tragedy of South Africa (Jaap A. Marais) £6.00. This book charts the events which led up to and followed the political murder of Dr Verwoed and the relentless reversion back to savagery, poverty and horror which all thinking people knew would follow. The author does, however, give a glimpse of hope for the future.

Atrocities: The Moral Question (Sir Oswald Mosley) £4.50. How Europe is poisoned by hypocrisy and one-sided allegations.

Banking Swindle, The (Kerry Bolton) £4.55. Short biographies of those who have opposed the creation of credit by mere 'book entry' without regard to real wealth or productive capacity.

Barnes Review, The (sample copy) £5.50. A well produced US revisionist history magazine covering a range of topics from ancient to modern.

Battle of Maldon, The (Bill Griffiths) £4.95. Describes the famous battle between the men of Essex and the Vikings fought in AD 991. The book includes source text, edited text, paralleled literal translation, verse and notes on pronunciation.

Behind Communism (Frank Britton) £5.50. A treatise on the role of Jews within the communist movement.

Behind Communism in Africa (Ivor Benson) £3.30.A look at the forces that were against white South Africa.

Behind The Lodge Door (Paul A. Fisher) £16.75. About the influence of Masonic secret societies on church and state.

Bell Curve, The (Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray) £19.95. Breaks new ground and old taboos! Describes the deliberate creation of a new underclass, with racial connotations.

Beowulf (John Porter) £8.95. The verse in which the story unfolds is the finest writing in old English text that exists. A literal word-by-word translation is printed opposite the edited text.

Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The (Greg Palast) £9.95. An investigative reporter exposes the truth about globilsation, corporate confidence tricks and high finance fraudsters.

Beyond Tears (Catherine Buckle) £14.95. The tragic story of the post-colonial history of Rhodesia, with the country's reversion to barbarism, famine and horror.

Bible and Race, The (Captain Kenneth McKilliam) £2.10. A little booklet to enable clerics and others to understand the bible and its racial message.

Biology of the Race Problem (Professor W. George) £3.30. A comprehensive introduction into racial differences with indisputable scientific data.

Bitter Harvest (Ian Smith) £20.00. The great betrayal and the dreadful aftermath of 'independence' in Rhodesia by Africa's most controversial leader.

Blackshirts on Sea (J. A. Booker) £19.50. A pictorial record of the British Union pre-war summer camps with comprehensive text.

Blind Watchmaker (Richard Dawkins) £10.00. Described in The Good Book Guide by Dr. John Gribbin as possibly the most important work on evolution since that by Charles Darwin.

Blowing the Whistle (Paul van Buitenen) £12.99. One man's fight against fraud within the European Commission.


Brazil: A study in Racial Integration and National Weakness (Seth Adamson) £2.75. How a nation with every natural resource failed to develop and remained in the Thord World.

Break His Bones (Bradley R. Smith). £12.99. Reveals the systematic attempts at the suppression of historical revisionism in the USA.

British Peace and How to Get it, The (Oswald Mosley) £4.00. A proposal for peace published after the Second World War broke out.

British Press, The ('Boreas') £2.75. Although published in 1939, readers will spot an uncanny similarity with the situation in Britain today.

By Way of Deception (Victor Ostrovsky) £11.00. A former Mossad (Israeli intelligence Service) agent defects and tells his amazing story.

Cambridge Spies, The (Verne W. Newton) £18.00. The untold story of the traitors MacLean, Philby and Burgess and their activities in the USA.

Camp of the Saints, The (Jean Raspail) £12.00. A work of fiction that has almost come true: the overwhelming and destruction of Europe by immigrants from the Third World.

Can Liberals be Educated? (Prof. Revilo P. Oliver) £1.30. No! The writer explains why.

Captain McKilliam Memorial Archive, The (Captain K. R. McKilliam) £10.00. Four booklets of particular interest to Christians and conspiracy students.

Captive State (George Monbiot) £15.95. The corporate take-over of Britain today is revealed.

Case for David Irving, The. (Nigel Jackson) £13.75. An exposure of the selective censorship of history and free speech which proceeds at our peril.

Churchill: The End of Glory (John Charmley) £33.55. A political biography showing the actual results of Churchill's premiership.

Churchill's War Vol. I (David Irving) £25.00. The first book in a two part set. This book will change the way WorldWar II is viewed, forever.

Churchill's War Vol.II (David Irving) £25.00. The history of the middle and later years of World War Two.

Codreanu and the Iron Guard (K. Thompson) £3.90. The inspiring and tragic story of Rumania's nationalist movement.

Come on, the Green Shirts (John Hargrave) £2.75. A fascinating reprint of a booklet which first circulated in the 1930s. The Green Shirts represented the Social Credit Party, which made financial proposals to end the wicked spectre of poverty amongst plenty.

Concentration Camp Stutthof (Jurgen Graf & Carlo Mattogno) £10.00. Wonderful news for the Jewish community. This facility, that was once once widely believed to have been a German death camp, is proved by this comprehensive study to have been no more than a detention centre.

Confessions of Kurt Gerstein (H. Roques) £8.95. Many claims regarding the 'holocaust' are based on the evidence of this man. This book takes his evidence to pieces and exposes the unreliability of everything he said.

Conquest Through Immigration (George W. Robnett) £13.00. How Zionism turned Palestine into a Jewish state.

Corrupted Art and Jazz Music (John Rozmital and Henry Ford Snr.) £3.30. A concise explanation of how the distortion of European culture came about by fraud and financial control of key sectors of the art world.

Cost of a Reputation (Ian Mitchell) £17.95. About the libel case of Aldington versus Tolstoy and operation Keelhaul.

Creed of Iron (Ron McVan) £9.50. The 14-Word Press endeavours to bring Wotanist art, history, poetry, wisdom and inspiration to a wider audience.

Crucifying the Saviour of France (Henry Elmer Barnes) £3.90. The trial and imprisonment of Marshall Petain and the circumstances which lead to his fate.

Czechoslavakia: The Naked Truth about the World War Plot (G. Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers) £3.90. This little booklet really shows the pre-war situation accurately, and takes a fresh look at so called 'appeasement'.

Dark Age Naval Power (John Haywood) £14.95. The reassessment of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon seafaring activity.

Dartmoor Massacre, The (Vivian Bird) £6.00. In 1812 American prisoners were held in Dartmoor prison. This is the account of their fate.

Deadlier than the H-Bomb (Wing Cdr. Leonard Young) £8.50. An Exposure of Sovietisation by Stealth.

Death of a City (Michael McLaughlin) £3.50. The tragic story of the destruction of the city of Hamburg by wartime bombing and the resulting firestorm.

Death of King Arthur (Translated by James Cable) £6.95. Set in the twilight of the Arthurian world. The knights meet at the round table after their quest for the grail.

Deceived, Damned and Defiant (David Lane) £14.25. Sentenced to 190 years incarceration, Mr. Lane is one of the best known white political prisoners in the world today. His revolutionary writings are presented with many beautiful illustrations. Undaunted by his plight, unshakeable in his convictions, David Lane has emerged as an insurgent icon of a turbulent age.

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Edward Gibbon) £7.00. The classic history treatise edited and abridged by Dero A. Saunders.

Deculturisation of the English People (John Lovejoy) £5.95. The sad story of the process by which the English people are in essence being destroyed, and a remedy to reverse the situation.

Demjanjuk Affair, The (Yoram Sheftel) £23.00. The rise and fall of a show trial.

Diamond in the Dust (by political colleagues) £10.00. 100pp plus 4pp colour. An appreciation of Ian Stuart, his life and work.

Did Six Million Really Die (Richard Verral) £5.00. Controversial and yet good news for all alleged victims and students of the Holocaust.

Dilemma of Inter-racial Relations, The (Prof R. Gayre of Gayre) £4.50. An analysis of the problems of forcing different races together, and the results of the efforts at compulsion.

Distortion (Lt. Col. 'Jack' Mohr, US Army) £3.90. An explanation of Christian doctrine and its relation to the war against Satanism.

Do we Need Mass Immigration? (Anthony Browne) £6.00. All the reasons why immigration by the teeming masses of the Third World is bad for Britain.


Economics for Helen (Hilaire Belloc) £5.75. A complete analysis of the materialist economic creeds of the modern world, are discussed and criticised.

Empire of the City (E. C. Knuth) £11.25. An examination of the role of the international élite, based in the city of London, in advancing globalisation.

En Route to Global Occupation (Gary H. Kah) £12.75. A high ranking government liaison officer exposes the secret agenda for world unification.

Enemies of the Queen (Kitty Little, Ph.D.) £3.90. The author's personal knowledge and experiences of 'the enemy within'.

Enemy of Europe (Francis Parker Yockey and Prof. Revilo P. Oliver) £10.75. Given here is the view of the 'European Situation' by the man who was hailed by many people as America's greatest post war philosopher. Comment and analyses by Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, who has written many incisive works on current racial and social problems.

English Heroic Legends (Kathleen Herbert) £9.95. The authoress's encyclopaedic knowledge of the period is reflected in the wealth of detail she brings to these tales of adventure, passion, bloodshed and magic.

English Warrior, The (Stephen Pollington) £16.75. An attempt to get beneath the surface of Anglo-Saxon warriorhood and to investigate the rites, social attitudes, mentality and mythology of the warfare of its times.

Evil Good Men Do, The (E. J. Hamm) £10.00. About decisions by governments that have led to the ruin of Britain.

Evita, The New Feminism (Evita Peron) £3.90. A selection of essays by this much revered personality.

Exactitude (Robert H. Countess, Dr C. Lindtner and Germar Rudolf) £10.00; Eight of the world's leading revisionist historians have contributed essays concerning their research and discoveries. The book commerates Dr Robert Faurisson's 75th birthday.

Exposing the Crime of Crimes (Gerald L. K. Smith) £ 3.30. The writer was well known as one of the best orators in the U.S.A. He was the editor of the 'Cross and the Flag' magazine and was once the right hand man of Herbert Long. He lead the Christian Nationalist Crusade, and in this work, he gives his testimony to the United States Senate as to why he thinks the Communist Party should be banned in America.

Fable of the Ducks and the Hens, The £5.00. A colourful cartoon style A4 book telling the story of 'Asylum Seekers' in a modern parable form. An excellent gift for children.

Facing the Abyss (A. K. Chesterton) £3.50. The first leader of the National Front reveals secret forces behind world events.

Facts about the Bank of England (A.N. Field) £ 4.50. First published in 1938, this book is an excellent primer for all those with an interest in finance and the way it works.

Falsehood in Wartime (Arthur Ponsonby MP) £10.00. Propaganda lies of the First World War exposed.

Father Coughlin and the National League for Social Justice (Father Coughlin) £3.90. Coughlin was known as the Radio Priest and during the 1930s had a massive radio audience. He had supported Roosevelt's New Deal, but became its sternest critic when it was taken over by big business and ruined by corruption. This booklet gives a good background to Father Coughlin's work before he was prevented from continuing by his bishop.

Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds, The (Prof. Robert H. Griffin, Ph.D.) £20.00. The biography of the late Dr. William Pierce, who was the founder of the National Alliance in the USA. In this work the reader embarks a journey throughout the American patriotic movement with the details of all the main personalities, ideas and issues involved.

Fatima and the Great Conspiracy (Deidre Manifold) £10.75. An attempt to explain the meaning and truth behind the vision.

Ferance Szalasi and the Arrow Cross. £3.30. In far-away Hungary, a country about which most people know little, an epic struggle took place and a system called co-nationalism developed.

Fiend and Felon (Gerd Honsik) £10.50. The author shows the unsavoury side of Simon Wiesenthal, the notorious "nazi hunter."

Fighting the Program for Social Justice (The Social Credit Head Office) £3.90. An interesting and informative booklet by Britain's best known monetary reform organisation. It was first printed over sixty years ago.

Final Judgement (Michael Collins Piper) £20.00. A best-seller from the USA. Piper makes a convincing case to prove that the Mossad, the feared Israeli intelligence service, was involved in the assassination of JFK.

First Holocaust, The (Don Heddesheimer) £7.00. This book provides the evidence that between 1916 and 1920 many Jewish organisations were claiming that up to six million Jews would face a holocaust if they did not receive millions of dollars in aid.

Flash Point (Ingrid Weckert) £15.95. The aftermath of 'Kristallnacht', 1938 had far-reaching consequences which in turn contributed to the Second World War. This book looks at instigators, victims and beneficiaries. Some of the conclusions shatter the orthodox view of contemporary history.

For My Legionaries (Corneliu Zelea Codreanu) £12.00 The story of the life of Rumania's greatest nationalist leader and his struggle to bring justice to his people.

Founding of The Magna Carta. £6.15. A translation of the original from Latin.

French Revolution (Nesta Webster) £19.00. An excellent historical account, with descriptions of the horrors that set the scene for the more terrible events of the communist revolts in other parts of the world.

General Patton's Warning (Author Unknown) £3.30. A glimpse into the mind of 'Old Blood and Guts', as he was known by his men. Also the likely contents of his 'little black book', with which he threatened to expose the cruel treatment of German civilians when the war was over.

Generalship of Alexander the Great, The (Major-General J. F. C. Fuller) £7.25. A biography and study of one of the world's greatest war leaders.

Giant With Feet of Clay (Jurgen Graf) £10.00. A thorough critique of Raul Hilberg's 'The Destruction of European Jewry'.

Gift of Ramu, The (Alexander Baron) £3.00. A fascinating science-fiction novel about a wonderful gift to mankind and its consequences for the 'money power'.

Global Manipulators (R. Eringer) £9.00. The real power of the internationalists exposed.

Good Wagner and Opera Guide, The (Denis Foreman) £12.50. A good informative layman's guide, in spite of the author's prejudices.

Grand Design, The (Douglas Reed) £5.00. A lifetime of experience and knowledge are drawn upon to explain the hidden causes of our people's distress.

Great Money Reformers (L. Wise) £12.90. Three booklets which detail the lives and ideas of Silvio Gesell, Arthur Kitson and Frederick Soddy dealing with the 'Money Question'. A valuable background for all those who are interested in Social Credit ideas.

Grip of Death (Michael Rowbottom) £17.95. A lucid account of why virtually all the money in the economy has been created as debt to the banks.

Gruesome Harvest (Ralph Franklin Keeling) £5.25. How Allied policy makers treated their defeated foe. A compelling story of 'victors justice'. br>


Guernsey Experiment, The (Olive and Jan Grubiak) £3.75. How the government of Guernsey raised funds by issuing its own currency without interest.

Guild Alternative, The (Arthur Penty) £3.75. An answer to the chaos of the modern world based on traditional Christian social teaching.

Hall of Mirrors (David Sinclair) £18.99. The Treaty of Versailles and the injustices within it that made the Second World War inevitable.

History and Biology (Prof. Rivilo P. Oliver) £2.00. Tracing the history of mankind and its eventual fate if some form of eugenics is not brought into population management.

History of World Revolution The (The Duke of Northumberland) £4.50. The author was also the publisher of 'The Patriot' weekly newspaper, and he employed as his chief writer Nesta Webster, the famous conspiracy theorist.

Hitler: Bungling Amateur or Military Genius (A. V. Schaeffenberg) £6.50. The writer challenges conventional wisdom converning Hitler, and argues that he showed greater military ability than many of the German General Staff

Hoax of the 20th Century, The (A. R. Butz) £15.00. The most notorious, and indeed seminal work, on holocaust revisionism.

Hobbit, The (J. R. R. Tolkien) £6.95. The moral imperatives of the Northern European shine through in this great saga.

Holocaust Affirmers (Alexander Baron) £10.75. A hard look at the people pushing the 'holocaust' stories.

Holocaust - 120 Questions Answered (C. Weber) £2.00. Fact and fable examined and questioned.

Holocaust Industry, The (Norman G. Finklestein) £18.00. Reflections on the exploitation of Jewish suffering and the extortion racket used against Germany..

Horus Saves (E. A. McCallum) £5.80. An historical novel illustrating conquests of nations by religion.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain (Author unknown) £3.30. Chamberlain's life, his ideas and his legacy. Chamberlain's famous book Foundations of the 19th Century was important in showing the relationship between race and civilisation

How It Was Done (Steven Smith) £5.00. The inspiring story of the rise of Burnley BNP form almost nothing to national renown. The secret of the branch's dramatic success and many other tips on how to build a local organisation, from the man who pioneered this outstanding achievement. 75pp.

Hunter (Andrew McDonald) £9.50. An exciting fictional tale of a young man who rebels against race-mixing and 'democratic' oppression.

I Saw Poland Betrayed (A. B. Lane) £7.00. Exposing the truth of the terrible tragedy of Poland.

Innocent at Dachau (Joseph Halow) £16.95. An eye witness account by a court reporter.

IQ and Racial Differences (Prof. Henry Garrett) £5.00. A lucid brief for an educational system designed to accommodate racial variations in intelligence rather than relying upon the dangerous fiction that all races are created equal.

Irish Blueshirts (Keith Thompson) £2.75. About an organisation set firmly against both the IRA and Communism.

Iron Curtain Over America (John Beaty) £7.50. The long story about the epic struggle between Asia and Europe, from the Teutonic Knights to the Communist nuclear spies.

Iron Heel, The (Jack London) £5.50. Dealing with the financial oligarchy.

Iron Maze (Gordon Brook-Shepherd) £7.99. About the tie between Western secret services and the Bolsheviks.

Is This Justice? (The Duke of Bedford) £5.60. An account of Defence Regulation 18B during World War II, with many examples of gross injustice brought about by the imprisoning of men and women without charge or trial.

Islam and the Reich (Atualla Bogdan Kopanski PhD.) £3.30. A fascinating account of how the Islamic community volunteered to enlist in the German forces wherever and whenever they had the opportunity.

Jew, the Gipsy and El Islam, The (Sir Richard F. Burton) £19.00. This famous explorer, writer and adventurer reveals all he discovered during his exciting life.

Jewish Supremacism (David Duke) £18.00. A detailed study of how the future of the world lies in the hands of this enigmatic people.

John Hargrave and the Greenshirts (K. Bolton) 2.75. The history and development of the militant arm of the social credit movement in Britain.

José Antonio and the Spanish Falange (Rev James K. Warneer) £3.30. The inspiring story about the short life and bloody death of one of Europe's most original thinkers.

King Arthur's Place in Pre-History (W. A. Cummins) £10.95. A legend traced back to the Bronze Age, possibly linked to Stonehenge and the early Wessex culture.

Land for 'The Chosen People' Racket, The (Major C. H. Douglas) £7.50. How land is filched from the people by banks and government.

Land and the People, The (Jorian Jenks) £3.30. One of the founders of the Soil Association sets out his ideas for the revitalisation of Britain's agriculture. A pre-war Blackshirt publication.

Land Rights and Birth Rights (Peter B. English) £12.00. The great Australian hoax. An examination of the rights to ownership of former aboriginal land.

Legacy of John Lennon (David A. Noebel) £10.00. Charming or harming a generation.

Leo Frank Case and Murder of Mary Phagan, The (Dr E.R. Fields) £3.30. At last, an impartial examination of this horrible affair and the wickedness of those who, even today, attempt to hide the facts.

Leon Degrelle and the Rexist Party, 1935-40 (Dr E.R. Fields) £2.75. The fascinating story of the life of one of the most awe-inspiring men in Belgian and European history

Leuchter Report, The (Fred Leuchter) £4.50. A professional forensic examination of the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Liars Ought to Have Good Memories (Alexander Baron) £4.95. An accurate exposure of the workings of the 'Jewish lie factory' otherwise known as 'Searchlight' Magazine.


Life of John Birch, The (Robert Welch) £8.00. The life story of the man who gave his name to one of the most important anti-Communist movements in America.

Lifting the Lid off the ADL (William Pierce) £2.75. An astounding revelation about the real haters within the media.

Lightning and the Sun, The (Savitri Devi) £8.95. Three figures from history compared: Akhnaton, Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler.

Lincoln's Negro Policy (Ernest Sevier Cox) £4.95. Contrary to what is currently believed, President Lincoln planned repatriation for America's Blacks.

Lindberg's Fight for America (Jim Peron) £2.10. The activities of this famous aviator campaigning for peace during the pre-war period are revealed.

Looking for the Lost Gods of England (Kathleen Herbert) £4.95. The tales, beliefs and traditions of ancient times are still with us and are able to stir our minds and imaginations.

Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien) £16.75. A novel based on British folklore describing a mythical world and the battle between good and evil.

Macpherson Report, The (Dr. Frank Ellis) £5.75. About the hysteria from the legal establishment over the breakdown of the multi-racial society.

Majdanek: An Historical and Technical Study (Carlos Mattogno and Jurgen Graf) £18.00 This infamous concentration camp is investigated in detail and for the first time a true picture of exactly what went on there is revealed.

Man and Technics (Oswald Spengler) £4.50. A contribution of ideas and philosophy by a great thinker.

March to Sanity (Major-General J. F. C. Fuller) £4.50. Common sense ideas that could have saved Britain from the horrors of war.

Mau Mau Oaths (A.K. Chesterton) £3.30. Evidence of the unbelievably barbaric and inhuman initiation ceremonies of this so-called gang of 'Freedom Fighters'.

Mead-Hall, The (Stephen Pollington) £14.95. Communal meals were an important feature of Anglo Saxon society. Some were ritual and others informal. A comprehensive study of the subject is here presented.

Mel Gibson and the Pharisees (Ed. Kerry Bolton) £5.00. The tribulations of a producer who tried to make a film ('The Passion') with an accurate portrayal of the death of Christ.

Might is Right (Ragnar Redbeard) £9.95. Many people believe that the original author may have been Jack London, but this new work with additional commentary and notes emphasises the main thesis, that struggle and courage will be required to save our folk from destruction.

Mind Britain's Business (Captain Gordon Canning) £2.50. A foreign policy to bring peace and security. Pre-war but still relevant today.

Money! Questions and Answers (Father Charles E. Coughlin) £10.75. The famous inter-war American 'Radio Priest' explains why money should be the servant of the people and not its master.

Moses Hess: Prophet of Communism and Zionism (Shlomo Avineri) £6.50. Why do Communism and Zionism both have the same destructive ends? This book investigates.

Mosley's Blackshirt Airmen (Keith Thompson) £3.00. Aircraft makers, airmen and war heroes.

Mosley's Men in Black (John Millican) £30.00. This hard cover book, which contains many illustrations in full colour, gives details of the flags, insignia, uniforms and badges of the pre-war BUF. In addition, there are many fine portraits of the leading personalities.

Motorways for Britain (A. Raven Thompson) £1.50. Constructive solutions for traffic chaos. First published in 1937.

Murder (Frank Schmidt) £2.75. The dreadful story of the almost complete extermination of the Swabian and Danube Germans after the Second World War.

Music in the Third Reich (A. V. Schaffenberg) £3.30. Fascinating history of suppressed talent.

My Awakening (David Duke) £24.00. One of the finest books dealing with issues which are of concern to white men everywhere.

My Banned Holocaust Interview (Carlo Mattogno) £6.50. A leading Italian historical revisionist had his studies and conclusions banned. This is his work published privately.

Myth of the Noble Savage, The (K. R. Bolton) £6.75. The falsification of history as a cultural weapon.

Nameless War, The (Capt. A. H. M. Ramsay) £11.00. A nationalist classic. The struggle for the soul of Europe and the White Race. Hidden forces behind World War II and the identity of the real victors.

Nanny Knows Best (A. Rosenbaum) £4.95. A not too far-fetched tale of political correctness that has become insane.

Nobilitas (Alexander Jacob) £12.00. A study of aristocratic philosophy from ancient Greece to the early twentieth century.

Norse Poems (W. H. Auden and P. B. Taylor) £7.60. Old Icelandic poems translated to capture the rhythmic quality of the originals.

Occupation (Paul Comben) £3.00. A book of nationalist poetry.

Onward Christian Soldiers (Donald Day) £4.00. Propaganda and censorship in Eastern Europe. A man's struggle for truth; 1920-1942.

Open Sesame (B. E. Biggs) £1.50. Poetry from a stalwart patriot.

Origins of the Second World War (A.J.P. Taylor) £9.75. The classic work by this most respected historian, which began the trend towards revising many previously held views on the causes of World War II.

Oswald Pirow, the founder and Leader of the South African New Order (Oswald Pirow) £5.00. In this booklet Oswald Pirow describes his 1938 diplomatic mission to Europe during which he met the leaders of Portugal, Spain, Germany and Britain. His search for ways to avoid war and, failing that, to keep South Africa neutral were not to be fulfilled. This record reveals many of the problems that contributed towards the pre-war peace movement.

Other Concentration Camps (Jeffrey Hamm) £2.75. Born in South Wales and arrested in the Falkland Islands in 1940, he was interned without charge or trial. This is the story.

Our Financial Masters (A. Raven Thomson) £3.90. A pre-war look at the money power and its control.

Out of Step (Arnold Leese) £4.00. The life story of the pre-war leader of the Imperial Fascist League.


Overcrowded Britain (Ashley Mote) £8.95. An examination of the evil policies that have led to real Britons becoming a disadvantaged group within their country and threatened with racial extinction.

Palestinian Catastrophe (Michael Palumbo) £9.00. a book about the 1948 expulsions of a people from their homes and lands.

Party System, The (Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton) £4.00. A critique of the fraudulent parliamentary system. First written in 1911, this edition has a preface by Aidan Mackey.

Peace Weavers and Shield Maidens (Kathleen Herbert) £4.95. About women in early English society. One thousand years before the Normans came, British women were playing an important role in the making of our nation.

Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy, The (Ian Arthurson) £10.95. Warbeck claimed to be one of the Princes murdered in the Tower of London. He was used by those in power and came close to changing the course of European history.

Plagiarism and the Culture War (Theodore Papas) £14.95. The writings of Martin Luther King Jnr. and other prominent Americans.

Poisoned Chalice (Henry Klein) £4.50. The autobiographical story of the lawyer who defended those who wanted peace with Germany during the 'Great Sedition Trial' in the USA.

Policeman's Narrative, A (Henry A. Clark) £7.00. Witchcraft and murder in Zimbabwe.

Populism and Élitism (Prof. Revilo P. Oliver) £4.95. A study of the influences of élite groups on societies throughout history.

Protoculs and the Push for World Government, The (Admiral Sir Barry Domville) £2.10. An analysis of what the 'Protoculs' forecast, compared with what has actually taken place.

Protoculs of the Learned Elders of Zion in Context, The (Kerry Bolton) £9.30. a study of this amazing document from both an historical adn contemporary viewpoint.

Prodigal Genius (John J. O'Neill) £18.50. The life of Nikola Tesla, the great inventor that history forgot.

Race Books (J. B. Isherwood) £5.00. Four vital booklets: Man's Racial Nature; Racial Kinship; Race and Politics and Religion and the Racial Controversy.

Racial Realities In Europe (Lothrop Stoddard) £7.25. An examination of the various ethnic types that made up modern Europe before the current black invasion.

Radio Priest and the Union for Social Justice, The (Father Charles E. Coughlin) £3.90. This book contains a 20 page transcript of a broadcast made by the 'Radio League of the Little Flower'. Father Coughlin, the most popular churchman of his generation in the USA, here defends himself against a vicious attack by General Hugh Johnson.

Real Cheats and Fraudsters, The (E. Morgan) £2.75. How governments fleece the people out of their hard earned cash.

Rebirth of England and English (Fr. Andrew Phillips) £4.95. The vision of the Dorset poet William Barnes (1801-86). In search of our post industrial age, the folk nationalist will learn much from this book.

Rebuilding Russia (Alexander Solzenitsyn) £8.00. Reflections and proposals from this talented and extraordinary man.

Recovery (Kerry Bolton) £3.30. The story of Gottfried Feder and how Germany broke out of the economic recession of the early 1930s.

Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans (Professor Hans Gunther) £7.95. Translated by the late Vivian Bird. A study of the pre-Christian faiths of our people.

Revisionist, The (Journal for Critical Historical Inquiry) £10.00. The first and third volumes of the latest findings of researchers into the 'holocaust' and the issues that surround it. A must for all those involved in 'Holocaust' Studies.

Rising Tide of Colour, The (Lothrop Stoddard) £7.25. The growing demographic threat to white survival. A very relevant warning for the present generation.

Robin Hood (J. Ritson) £11.50. Ancient poems, songs and ballads. First published in 1795.

Rudolf Report, The (Germar Rudolf) £20.00. A scientific examination of the Auschwitz 'gas chambers'. 450 pages.

Runes (J. Dees) £11.95. An entertaining and instructive book on the meaning of these ancient symbols and the mythology of each individual sign. A beautiful production.

Second World War in Photographs, The (Imperial War Museum) £21.95. A large-format book by world-famous photographers.

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (Nesta Webster) £17.95. Argues the case for suspecting a directing influence behind most secret groups.

Seeing Red, Being Green (Denis Hill) £10.50. The autobiography of a working class man who began as a communist, and due to a process of logical deduction and experience, develops views that would make him welcome at any gathering of the BNP.

Selections from BUF Quarterly (Ed Dr E.R. Fields) £10.00 A fascinating collection of writings published circa 1935-40 by such personalities as Anne Brock Griggs, Ezra Pound, Roy Campbell, Wyndham Lewis, A.K. Chesterton, Prof A. P. Laurie and others.

Serpents Walk (Randolph D. Calverhall) £7.95. A fictional story of a revolution in 2049. This time, as the author says "The good guys win."

Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell No 7 (Ernst Zündel) £10.00. The story of vengeance by the Canadian government against a man who dared to challenge the orthodox version of the 'Holocaust'.

Settlers in Eastern and Central Africa (Captain K. R. McKilliam) £3.90. A first hand view by a colonial education officer of how white rule was undermined by British politicians, to the detriment of the native Africans.

Silent Spring (Rachel Carson) £7.00. This was one of the first popular mainstream books to awaken many people to the importance of envirnmental issues.

Silver Saga, The (Fiona A. Philpott) £8.95. Beautifully illustrated in colour this book is a study of the arts and crafts of the Vikings. It concentrates upon the Viking treasures found in the North and West of Britain.

Six Million Reconsidered (Dave McCalden) £8.95. An illustrated history of 'holocausts throughout the ages. 136 pages.

Soviet Evidence of Katyn (Carlos Porter) £2.75. A detailed exposure of the Soviet lies regarding the brutal Katyn killings and how the Germans were blamed.

Stalin's War of Extermination 1941-45. (Joachim Hoffman) £30.00. This book details the German army's desperate attempt to frustrate Soviet plans to subjugate Europe.

State Secrets (Count Leon de Poncins) £16.95. A study of 20th Century power politics and the 'behind the scenes' influences that shape the course of history.

Stranger Than Fiction (Anon.) £8.00. An amazing and detailed report of the 'hidden hand' behind the destruction of the World Trade Centre. Convincing and authenticated revelations and research.


Struggle for World Power, The (George Knupffer) £9.95. The bid for global control by the faceless men of the secret world-government.

Stutthof: Its Function in Regard to National Socialist Jewish Policy (Carlo Mattogno and Jungen Graf) £10.00. A thorough examination of all the details surrounding the alleged German death camp.

Talmud Unmasked (Revd. I. B. Pranaitis) £11.00. This much talked of Jewish book researched and translated as a useful tool in the understanding of modern Jewish aspirations.

Tastes of Anglo Saxon England (Mary Savelli) £4.95. 46 recipes that will enable you to enjoy flavours widely known in Anglo Saxon England but rarely experienced today.

Taxation and the People (Sir Oswald Mosley) £3.30. Proposals for a fairer system for all.

Teddy Bare (Zad Rust) £11.00. About the last of the Kennedy Brothers.

Temple of Wotan (Ron McVan) £18.50. The mysteries of antiquity. The ethnic spiritual mythos of the Euro-Pagan world explained with the ceremonies and rituals of Wotanism.

That Bastard Churchill (Major M. F. Thurgood) £5.60. A blistering attack on the warlord Churchill and an exposure of his disastrous financial policies, vile temper, tragic wartime strategy and pet foibles.

They Dare Speak Out (Paul Findley) £16.95. Many examples of how the Israeli lobby in the USA ruin politicians, academics and patriotic citizens who dare even to ask for debate on the Palestine question.

Thinkers of the Right, Challenging Materialism (K. R. Bolton) £12.50. Great writers and thinkers of the 20th century who supported the 'Radical Right'. Included among the 13 subjects are Evola, Marinetti, Williamson, Campbell, Yeats, Pound, Mishima and D H. Lawrence.

Thug or a Million Murders (Co. James L. Sleeman) £12.50. The devotees of the cult of 'Thuggee' in India were murderers who belived they had the protection of the goddess Kali. The writer's grandfather was principally responsible for eliminating the cult, and this book relates the story of his endeavours.

Tomb of English People, The (Duncan Balmer) £8.70. This new book gives a concise history of England and contemptuously spurns political correctness. As the author points out, the graves of our ancestors may be found all over the Earth, but our influence remains.

Towards World Government (Deidre Manifold) £10.75. A timely warning of the coming world dictatorship.

Traditionalist's Anthology (Elizabeth Freeman) £6.00. The Editor's choice is a key to a collection of gems so excellent in themselves that they "Make hungry where most (they) satisfy."

Treblinka, Extermination Camp or Transit Camp (Carlo Mattogno & Jürgen Graf) £16.00; Yet another excellent work of modern revisionist scholarship. The official version of events within this wartime concentration camp is critically examined and shown to be a chain of absurdities.

Turner Diaries, The (Andrew McDonald) £9.50. An exciting futuristic tale of the white backlash.

Twins - Black and White (R. Travis Osborne) £14.95. A detailed study of 496 pairs of black and white twins, ranging in age from 12 to 20, with the results.

Tyr-Myth Culture Tradition (J. Buckley, C. Cleary and M. Moynihan) £12.50. A publication that celebrates the traditional myths, cultures and social institutions of pre-Christian, pre-modern Europe. It stands for radical traditionalism, rejecting the materialist code of "quantity over quality."

Under the Flat Stones (Ted Budden) £4.50. Some of the best essays from this popular nationalist.

Universal History of Numbers, The (George Ifrah) £19.95. From prehistory to the computer. The art and science of numeration with all the methods and many false starts.

Usury (Hilaire Belloc) £2.25. A concise explanation of usury and its inherent evil.

Ventilations (Wilmot Robertson) £9.50. A series of essays covering many aspects of racial nationalism and reveal great perception and knowledge of world events.

Victory Through Defeat (edited and Introduced by James Warner) £3.30. A post-war interview by Serge Brousseau of the famous Canadian Nationalist Adrian Arcand, in which suprising theories are put forward and discussed.

Vikings (J. Wooding) £8.95. About the lives, history, mythology and influence of our Norse ancestors.

Warburg and the Kalergi Plan (Capt. A. Rogers OBE) £3.90. World Government through European Union and racial mixing has long been the dream of the powerful forces that control governments. Here this once senior officer in British military intelligence gives the result of his diligent research.

Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt (Frederick Soddy) £6.75. An explanation of how money can become the servant of mankind instead of its master.

Western Intelligensia and the Soviet Union (D. Heald) £4/00. A selection of quotes praising Stalin and the 'Red' dictatorships in Eastern Europe by a range of liberal 'intellectuals'. These are the words that their authors want forgotten.

Which Way Western Man? (William Gayley Simpson) £28.00. The stark facts of extinction and slavery, or resurgence and rebirth for the white race are laid before the reader. Will we be hated by our descendants, or can we rise to the greatest challenge that any generation has had to face?

White Fang/Call of the Wild (Jack London) £5.50 Two of London's masterpieces which take place in the harsh Yukon Territory which explore the kingdom of the wolf.

White Power Lincoln Rockwell) £15.25. One of those books never to be forgotten. The ship of state, the friends of the captain and the disaster!

Who Holds the Balance? (K.J. Hury) £4.75. About the subversion of Western Man by the masters of the media.

Why Civilisations Self-Destruct (Elmer Pendell) £10.30. An examination of the reasons why societies die out with examples from ancient to modern times.

Witness to History (Michael Walsh) £6.00. There are probably more facts and quotes regarding the Third Reich in this A4 magazine-size book than in any other publication.

World Conquerors (Louis Marshalko) £16.95. A great mine of historical detail that explains much that brought European civilisation to death and destruction. A period that the author describes as "The Second Feast of Purim."

World Revolution (Nesta Webster) £18.95. a detailed history of communist movements in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Wotan (Carl Gustav Jung) £5.60. An examination of the Northern God, Wotan, as an archetypal image deep within the European psyche.

Yesterday and Tomorrow £4.50. Essays by various nationalist authors. About the tradition of National Revolution.

Your National Identity (Captain K. R. McKilliam) £2.75. A Christian view of nationalism and identity. Maps, regalia and emblems.

Zionist Factor, The (Ivor Benson) £13.95. Developments in the Middle East which threaten to draw all mankind into the catastrophe of another world war make it more urgently necessary than ever before to explore Zionism as one of the major forces shaping our world.

Zionist Terror Network, The (Institute for Historical Review) £5.75. The background and operation of the Jewish Defence League and other criminal Zionist groups in the USA are investigated and exposed.

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